Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today I celebrate all of Humanity in Togetherness as One~

Today I honor the memory of those who suffered loss on 9/11 by releasing all fears and embracing the power of love for all as one.

Today I direct my thoughts to produce loving thoughts that erase all fears, all doubts, all separation between us!

Today I dedicate my thoughts to reflect my hearts desire for peace for all people of One World.

Today I celebrate the movement of oneness to end the nonsense and embrace the truth.

Today I see no division between us, have no need for blame.

Today I share my love with all, never to be hindered by fear.

Today I celebrate life rather than regret death.

Today I embrace the truth inside of me.

Today I see you as me and me as you.

Today I awaken to oneness.

Today I am gratitude.

Today I am love.

Today I am.

One Love

One People of One World

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