Monday, September 17, 2012

~Social Butterfly~

Wow, what a great weekend!  I had the best time seeing old friends and making new ones too.  The fun began on Saturday when I went to a baby shower in downtown Santa Cruz for a young man who I have known since he was a baby.  In fact I used to babysit him and his sister back in the day because I was married and that designated me the neighborhood babysitter most weekends, haha.

Lenee, Me, My Cousin Michelle and Polly
Wow, we go way back ladies, thinking about all the changes over the years we have all faced and looking at us now reminds me how fricken awesome our Journey's are, we are some beautiful and amazing women, most of us grandmothers now and still doing the damn thing!

Kamren and his beautiful girlfriend are expecting their daughter in 4 days!
I love you Kam, proud of you baby!

This handsome young man is Kamren, his mother Lenee and I go way back.  It was awesome to see so many people from my past and we had a blast.  It was a full house, I have never seen a baby shower with such a turn out.  Over 70 people snugly fit into the banquet room at the Palamar Inn in down town Santa Cruz, Ca.

What a great celebration!  This is how we get down in Santa Cruz!

Seeing old friends was renewing, first it was a true blessings that I was able to walk into the baby shower.  And a walk it was as there was no parking at the mall so I had to park in a parking structure around the corner.  How cool that I can do that today!  Having lost over 60 lbs since starting this journey equals 240 pounds of pressure off of my knees.

I love you cousin, you have always been such a positive person in my life, thank you!

What's was even cooler was having all my life long friends express to me how proud they are of me for the work I have been doing on this journey.  It was an honor to learn that so many of my friends are reading my blog.  I felt like they are taking this journey with me.  Knowing that my friends and family believe in what I am doing, believe in me feels really good.

And the Sexiest Grandma Award goes to none other than Polly, wink
Polly, what beautiful grand babies you have, but than look at their mother and
grandmother!  I can't wait for my babies to visit and we can see them all play
together!  That will be a great day!
I was so touched when I found out I was Kamren's surprise guest, he was so happy that I came and told me that he wanted the people that have mattered the most in his life there to celebrate the upcoming birth of his daughter that is now due in 4 days.  Seeing him so grown up, so handsome and so happily in love with such a sweet and beautiful young woman was moving.  I love you Kam, you are so special to me and always will be!

Porsha I just love you girl, you are so amazing and such a fun person, I look
forward to many more laughs with you baby!
Porsha is another one of the kids I used to babysit, no longer a baby she has two beautiful daughters of her own.  She had me in stitches as we sat together, what an amazing woman she has grown up to be.  Her mother Polly and I go way back also and it was so cool seeing all of them.  My Cousin Michelle made my day with her always bright and outgoing personality that lights up any room.  This is a weekend I will remember.

Lenee, congrats on your engagement.  It is so good to see you so happy, so at
peace with life and yourself.  Thank you for your words of encouragement and
for following my blog, I am honored.  Love you girl!

Sunday I went to a BBQ on "The Mountain" of the upper Carmel Valley.  One of the friends I made while I was on the Mountain who lives on a lower ranch than the ranch One Love was on introduced me to a most amazing couple on the other side of the mountain who needs a house sitter in October.  I rode with their beautiful daughter, son in law and 19 month old son who is a day younger than Stella.

So blessed to have been a part of celebrating the birth of a little girl who is sure to
be surrounded her whole life by the love of so many great people!
 Can't wait to meet her!

I was nervous about the ride and the bbq, having not met anyone in person yet I was feeling like not going.  I challenged myself to overcome my fears and step outside of my comfort zone and was grateful I did.  The purpose of this journey is to overcome my fears, do new things, meet new people and develop the new me, a me that loves me and has friends in my life who love themselves and understand what that means, who support that!

Moving to Santa Cruz, Ca. (my hometown)  I don't want to get to comfortable and stop challenging myself to do new things.  So I put my excuses to rest and went.  Wow, what an totally amazing, enlightened group of people.  I made so many new friends, we exchanged numbers and I felt totally at home in this new group of people.

I will be house sitting for 2 weeks next month, taking care of a bunch of animals and enjoying the peace and quiet of being alone once again on this Mountain that keeps drawing me to it somehow.  We arrived early to help set up and give me time to get to know the couple who I will be house sitting for.  I was blessed to have a few moments to myself outside sitting under some of the most beautiful trees I have ever enjoyed the company of.  As a rather large bird flew overhead that I think was a vulture I took a moment to talk to Gaia and asked the question...  "am I supposed to be here, is this mountain calling me for some reason?"  I got my answer as the wind picked up, a bell sounded, a rooster crowed and leaf feel on me all at once.  Sounds crazy?  Well, it would to me too back in the day when I had no idea of the power of listening to life around me.

There is some reason I keep getting invited to this mountain, I don't really feel the need to question it honestly, I just know it and accept it.  I really look forward to being there next month, every time I even get close to that mountain I am moved in a way that I can't really describe other than to say I feel like I am coming home.

It's Monday morning and I am back on schedule, getting ready to take my Monday swim and spend some time working on my book before I take Mr. Marley to the beach.  Have a great week my friends, I love you all from a place of loving life, loving myself for breaking out of my cocoon and beginning to fly~

One Love
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