Friday, October 19, 2012

Something Happened Today....

I wrote earlier on my Challenge Tab sharing my joy over losing another 7 pounds on my personal 90 Day Challenge on the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.  I have lost a total of 52 pounds in the last 86 days and have 4 days left on this Challenge and am already planning my next 90 Day Challenge.

Something really awesome happened for me between this mornings weigh in and now.  I got up the courage to ask my little Sister to take some full body pics of me in clothes that fit my body and showed every inch of me today.  I was a little scared to post these pics just like I have been afraid to post some of the videos and other pics I have posted throughout this Journey.

I pushed past those fears because I made a promise to myself when I started this Journey back in January to conquer all my fears with love, love for myself.  I promised myself to learn what loving me means.  I decided to be happy for the rest of my life because where I was and where I was headed was not a happy place for me.

When I put up these pics I had a little talk with myself, I told myself... "Self, you are beautiful, you are sexy and amazing and you don't have to hide any part of you anymore!"

My 1st Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge
Day 86 52 lbs lost!  Energy Gained! Walking Again! Off ALL Meds! Confidence Boost!  Feeling Sexy! Believing in Myself!
I posted the following words with these full body pics...

Okay, here is where I get really serious!

No more baggy clothes before and after pictures. I am no longer ashamed of my body. I know today that I am "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" and I do not have to hide when I show my progress any more. 

Today I weighed in and I lost 7 pounds this week. Totaling 52 at day 86 on my first Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. 

In losing this 52 pounds I have gained so much. I have gotten out of my wheelchair, I can walk through the grocery store without using the handicap cart. I am social, making new friends and building new business and life with this new me emerging.

I know there are others out there who feel like I felt 86 days ago. I want you to know that you don't have to keep feeling that way. There is a whole big family of people who care about your life and you. I know this because I am part of that family now.

I have 4 days left and am making the best of it. Super excited to start my next 90 Day Challenge and this one is going to be different because I am different. I have changed, I believe in me and now I know what I am capable of.

Thank you to all of those of you who have given me so much love and support, you are a huge part of my success and have given me so much to be grateful for today.


I can see my future, and it is BRIGHT! 

What I got back from facing that fear brought me to tears of joy and realization of those words being true and the understanding that I am all those things I told myself I was to give me the courage to do it.  I have been ridiculed most of my life for being obese.  I have been a big part of that ridicule.  I used to make my own fat jokes to take others power away so their stares or insults wouldn't hurt so much, they still hurt a lot though.

One of my new friends on the Challenge who has lost 101 pounds on his own 90 Day challenge posted this amazing video to congratulate me and I haven't even met him yet.  My world around me is changing every day.  I am surrounded by love because I am learning what loving me means!

Thank you Martin! You Rock!

I told myself stories and didn't believe I deserved much more than I got out of life so I made bad choices in life repeatedly.  I have made no secret of who I am and I am not ashamed of who I have been because I know that who I am becoming is all that matters now.

When I took this Challenge to the next level and decided to build a business out of it there were two people who played a big part in that decision.  My little Sister who has never stopped loving me or believing in me no matter how wrong I have been in the past.  And Ryan Blair one of the Co-founders of ViSalus! He wrote a book about going from being a gang member to an entrepreneur and I realized that if he can change his life and take the right path toward success I can too.  I have seen the other two Co-founders on stage and I just love all three of them, they just know what it means to believe in themselves and really express how we can believe in ourselves too.

I saw this video tonight on Fox News and wanted to share it because I know there are people out there who might feel like I used to feel in the past and maybe he can inspire you the way he has me.  It is really cool to know that I am on the right path and that I won't be judged for my past in a company like this, a company who believes in everyone having the same opportunities to succeed.

I made a promise to myself tonight!  I promised to never quit, to never stop!  I know now what I am capable of when I love me!  I know now that I can do what ever I believe I can do.  My 6 year old Nephew said something to me in the hot tub on Wednesday when we had our swim day that blew me away coming from a 6 year old kid.

He said...  "Auntie JoJo, if you tell your brain you can do it you can!  The brain is a tricky think JoJo, it's like if a kid wants to surf but her throws his board down and says "I can't do it" he just told his brain he can't and his brain believes him and he won't be able to surf.  But if he tells his brain he can surf, Auntie JoJo he will surf!"

That is word for word, all his words to me.  I love you Nicky, you are the best most amazing little 6 year old nephew a gal could ever have!  Between him, His older brother Sean and little sister Kaili I have a daily squad of amazing kids who really believe in me and that rocks!

It's okay to cry, it's okay to be ourselves, it is okay to show the world who we are
to be vulnerable and to learn to love ourselves as is so that we can begin to
treat ourselves and others with love.  I am not ashamed to be me anymore!
I love you all from a place of being a blubbering idiot, haha!  I can barely see the screen I am crying so much right now, but they are the best most amazing joyful tears ever cried outa these eyes!  I believe in me, really believe in me for the first time in my life.  Thank you so much for all the love and support from so many of you out there!

If anyone out there feels down, doesn't know they deserve better let me tell you that you do!  That you can!  I believe in you!  Look in the mirror and tell yourself you can!  Overcoming our fears is only scary until we take the first step to overcome the first fear!  It gets easier from there on I promise you!

One Love
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