Thursday, September 6, 2012

The courage of a baby turtle~

I saw a post this morning on Facebook, it was a picture of a just hatched baby turtle.  This beautiful image made me think of some of my friends from afar whom like myself have left the lives they knew behind them to embark on a journey with an unknown destination.

Having embarked on my own Journey, leaving it all behind, I can remember how unsure I felt in the beginning.  While at the same time I felt so free in just knowing that I had made the decision to change my values, my life, me!

I love turtles, I have watched just about every turtle movie and cartoon there is and as many of you know have a deep love of the Ocean.  In fact I capitalize the word Ocean often because to me the Ocean is it's own brilliant world and deserves to be referenced with a capitol O for it's magical powers and mystic beauty.  My love of the Ocean used to my own, not shared as it was my escape from life on land.  Today I no longer need to escape anything and feel free to share everything.

When we look at the beginning moments of the baby turtles life we see courage beyond measure driven by mere instinct of survival handed down generation to generation.  I believe that we too have that same instinct and courage inside of us, only somewhere along the way our instincts have been put to sleep by some force with the intent to control us and gain from that control for their own evil desires.

I also believe that while our instincts are sleeping deep inside of us they can be awakened, actually I know they can as my own instincts have begun awakening.  And like the baby turtle I am on a Journey.  Trusting my instincts to guide me, knowing that this unknown path is far better than staying in the hole in the sand on land I was accustomed to accepting and asking for guidance from other like souls and my Creator my life is changing, my reality is changing.  I love it, I love myself for taking the first steps in this great life changing journey I am on.  I am following my heart.

Recently one of my Facebook friends posted announcing the beginning of their own journey.  He left behind a life of security, a life that most of us strive for thinking it our greatest success and began a journey into the unknown trusting in himself and his Creator to guide him to that which sustains his soul.  With joy and tears I read his announcement and cheered from behind my monitor for his bravery in beginning what will certainly be the most amazing time of his life.  I only know him online, yet I feel his joy and celebrate his courage with a genuine heart and many wishes for a most amazing journey.  That is the power of loving all that is!

Follow Your Heart~
There a lot of baby turtles in my life today and that seriously rocks!  When you think about it the baby turtle faces great dangers in the open ocean while it grows from a tiny, helpless little turtle to a great and wise Sea Turtle who becomes a force to be reckoned with in it's adult years with its large body and tough shell, strong jaw and wisdom of the ages.  Kind of like us you know.  No matter what stage or age we are at in life taking the dive into the unknown and trusting that it has to be more than what we have settled for, accepted as living takes the courage of a baby turtle!

I can say that I myself have never felt more joy for life than I do today.  I have a sense of acceptance for all that comes my way that I never had before.  The little things that used to tick me off are of little consequence to me now.  I have a glow about me that shines bright, is inviting to others like myself who live a life of inner peace and joy.  I have confidence I never had before, I am rich beyond my dreams more and more each day with love of self and all else.

I turn more and more to other life on this planet for guidance, to the trees, the birds and the baby turtles.  I find that these other lives have so much to offer me in the way of learning about what matters most in life.  I know that they have the answers to the question we all ask at some point in our lives... "Why are we here".  They do not ask, they do not seek answers to questions like these, they know.  We dismiss them as if they are not conscious life, we mistake our ignorance in life for wisdom and miss their wisdom of knowing why we are here.

I think if we all stopped and asked ourselves throughout our days what it feels like to have the courage of a baby turtle we would learn something about having the courage to follow our own instincts and live a life traveling on a great journey or our own.

I love you all from a place of courage to continue on my own journey and hope to meet you along the way as you embark on yours.  I believe we will end up at the same destination in the beginning, wink!

One Love
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