Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Think It ~ Feel It ~ Anticipate It!!!

As many of you know this journey began with me getting rid of all my TV's and making the conscious choice to begin educating myself by reading and watching documentaries on Netflix.   One of the first documentaries I watched was "The Secret".    I was so moved by The Secret that I watched it every day for weeks, I went to bed with it playing.  I loved the concept that I had the power to change my life with my thoughts.

As the journey continued I have had many ups and downs.  I have worked hard to dive deep into the darkness of my soul and slay my dragons.  I have worked hard to learn the art of gratitude in all moments and begun to gain an inner peace in all situations that is amazing.  I still give way to my ego and fears at times, yesterdays post was evidence of that.  But that is okay! I am learning that life is not about right or wrong, good or bad! Life is about experiencing life and challenging ourselves to accept all experiences with love.

I watched The Secret again last week with my nephew and his Vi-Team. Even though I have seen it a zillion times it still moved me like it did the first time.  This past month I have felt such gratitude for being in here in Santa Cruz and used those feelings of gratitude to broaden my imagination for my future.  I have learned much about my abilities to succeed and my deserving to do so.

I have realized that I have suffered by choice enough in life and now I want to experience inner and outer success, feel what it feels like to live a life of joy.  By making this choice I have found that even in the lonely or sad moments, in the moments of doubt or fear I am still able to feel joy and gratitude.  That seriously rocks.

I got some amazing news this morning!!!  I have been wishing for a new camera for my videos for Challenge Showdown.  Mine is on the fritz, has short memory and is just outdated with the flash going out.  I have been imagining that I am using my new camera when I use my old one.  This morning my friend and mentor posted on my Facebook that I won a FS40 Cannon Camcorder for being one of the videos of the week on the Take Down Tuesday video challenge through ViSalus!  How cool is that!  I just told my Sister last week... "Sis please don't buy me anything for Christmas, what I want is to expensive so I would rather a gift card and you can hold it till I have enough to buy a new camera".  This power of thoughts and feelings thing works ya'll I am not kidding.

The video that won was with my niece and nephew helping me make my dinner shake.  A big shout out to Nicky and Kaili, I love you both so much.  You brighten my days!  Thank you for believing in me, sharing with me your wonder and helping me to believe that I got this!

Second bit of great news this week is that I am going to go to St. Louis for a major ViSalus event and some of my biggest mentors will be speaking there whose stories are so moving and inspiring.  I have been imagining myself going.  My monthly income is not enough at this time to pay for airfare and my room but I didn't let that stop me from thinking I am going.  A friend called me yesterday and made the most amazing offer to me.  She and a few other friends of mine offered to donate many items collecting dust in their garages for me to sell this weekend at the Flea Market in Santa Cruz, Ca to cover my trip to St. Louis.  I was so touched by this offer and accepted it graciously.

I don't think I would have felt so good about them just offering to pay my way.  I feel great about being able to help them clean out their garages and going to the Flea Market Saturday and Sunday to earn my way to St. Louis!  My Son Brandon, My Nephew Sean and his team (My Boys that I love so much) Rory, Nick and Anthony are all going to help me with setting up a booth at the Flea Market this weekend so I can go to St. Louis.  How cool is that!

So if you are in Santa Cruz and want to say hello come on by the Flea Market this weekend and stop by my booth.  I am also going to make some One Love bracelets and Necklaces and offer them for a donation of your choice.  If you don't have any money you can have a One Love bracelet for a hug, :).

With all that is going on in the world I am realizing that changing me is where I can help the world.  Changing you is how you can help the world.  All that is needed is for each of us to heal the pains we carry, overcome our fears and learn to love ourselves unconditionally.  When we feel that love of self we see the world through the eyes of love and the world becomes a better place.

I have said it many times and I mean it each and ever time.... I love you all from a place of love and gratitude for what is, good and bad I know it is all valuable in the grand scheme of things.  I love you from a place of knowing my responsibility in creating my world and the world around me with my feelings and thoughts.  Have a most blessed Tuesday!

One Love
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