Sunday, October 21, 2012

My One Person~

Tonight before I lay my head down I sit here in such peace, such knowing that I am exactly where I want to be, where I am supposed to be at this moment.  Tomorrow is a special day, actually each day is a special day these days, haha.

I have so much to be grateful for, so many in my life to be thankful for and one person in particular this evening is shining bright in my heart, my little sister Tamar.  I am so proud of her, so impressed with how brave she has grown up to be.

 A lifetime of love is all I remember when I think of you!
My little sister and I have always had an unbreakable bond, one that resembles one soul in two bodies. While we have always been so close we have also always been so different in so many ways.  I have always been the rebel of us two, the one who did all the things in life we aren't supposed to do, haha.  She has always been the planer of us, the cautious one who has always taken the path well traveled, well lit.  She is an amazing woman, mother, wife, sister and friend.  She is smart, brilliantly witty, kind, compassionate, graceful, stunningly beautiful and always, I mean always there for me.

Today we have more in common than ever in our lives.  We have always shared the secrets of our youth, a youth that was not always easy.  Today we share so much more.  Today we are a team in every sense of the word.  We are on the same page and that really rocks.  We are building a business together as independent promoters of ViSalus.  A business that we both believe in with everything in us because we are experiencing the miracle of the changes happening in both our lives from being on such a healthy lifestyle change.

Gramms would be so proud of us today, is so proud of us today!

Sis, this is where this journey began, when I finally said yes to me after you waited
patiently and tried to help me with this new diet that has given me my independence
back.  52 pounds ago, about 87 days ago and look at us now.  We are here now
because you didn't give up on me, today we both believe in ourselves more than
ever before, today we are making our dreams come true.  I love you!
So happy to finally be able to dedicate all of her efforts into our business when her part time job ended last week, she was also a little scared of losing that guaranteed income and spent some time praying on this one night last week.  The next morning she was offered an interview with a well known bank for a nice yearly salary.  This position would have opened up doors for her in Human Resources that would have easily given her a secure future.

However, that future would come with much sacrifice as most 40 plus hours per week jobs do, no matter what they pay.  The price we pay to spend so much time away from our families for that security is a big price, especially to Tamar who has been blessed to be home with her children in the beginning years.  Her daughter still only 3 and youngest son only 6 the thought of only having nights and weekends was a big factor in considering this offer.

We Got This!
Another big factor was her plans to dive into ViSalus full force with me.  We have been planning, and anticipating the end of her last job so that we could begin our well planned schedule to building our own future under our own terms.  While she scheduled the interview, she spent each day this past week going back and forth on weather or not to accept the position and give up on her dreams.  She tried to tell herself that she would be able to still make it all work, however knew that the time away from the kids would not allow for her to put much effort into what in her heart she knows she wants her future to be.

Seeing you happy is the happiest feeling every Sis!
We sat outside of One Love together two days ago when she shared the news with me that she cancelled the interview, she shared with me how at first she thought that her prayers were answered when that next morning she was given this opportunity but came to the conclusion that her prayers were answered in a way she hadn't thought about at first.  She realized that she was given a fork in the road so to speak.  She could go either way and her life would be very different depending on the direction she chose, she chose to believe in her self and her dreams of building her own future.  She decided to take the risk and walk her own path.  For my little sister this huge, this is the first time in her life she has ever thrown caution to the wind, ever walked away from security and believed in that "what if".  What if I follow my dreams!

You win in all the areas in life where it counts most, you are so amazing!  Seeing
you believe in you, me believe in me is a great place for us both to be!
Tomorrow we are going to the Flea Market here in Santa Cruz again.  We both have stuff to sell to raise more money for Our trip to St. Louis.  We are also promoting our ViSalus business at our booth.  We are beginning our business venture full force.   We have decided to be Sisters of Success and not to give up on our dreams.  We are already a success in our own minds because we are living life on our terms, giving our time to what we believe in and what matters most, our family and helping others.

Tamar, I am so proud of you.  I am so happy that you and I are where we are today.  Thank you for standing by me the past 10 years while I bumped my head a few times, wink.  Thank you for never once walking away from me, for always knowing who I am even when I didn't know for myself.  I love you beautiful, smart sister, you are and always have been my one person.  The one person who no matter what has always seen me, always loved me, always held me up.

I am so excited about our future and feel at such peace with our present.  We got this!  I love you from a place of such gratitude for being here with you today.

Your Big Sister
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