Monday, October 8, 2012

Prop 37

I am sure everyone has an issue they feel very strongly about on the ballot this year.  Mine is Prop 37, Californians Right To Know is a Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative.  Ridiculously large amounts of money have gone into advertising against Prop 37 which in my opinion has been very enlightening when you look at who is paying for advertising AGAINST Prop 37.  My list of companies and stores I will no longer purchase from has grown from researching the supporters against Prop 37!

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I don't really want GMO Doggy Treats! Sir Froggy Suggest Organic!
The advertising against this initiative has been in some cases proven to be outright lies, in fact Tobacco/DDT Advocate Henry Miller's commercial was pulled for for misrepresenting Stanford University.

Taking time to really know what Prop 37 is all about is time well spent.  There is plenty of evidence in study after study to support mandatory labeling of GMO foods.  Recently the American Medical Association (AMA)  changed it's position in support of mandatory premarket systematic safety assessment for genetically engineered foods at its annual meeting in Chicago. However, they still say there is no need for labeling.  I think we can look at the even this with hope for change.

I am learning to find the hope in all things and that does not happen immediately unfortunately.  I had to rewrite this entry because when I originally wrote this yesterday morning I spoke with much emotion fueled by urgency and anger for change not coming soon enough.  I spent the day processing my feelings and meditating on this and realized I did not feel right about my words as they were not coming from the right place.  Reading and educating myself on the things happening to us and our world can easily put me in a place of fear which fuels me to take action without recognizing my feelings first.  Since I write honestly about my feelings sometimes I need to process my feelings first.  Over the course of this journey I have found myself "pissed off" quite a few times learning about all the things happening in our world that I was ignorant to for so many years.

What I really wanted to express was that I am very passionate about life today, all life.  I feel deeply hurt knowing that there are people in power out there that have no regard for our lives, the life of our Mother Earth.  It is easy to get angry and impatient when hoping for change.  I have to remind myself that change begins within and put out the energy of hope with anticipation for what I want rather than asking for what I don't want by giving into anger or fear.

So please forgive me for my initial post.  I was wrong to speak from anger on an issue that needs to be shared so we can all educate ourselves and all work together to bring about change.  I don't mind being wrong in my actions or admitting that here.  How can I hope for things to change if I am not willing to also recognize when I need to apply change in my own thinking as well.

I Believe "WE" "You & Me" Can Change Our World!
There is enough fear, anger and greed in this world and what Prop 37 is about is none of those.  In fact it is about giving us the right to choose what we put in our bodies, our children's bodies.  So back to the facts as I know them regarding Prop 37.

There is so much mounting evidence surfacing now of the devastating effects of GMO pesticides on our environment.   Farmers who try to grow NON-GMO crops.  Here is a link to read "Top 10 Facts You Should Know About GMO's".

This year when you cast your vote for or against Prop 37 please do so knowing all of the facts.  Your families health and the future of our planet is at stake on this issue.  Check out CARight To Know and do a Google Search of the Dangers of GMO Foods.  Read all you can and educate yourself before you decide.

Have a blessed day ya'll.  I love you all from a place of believing in a better world for us all, believing in a world of One People with One Love for life for us all!

One Love
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