Sunday, September 2, 2012

One People of One World for One Love~

One People, One World, One Love
Yesterday was a day of family, friends and community coming together for One Love~


After eight months of traveling this Journey of Love of self and all other life, learning each step of the way and still a work in progress my heart lit up with the most magnificent light of joy as we came together to Christen One Love and the Tree Of Life with our hand prints.

A circle formed in love for love!

I love you Semaj, thank you for helping this day be possible by blessing One Love
with your talents and love.  This is what life is all about, so glad we get to realize that
Friends and family gathered together in a circle of prayer giving thanks for each other, for life and for love!  We bowed our heads with gratitude in our hearts for being able to come together on this day and mark the beginning of the leaves of hand prints that will grow strong as this Journey continues.  Hand prints signifying One People of One World for One Love!

I love you Brandon, thank you for helping this day be possible by blessing One Love
with your talents and hard work.  What a blessing to share this with you son!
What an amazing experience, I feel so whole right now.  I am reliving each moment with tears in my eyes this morning while sitting in One Love in Our new location in Santa Cruz, Ca.  I have spent the past eight months working on painting One Love.

You three have grown up together, walked your own paths and here you are today together again!
I love you all so much, I will cherish these moments always!

TT my God Son, my Neph I love you, I love your strong heart and big dreams!
When I think back to the beginning, the first brush stroke I realize how far I have come since that day.  I realize how blessed I am to have chosen this path.  I give so much thanks to my Creator, to my friends and family who believed in me and stood by me each step of the way.

Painting together as one for one love for all! 

Semya, my youngest granddaughter, I love you little one!  May you grow up in a world of One Love, this is my wish
for you.  As I travel on this Journey your little hand print goes with me, keeping me safe, reminding me why I  won't
give up in believing we can change this world for us all.  I love you my little Goddess, you are light, you are love!
Lovelisha, my daughter always!  Thank you for blessing this family and my life
with your unconditional love.  Your loyalty to family and living a life of positive
choices for you and all others is an example to all.  I love you!

 Seeing the hand prints on the Tree of Life on One Love gives me so much joy in knowing that we together are creating love that will branch out to touch so many lives, as it has already touched mine and so many along the way deeply.

Baby Semaj, Our little Miracle!

Kim, my best friend, my sister of the heart.
I love you so much and am so blessed to be able
to share my life with you and yours with me!

Love is contagious, giving and receiving love is the greatest feeling of any felt. Why we are ever taught any different is beyond me.  I can't imagine ever going back to a place of fearing love again.  Here and now I know the power of love, the power of self acceptance, the power of unity among us all.

One people, One World, One Love
We are all Sisters and Brothers in this life
Our world is one big family tree!

We want to grow up in a world of one love!
We can live a new world of one people no matter what is going on in this world.  I know this because while there is so much change needed for us all, one thing we have total control over is how we feel, being thankful for each breath we take is enough to feel the love of life.

As I drove away from Sacramento with Mr. Marley and My Son Brandon by my side I did so with nothing but love in my heart.  Love for it all, love for everyone.  Sound mushy? Great! I can live with that all day long!

Our drive was a long one and I was blessed to have my son with me.  We had some technical difficulties before leaving town, the break system wasn't working so we stopped off at a RV Dealer in Sacramento and had the assistance of a very helpful man who got us going with not to much travel time lost.

The drive had it's scary moments as we did a little fish tailing that was enough to make me and Brandon quite content with taking the drive nice and slow.  The drive itself took about 4 hours.  We drew the attention of quite a few neighbors on the road with our colorful travel trailer.  Got a few honks and peace signs from passer bye'rs.

One Love is a World of all Life Living In Harmony!  Why would
we ever want to live any other way?! Get Your One Love On!
We even got an insult from a group in a car who yelled some profanities out of their window at us.  Brandon and I looked at each other and just laughed then we both said a little prayer for that group to find the same place of joy we were in.  It was really cool to have my son with me saying prayers along the way when the road got a little rough.  We both talked to Jesus and Buddha, we both asked our spirit guides and guardian angels to protect One Love and keep us safe from harm.  The fish tailing stopped and we enjoyed a pretty smooth ride from there on out.  We made sure and said thank you for that.

If what you want in life is happiness, then be happy!  What are you waiting for?
An invitation? Your invited to be happy!
When we reached Highway 17 things slowed down a whole big bunch.  We took the incline of 17 at about 5 miles per hour.  Not wanting to tear up the transmission of Faith we patiently climbed the mountain with 7,000 pounds of weight behind us.  About a half of a mile up the winding roads the coolest thing happened.  The Highway 17 tow truck and one of Rossi's tow trucks got behind us and turned their lights on for us and followed us the whole way up and a quarter of the way down to make sure we were okay.  I want to give a big shout out to both tow companies for showing One Love and Us some love on this Journey!  You Guys Rock Man!

I will miss my friends and family in Sacramento, I am blessed to have them with
me always in my heart and move forward today knowing that, living that!
As we pulled into the park and found our space the park was alive with children and dogs playing.  I was able to back One Love in with the guidance of Brandon on our first try, pretty cool as I was unsure of the whole backing up thing, haha.  Right away some of the neighbors came over and welcomed us to the park.  A few of the neighborhood kids came by a few times to check in on us and get to know Mr. Marley.

Nani's babies sure know how to make me smile!
The park is absolutely beautiful, full of trees, plants and flowers.  An array of people from all walks of life.  A sparkling clean pool and Jacuzzi which I plan on taking full advantage of for my exercise plan for this new diet of mine.  Brandon and I went to work right away getting One Love situated and unpacking.

Andre and Kirsten joined us shortly after we arrived to help us get settled in.  It was really cool to have Brandon's Father and other Mother here.  I am still so happy that we all are such a team today.  We have grown so much since we began mending our relationships and today are seeing the reward of friendship for our ability to put our pasts behind us.  Thank you so much Andre and Kirsten for joining us on our first night here.

Semaj, being able to leave Sacramento this time with you believing in me, proud of me and believing in this Journey is one of the greatest blessings of all for me thus far on this Journey.  I will cherish the moments we shared this week, the look in your eyes when you told me you are proud of me.  I love you so much and each step I take you take with me in my heart.

Brandon left to spend the night at his Dads while Marley and I ran up to my Sisters to say hello to Marley's best buddy Reef.  The dogs played while I made me some dinner, a shake that is, haha!  Then Marley and me headed back to One Love and called it a night, exhausted we both feel asleep in only a few moments.

One Love Tree Of Life

This moment is all that matters, who we were yesterday is gone who we are tomorrow
is limitless in possibilities for a new world for all!
Learn Now, Love Now, Live Now!

I woke up around 4am this morning and the sky was amazing, the air cold and crisp.  A big change from where I was.  I actually pulled out my hoodies and furry house shoes before I made my morning coffee. I sat editing the pictures from yesterday as tears streamed down my face and I laughed out loud.  What a great day!  What a great send off!  What a great beginning of a new chapter in this Journey.

Joy is in every moment, Happiness is living that moment, Success is living a life of Gratitude for each moment!

Thank you God for a giving me this most amazing path to follow~

Time to get moving here and finish setting up One Love's new home.  Thank you for joining me this morning, I hope to be in your neck of the woods one day soon so you too can join in on adding your hand print to the Tree Of Life on One Love!

I love you all from a place of much gratitude for the here and now, much love for every step that brought me to this most fabulous moment in life, a moment of pure joy.

One Love
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