Friday, October 5, 2012

Giggles, Boo's and Tattoo's

Lovin Me, Lovin My Life!
The past few days have rolled together like one big roller coaster of family fun.  Last night the boys and I had our weekly meeting and afterwards watched "The Secret" documentary.  It was awesome seeing the boys get so interested in the documentary.  We had awesome conversations on the law of attraction and our power to change our lives through positive thoughts and feelings.  I feel truly blessed to be able to share with my nephew and his friends a way of thinking that has literally changed my life in ways even I find myself in awe of.

Haha, love you so much Neph, you rock!
My nephew Sean and I made some pinky swears on where we are going to be in a year and agreed on some future vacations together.  Today I had the pleasure of going with him to get his first tattoo.  As I watched him take the pain like it was nothing I remembered when he was little and used to cuddle up with me watching a movie or reading a book and thought to myself how much time has passed and how proud I am of him.  Sean is an amazing young man who has the biggest heart and love of family of any young man I know.  It was an honor to be there for a big decision like this.  This was a big deal for him and he wanted it to be special.

The Gilded Lily Tattoos
6225 Highway 9, Felton, Ca 95018

The tattoo shop rocked, I will be getting my next tattoo there for sure.  If you're ever in Felton, Ca and want a great tattoo check out Gilded Lily Tattoo at 6225 Highway 9  Felton, CA 95018.  The owner is way cool and has been doing tattoo's for over 10 years.  The shop is laid back, decorated with awesome art work and signs.

This tattoo shop rocks!

Rock'n Out with the Kiddos, haha
Yesterday I had fun with my younger niece and nephew decorating for Halloween before my team meeting.  We got into  my Sisters big bucket of decorations and costumes, had fun being wacky, chasing each other around saying booooooo.  It was great, it always is with these two little munchkins.  We made a challenge video together while making my dinner shake.  Being able to be so active with the kids rocks.

We take crazy real serious in my family, haha
I love that each day I become more and more healthy and live a fuller life each day.  I picture myself thinner and healthier each day and each day I feel better.  I can see my future and it looks great whereas before I had little to look forward to.  Loving ourselves is the key to changing our world and the world around us.  For each of us that overcomes our fears we make the world that much better, that much happier.

Ginger, Garlic & Basil Stir Fry
My son Brandon joined us today and I just enjoyed an awesome lunch with him.  I cooked us up some stir fry real quick (recipe on my "Cook'n Up Healthy tab).  He loved it, so cool to have my Son still love my cooking after all the years I fed them wrong and thought I was feeding them right with a high carb and fat diet of fried foods, mashed potatoes and such.  He has always loved vegetables and while we always had veggies at dinner we didn't enjoy meals like I cook today that are more veggie than anything haha!

I lost another 4 pounds this week, yeeeeeeee!  I think I am building lean muscle also and probably loosing more in fat because my inches show more loss that the scale.  Either way I feel great, my clothes are getting baggier and I am getting into old clothes I haven't been able to wear in a while and that rocks!

Learning to love myself has given me a whole new life.  One where I am not
scared to be me, one where I believe in my dreams and have the courage and
drive to reach them.  Every day is a great day!

I have to say I am just really loving life today.  It doesn't seem to matter what hurdles fall in my path I am able to see all things and people in my life in a positive light today.  Situations and people that would have been a reason for me to choose a bad mood over a great one don't effect me like in the past.  I don't judge books by their covers anymore.  I assume the best of everyone and everything.  It is such freedom to be here and I know it is only going to get better.

I put up a post in a group I am in on Facebook, a ViSalus group saying that I have decided to stop saying "I am going to" and have begun to say "I am!"  I listed a bunch of things I am going to do in life.  I am going to buy a house on the beach and swim with the dolphins.  I am going to do cartwheels on stage when I hit my weight and financial goals and I am going to meet the love of my life and learn how to dance to Frank Sinatra, haha!   Hey, they're my dreams and they are big, haha!  I know now that dreams are what life is all about.  Believing in ourselves and our dreams is what's up!

Beyond what limits you see in me is the mirror, a reflection of what you see to be your own reality!  Your impression of me is not the truth of me or the possibilities of what I can be, it is what you have chosen to perceive me to be; fueled by your own needs that have nothing to do with me or my ability because I choose what it is I see both in you and in me, limitless possibilities I see!
I see a fountain of abundance and possibilities flowing freely, my mirror image reflected back to me when it is you I see~

Have a great day, I love you all from a place of believing in you and in me to reach our dreams!

One Love

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