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An attitude of gratitude~

A One Love Thanksgiving
Since the beginning of this journey I have begun learning to practice the art of gratitude for all that I have and all that comes my way good and bad because if there is one thing I have learned in life it is that everything is a blessing.  Even the worst times in our lives lead to a new path and great discoveries of lessons learned and new blessings gained.

This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for, most of all I am thankful for having the courage to take this journey and the steps to healing and learning to love myself by overcoming my self doubt and fears each step of the way.  I am also very grateful for those along the way who have helped me with these valuable lessons and brightened my path to self love.

So much has happened this week.  I will start with Monday where the fun began.  I restarted my second 90 day challenge after not doing so well on my challenge due to my surgery recovery being harder than I expected the first week.  I kinda took a week off from worrying about what I ate.  I still did my two shakes a day but ate whatever I wanted and somehow was surprised to see I still lost 5 pounds.  My recovery improved greatly the second week and I decided to start over.  This challenge I want to quit smoking so I bought the patch and put it on Monday morning.  Each day has been a series of challenges with this new goal as I have been smoking for over 30 years.  I haven't given in however and know I will overcome this challenge just like every one I have challenged myself to since beginning this journey.

I have started making videos when I am having a really hard time not smoking, and realized I might get addicted to making videos, haha.  Totally cool with that as videos are a lot less harmful to my health and I am overcoming my self doubt even more by sharing my struggles with the world.  All of my videos are on my Youtube channel here.

I wrote Santa and asked for my sexy back, he wrote me
back and said he can't give me what I already have!
Bringing Sexy Back One Shake at a Time!
This week was a great week business wise in my new venture as a network marketer.  I feel so blessed to have found ViSalus and even more so to be on Team Take Over because of the awesome leadership I am receiving.  Network marketing is for anyone.  I was one of those people who said "I don't do those pyramid things" haha.  The truth is a real pyramid is that 9 to 5 job.  In network marketing I have all the same opportunities as the next guy.  I don't have to worry about someone else getting the job because they have a better credit rating than I do.  I don't have to worry about getting passed over for a promotion because someone has a better back ground than I do.  In network marketing I am my own boss and my success depends solely on my effort and my attitude.  It doesn't hurt to know my choice for a business venture is gaining me my health and confidence back either.  It feels good to be feeling good again, it feels good to be looking better each day, to have a glow of self love and confidence, feels good to be getting my sexy back, haha.

Blessed to be learning from the best!  TEAM TAKE OVER for life!
I was blessed to be learning from the best this week.  Cedrick Harris, the leader of Team Take Over gave up his Holiday week to do a nine city tour of challenge parties to help his team.  Two of the cities he traveled to happened to be Santa Cruz and Sacramento, Ca.  So Tuesday and Wednesday were spent getting paid to party with the best mentor a girl could hope for.  Cedrick Harris spent a couple hours after each party kicking his game and knowledge to a group of people eager to learn how to improve their business.  I learned even more about the value system this man has and was even more impressed by that than his awesome network marketing skills which by themselves are impressive.

Cedrick is a family oriented man who's love of family extends his own.  His family shares in his desire to help others while building the future of their dreams and generously shares him with all of us.  He is driven by helping those who truly help themselves and has never forgotten where he came from.  Cedrick Harris is a true hero in my eyes.  A man who made something out of his life despite his surroundings back in the day.  Back then was a hard world to come up in if you came from very little , especially for a young black man in a day where racism still prospered.  A decade and a half ago it wasn't as easy for a young black man to become a self made millionaire.  It was totally possible as it is for anyone, it was then and is now.  Cedrick knew that and never made one single excuse to give up.

Sitting with my Son Brandon, my Son of the Heart Rory and my awesome Nephew Sean, loving Sister Tamar and many friends we are blessed to be giving so much to believe in by Cedrick Harris as he openly shares his knowledge and lessons in life with us all.

When we say we get paid to party we aren't playin, haha! We really get paid to party, and to help others gain their health and build a future of their dreams, that in itself seriously rocks!

Getting our party on Sac Town, woot woot!
We all have hurdles and challenges and those of us who have more hurdles to overcome are the most blessed of us when we don't let them stop us from reaching our goals.  Cedrick helps me to realize even more that my disabilities, my background, my upbringing are nothing compared to my attitude and my desire to achieve in this life.  With people like him and Ryan Blair as my role models in this company I am doubly blessed to know that I have all the same opportunities in this business as anyone does.  With a direct team of people from all walks of life who love me for me and not for who I used to be I am so full of encouragement to make my dreams a reality and believe I deserve to do so.

 A huge shout out to my friend and mentor Jenny Twaddle for your guidance in this
business and your friendship in life.  Thank you for taking that ride to Sacramento
with me, your dedication rocks.  Much love to Kelley Gregg for hosting this
awesome party, your such a shinning light and it was awesome hanging out with
you in your lovely home.  James I see you there in the background gettin' your
paid to party on, how awesome that over all these years we are still friends today.
Like Cedrick Harris and Ryan Blair I will never forget where I came from and will always help those who want to help themselves.  Helping others is who I am and today I am doing it the right way and for the right reasons.  I am truly thankful that ViSalus is my first venture into network marketing because I get to help others get their health back while I gain mine back.  I get to help feed the homeless and help several local based charities that we promoters of ViSalus submit for help.  I am a firm believer in local small based charities.  Larger charities are great and all but lots of them are so corrupt with the people running them getting a lot of the funds.  I prefer smaller charities that lack local funding, homeless shelters, food banks and victims of abuse or violent crimes are my personal favorites to help.  I have been there and was blessed to have help from local charities when it was me who was homeless or a victim of abuse or a violent crime.  So I have a soft spot there, especially for children of abuse.

