Thursday, September 6, 2012

How can I make a difference?...

This is the question that halts our believing in ourselves to affect change in this day and time.  With all that is happening in Our World today we can feel overwhelmed and seek indifference to shield ourselves from our fears of what is to come.

Ignoring what is happening to our world is no answer either.  While it may feel that each of us is only one person the truth is we are all one and in that truth we awaken to the truth of our ability to affect change for all.

What I am learning on this Journey for inner change with hopes that sharing will bring about change for others as well and help all of us in the long run is that all we have to do to help bring change is work on ourselves internally.  Learning to face our fears with love and becoming the love we were born as is all that is needed from each of us.

We, and I mean all of us world wide have lived believing ourselves as separate from each other.  That belief leaves us feeling small and powerless to help change big issues like the ones we are facing world wide today.  

Many of us are living out our daily lives in ignorance of what is happening to so many of us today.  Ignorant to the suffering world wide, hunger word wide, wrongful imprisonments worldwide, massive deaths worldwide, women and children being killed world wide.  Many will not care about those issues till they reach their own doorstep.  The reality is that they are not so far from our doorsteps today and will soon be knocking on our doors if we do not wake up and be a positive part of a positive goal for a positive solution for all life on and including earth.

When I began learning all of this at first I was scared, than I became angry.  My anger fueled more by my fears.  I thought of my family and my friends and what was to become of this world for my grandchildren.  Those thoughts enraged me.  Rather than let those fears consume me I decided to continue educating myself on current events along with doing my soul work, trusting in my Creator and myself to gain peace with my fears and overcome them through love.

What I realized and remind myself of daily is that I have a voice, my voice is powerful when spoken from love for all that is.  You too have a voice, our voices together grow stronger when spoken with peaceful intent for a peaceful resolve for all that is.

I realized that while I am only one messed up woman who has a long track record of bad choices in life I am as valuable as any life on this planet, I am loved by my Creator equally as all life is loved and in that realization was born the true me, the me who I kept locked up all these years.  I am free today and will continue to be free no matter what lies ahead as freedom is in my heart and soul.  My ability to love all even those who intend me and you harm is my freedom from the scary things we are facing today.

So when I hear the question "how can I make a difference?" I answer by saying... "Learn to love yourself and all else".  Really that is all that is needed.  Each step I have taken on this journey has enabled me to get closer to the core of me and my purpose in life.  I have shed myself of the fear fueled emotions and behaviors that led me to hold and carry resentments towards others, fears that kept me seeing us as enemies or separate beings.  

While we are all unique in an individual sense, all with great talents and gifts to offer the whole of us we are all one in the greater sense.  Realizing this is powerful, helps me to gain acceptance for each of our personal journeys, helps me to realize that each of us is at our own place on the road to understanding and enlightenment.

My path was a rocky one full of pain and anguish that led me to the place where I began waking up to the truths inside of me.  Today I am still learning, far from knowing all that there is to know and excited to keep moving forward for each step brings more understanding for me and eliminates the fears I have been conditioned to accept that held me back from becoming this most amazing being of light and love I am becoming.

I know to many who knew me before this journey these changes may be hard to understand.  If I were reading my own words I would probably think the same things if I was still in the place I was before arriving here.  I understand, and I patiently await your awakening the same way so many patiently awaited mine.

We all have in us the power to change the course of our reality.  We are creators ourselves, our beliefs limit what we can create.  If we believe ourselves powerless than we become powerless.  If we believe ourselves powerful we become powerful.  Our success in life is not to gain things, we have been taught that for a reason by the control of the few who wanted to keep us distracted from the truth of our true power.  True success is in raising our vibrations of love and awakening to the truths inside of us, these gifts no amount of money can buy.

Much is on my mind this morning, I had trouble sleeping as I have a pretty bad head cold right now.  I spent the last couple hours sipping hot tea with honey and lemon and reading up on current events.  I saw that another peaceful protester was unlawfully arrested.  That made me sad, it also made me proud to know so many are awakening and word is spreading, people are standing up in peace.  I have no fear of also standing up peacefully for peace for us all.  I would rather do so than ignore it to protect myself while our rights are being taken away from us.

I asked myself again what is it that I can do to help the most in these times.  I realized again this truth.  I can help by speaking on what I do know and what I do know to be true for me is this.  Working on our inner fears, overcoming them with love of self and all else is our strongest defense, love is our resistance!  

When I say at the end of each post that I love you all from a place of... I mean that, I feel that love inside of me for all of you because I have awaken to the truth that we are all one.  I cannot love myself and only love a few of you.  I understand that to many it sounds superficial and corny for me to claim to love those I have never even met.  Well to those who feel that way let me tell you that I don't have to know you to love you.  I am learning the true nature of love and it is not a thing, it is not earned, gained and lost.  Love as we have been taught it to be is a commodity.  I too used to view love as a commodity.  Today I know love and it is no commodity, love is, plain and simple!

I wish you all the most benevolent of outcomes in your own awakenings.  I look forward to the day when there is no time or distance between us and we have returned to being one, all souls elevated to a higher understanding of our purpose.

I love you all!

One Love

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