Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Super Women....

My friend of over 30 years Jacquie and I have been teaming up on our ViSalus Challenges and became such a source of encouragement and support to each other that we decided we wanted to take this team work of ours a step further and enlist a few good women to join us on entering to win the group challenge through ViSalus.

We are looking for a couple Super Women who are bold, honest, raw and uncut like us.  We are happy to have men join our team also as long as you don't mind being a Super Woman too, haha.  That is the kind of attitude we are looking for, someone who wants to get real honest in their challenge is overcome their fears of what others may think.

Jacquie and I keep each other stepping our game up on our personal challenges with daily phone conversations, sharing videos for our Challenge Showdown Channels and more.  It is so cool to have so many friends on this diet that keep me lifted up and on track while I get to do the same for them.

Here are Jacquie and my latest Showdown videos, Seriously PLEASE go vote on Jacquie's video she rocked it this week and sooooo deserves to make the number one slot this week in the competition with this video.  Jacquie you fricken rock and I love you for your courage and the abundance of positive energy you bring to this my life and this challenge.

We need a team of four to compete for the group challenge through ViSalus.  This is a separate challenge from the Challenge Showdown through ViSalus and Ben Silverman.  This challenge is a ViSalus Challenge and also gives the winners a trip, a walk on the red carpet and so much more for your hard work.  While we would love to win, even more so we just love the challenge and what it is doing for our lives, we are winning every day!

So if you are interested in joining our team email me at onelovejourney2012@gmail.com.  Include some info about yourself, tell us what your goals are, who you are and lets get you on our team.

We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to begin a new 90 day group challenge with a few good super women/men, haha.

I love you all from a place of gratitude for being able to have so much to be thankful for these days, my life is changing more and more each day~

One Love

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