Blessed to see my daughters smile these days, blessed to be able to smile with them.
I had a successful week in more ways than one.  I got to help friends and family get started on the challenge beginning their own path to better health and financial security in an economy that has little promise today.  I also was given much to celebrate yesterday when I got a new 2006 travel trailer.  Diligence and hard work pays off.  One Love has sprung a leak and has some structual damage in the drive line.  Towing One Love would require a lot of work and even then she has a lot of risk associated with long distance tows.  I still want to travel one day soon and see the Country while working with those in need in every area I visit.  Buying a new trailer as a result of my dedication and hard work in improving my life was a true accomplishment for me and I am very proud of that.  Even more so I am blessed to be able to give One Love to someone who really loves her, believes in what I am doing and needs a home, two someones actually.

One Love has blessed me and so many have blessed One Love.  Knowing that One Love will continue it's journey being a home to others who need a home warms my heart.  Being able to see the rewards of believing in myself and doing the work to learn to let go of the past and the pain is the greatest blessing of all to me.  I no longer have to punish myself because by not knowing I am worthy of all the love and happiness I wish for others.  Today I get to realize these dreams and help others do so to, that is the best blessing of all.

You outdid yourself Sis, thank you for a great
Thanksgiving meal and great day :)
You may remember the young man who helped me with a truck for towing One Love, his name is Rory. Rory has been looking for a new place to live.  His good friend Evan who is homeless and starting over after graduating from a youth camp need a home.  Evan recently signed up with ViSalus, under Rory and both of them are working towards building a future.  Rory was renting a room in a household that would not allow him to help his friend out with a warm place to sleep so he has been trying to find a place of his own to call home so he can help Evan.  The two of them are taking One Love off my hands.  Rory and Evan understand the meaning of One Love and what it has signified for me and this journey and promised me that when they no longer need One Love they too will donate her to someone in need.  I know Rory's heart from all that he has done to help myself and others and know he will make sure One Love is passed down with love.  He will also work to make needed repairs so the next owner of One Love has a nice warm place to call home.

I love you guys so much and am proud of you all.
I was blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my family, my son, my nephews and niece, my sister and brother and many others.  I was also blessed to be able to help others on Thanksgiving by working a good portion of the day and have the love and support of my family to do so.  I was blessed to see my Daughters the evening before Thanksgiving in Sacramento at the challenge party, my dear friend Rena and her awesome girlfriend, my ex James who are all also joining the challenge.  It is so cool to be able to help everyone start their own business and begin a path toward better health.  James and his wife are good friends of mine, helping them is a true blessing.  They opened their doors to me during my pregnancy when I had no place to call home.  We are such good friends today and for that I am blessed.  Rena is a very special friend to me and we have so much in common, we have seen our ups and downs and only grown stronger as we both believe in forgiveness and looking at ourselves for growth in times of challenge.  Having her on my team is gonna rock.  My daughters are also going to join the family business and that is the biggest blessing, now if we can get my oldest son on board we will be jumping up and down, hint, hint, haha.

Living a life helping others and reaching our
dreams is a family affair over here!
Vi-Life Baybee
I am heading up to Sacramento on Monday after handling the moving from One Love to my new trailer. I will be spending the week up there training those who took the initiative to build a future of their dreams by joining our team in ViSalus.  One of the valuable tools I have gained and lessons I have learned from working with someone like Cedrick Harris is to work for your team.  By focusing on helping your team build instead of focusing on myself and what I want I am helping them and that only helps me.  It also just feels good, helping people feels so good.

Today skies the limit for my future.  I can see my dreams unfolding and know that one day I will be able to be the Mother that my children can be so proud of, the Mother that Stella who is still in need of my example will be able to look up to and know that in life no matter what we do we can always change the course of our life by choosing to do so.  Stella is my biggest why.

I was brought to tears at Wednesday nights challenge party when Cedrick spoke about his why and how important our why should be to us.  I can't think about Stella without at least a tear or two of joy coming to my eyes.  She means so much to me and showing her that she was always wanted, always loved is so important to me.  It is also important to me to be a stable part of her life, to have a stable home for her visit as she grows up and to know that my choice of adoption was not in vain.  Having her changed the course of my life, she was the gift of a prayer answered and new path laid that I made the choice to follow.

My new home.  This journey has taken me further in under a year than a lifetime
of avoiding my fears and letting self doubt get in the way.  I am blessed to be here.
The work begins in us, healing and letting go of past pains, resentments, anger through forgiveness.  Challenging ourselves to overcome our fears and realize our gifts in life.  We are all born with gifts, our contribution to ourselves, this life and everyone in it is to realize those gifts and use them with honest and good intent.  I am learning by loving myself that I have so many talents and gifts and deserve to use them.  That is so much to be thankful for in itself.

I love you all from a place of having an attitude of gratitude and knowing that my thoughts and feelings create my world around me.  I will never forget the lessons learned and never go back to blaming and complaining about life again.  We are rarely a victim of others in life as much as we are victims in our own minds.  If we don't have a great life to look forward to every day we have no one to blame but ourselves.  I am so blessed to be learning all of this, thank you to all of you for taking this journey with me, we have so much further to go together and I know each step of it will be better than the last.

One Love
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