Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stella Star ~ Create Your World My Love

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~Create Your World My Love~

Stella Star~
Creator of light, guiding soul, 
Brilliantly beautiful you are~

Yours a world all your own,
paint the colors of your dreams to be shown~

Bring to life the magic that is you,
to your soul may you always be true~

Stella Star~
Ever connected-Never apart,
we share the same soul, our lives beat from the same heart~

The Universe full of wonders and delight,
may all its magic be yours, each day and every night~

Stella Star~
Create your hearts intent,
lend the word your beauty,
sing your song of love and life,
may you never fear sharing the brilliance of your light~


This has been a Stella morning for me.  Blessed to know she is coming to see me this weekend and inspired by the images in my mind this morning as I meditated I created this for her, a gift of love and wishes of a life created from her most amazing dreams.  

One Love
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