Saturday, September 1, 2012

Today is the day~

Thank you Semaj for coming through and blessing One Love with your creative heart
I am exhausted, sore and completely motivated to push forward, haha.  After two days of working and playing hard, my Son Semaj has finished the tree on one side of One Love for me.  Together he, my youngest Son Brandon and I have finished much of the paint on One Love together as a family and that was awesome.

Love you TT, thank you for joining us baybee!
My Daughter in Laws and Grandchildren and Friends are joining us this morning to Christen One Love with the first hand prints on the Tree Of Life!  We will be packing up, hooking One Love up to Faith and heading out of Sacramento today.  I am so excited about this next chapter of the Journey.

30 years of memories, 30 years of friendship and here we are still going!  I love you!
I guess a little bird was right when he said many years ago we would grow old bitty's
together, haha.  I cannot imagine what this life would have been like without you in it!

So hard to believe that you two are all grown up and so darn tall, haha!
I remember you two running around in your footsie pajamas chasing each other, haha

My BFF Kim and God Son TT also joined in on the painting yesterday while we laughed and enjoyed some time together getting One Love ready for the move.  Love you both so much thank you for helping us, can't wait for you to get to Santa Cruz also.

We love you One Love!  Another chapter of the Journey begins~

I was blessed yesterday to enjoy a visit with my dear friend and spiritual guide Karen Lutter who gifted me some beautiful scarfs and a new book.  Her and I spent the afternoon together and I got filled up with the most positive energy, she has the effect on ya, haha!  Love ya Karen so excited to see you again soon.

My baby boy is no baby no more, all grown up and making
your Momma so proud!  
Brandon is traveling with me and Mr. Marley to help us get there safely and get all set up with the heavy lifting and all.  His father and step mother live in Santa Cruz along with many friends and family so it will be a great trip for him and them too!  Thank you Brandon for all you have done to help us make this move, I love you so much baby!

Well off to work I go!  I will take lots of pictures of the days events and once I am settled in and online again I will share the festivities with you all!

Think positive thoughts for a most safe and blessed trip for One Love.

See ya'll in Santa Cruz!!!
Thank you Karen for the beautiful scarf, I love you my dear dear friend and will see you  again soon!
In the mean time we are connected always in more ways than one, haha!
You helped me to start this Journey when I left 8 months ago, so awesome to have you send me off again!

I love you from a place of "YEAH"

One Love
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