Monday, October 8, 2012

The magic happens...

                                                          ...outside or your comfort zone!

I have read that, seen images saying it and never really understood what that meant until I stepped outside of my own comfort zone.  I also never understood how uncomfortable I was in what I considered my comfort zone.  Looking back over my life I see clearly the discomfort I accepted as comfortable.  Comfort that was familiar and what was unknown was to uncomfortable to consider until things got bad enough for me to have to make the choice to try something different.

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The magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone~

Relationships in life are a great example of this; spouses and friends alike.  I accepted relationships in my life that were not healthy or productive for me and in many cases held me back in life or caused me much pain.  Being in those relationships was better than being without them in my mind.  My fear of being alone kept me stagnant in relationships that were familiar.

Learning to view life from a place of self love allows me to walk away from all situations in my life that do not bring me harmony and happiness.  Being in this place of self love also allows me to do so without anger needed to fuel my exit stage left.  I no longer need to create some big fall out or offer some lame excuse.  I simply give myself permission to walk away from all negative situations in life and gravitate toward positive ones.

I have spent a lot of time alone and gotten to know myself.  Where I used to be so scared to be alone I now value my time with self, enjoy my own company.  Having grown comfortable with being with me I am ready to build some new relationships in my life, branch out and meet like people on similar paths with similar interest; positive people who are an addition to my life experiences rather than a subtraction.

I decided to step outside of my comfort zone this weekend and challenge myself to make some new friends.  It is funny because where I used to be afraid to be alone I now feel fear for letting new people in, haha.  Part of that is the fear of history repeating itself; questioning my ability to choose healthy relationships in my life.  Part of it is just being scared of doing something I have never done before.

I joined and joined some groups in my local area.  I have been meditating and also practicing thinking with intent to create in my life what I want to experience. Yesterday I had a longer than usual meditation after a relaxing morning of beginning my new project; my dream board.  I searched the internet for images that reflect what I want to experience in my life.  I also begun drawing pictures of what I want to experience.  The idea is to look at my dream boards all day and imagine I am already there.

Create a Dream Board with all that you wish for and look at it every day, feel what it would feel like to already be there.  Imagine how each dream would feel, sound, taste, look and experience that in your mind daily.  Trust that your dreams are coming and anticipate their arrival while imagining they are already here.  It is a cool tool and fun to live in your mind what you dream for your future.  The key is Gratitude for what it is and anticipation of what you want to be.

One of my desired experiences is good friends who are positive and on similar places on their own journeys who add to my own experiences.  I long for conversations that expand my mind and bring me joy rather than ones that give me that yucky feeling from complaining about life or comparing myself to others rather than living my own life.  I long for relationships with people who seek inward for answers and experiences in life rather than those who seek external fixes for enjoying life.

After my meditation I took a nap and had vivid colorful dreams and woke up to find an email in my inbox inviting me to a potluck from one of the groups I joined on  I was nervous but I picked up the phone and called the person hosting the event to introduce myself and get directions to the potluck.  Relieved when I got her voice mail I reluctantly left a message.  I thought to myself "phew, she is surely to busy this late in the day preparing for the meetup to call me back, at least I tried, haha"  Five minutes later my phone rang and I was writing down directions while talking to a very friendly and welcoming voice on the other end of the phone who assured me that the group was happy to have me join them.  So I got ready and went.  I was experiencing a little fear each step of the way, however I pushed past those fears and reminded myself that I got this!

On the drive there the wind was blowing in my hair and I felt so free at that moment,  felt proud of me for challenging myself to get outside of my comfort zone and try something new.  I had a great time, I met some awesome people.  I enjoyed some really healthy vegetarian organic foods and had some stimulating conversations about the Buddhist belief system as this was a Buddhist potluck for members of a weekly Buddhist class that studies Dharma.  It was a cool introduction as it was a casual setting which allowed me to just get to know people.  I plan on attending this weeks class to learn more.

I stepped outside of my comfort zone this weekend and begun a new chapter on my journey by making some new friends and joining a group to learn more about a belief system I have been curious about.  I am fascinated by all beliefs and find truths in them all that work for me.  Today I trust my inner voice and the relationship I am building with my creator.  My heart and mind are open to all beliefs and I encourage myself to experience learning more about all sets of beliefs to decide for myself what works for me while respecting all others beliefs.

I joined several other groups as well, some singles groups that focus on building friendships and lasting relationships.  I also joined some fitness groups and book reading groups and plan on attending more meetups and exploring new things with new people.  I made it through my first meetup and really enjoyed it.  I am proud of myself for not listening to that inner voice of fear telling me to stay home and just work on my book or my dream board.  My dream board is a tool, one that is useless if I don't take action in life to manifest the things I want to experience.  Asking the Universe to send me the things I ask for and not accepting them when they arrive would just be silly and render no results for me.  So I am taking action and trusting myself and the Universe to put in my path what I am asking for.  I am allowing these great things and experiences to come into my reality!

This is a new and exciting chapter of my journey.  My weeks are going to start filling up with activities.  This week I have my surgery consultation and quite possibly my surgery.  I will be happy to get past this pain I have been living with the past few weeks and get on with my plans to volunteer at the homeless shelter on Monday and Tuesday mornings and be active in my new social adventures.

Time to finish the beginning of my dream board and do my morning swim.  I wish you all the most blessed day of getting out of your comfort zone and finding new and exciting adventures in your own lives that challenge you to reach all of your dreams also.

I love you all from a place of excitement and pride for this new chapter for my growth.  Thank you for joining me.

One Love

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