Monday, November 5, 2012

Putting all the pieces....

Rock'n The Vi-Life
Wow my friends, what an amazing weekend.  St. Louis was so many things, so much wonderful and I am still basking in the glow of the love and togetherness that the ViSalus community has to offer when we come together.  So much knowledge and insight gained, so much realized about all of our dreams to live a healthier, happier, fuller life.  A life of helping others to do the same.

Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen sharing their hearts vision!

The weekend kicked off Friday night with our Founders Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and father to be Nick Sarnicola sharing their vision and dreams with a full house of energy filled ViSalians raising the roof in the Rams Stadium in St. Louis.  The tears began flowing from eyes from moment one as I was moved by the words of three men who keep striving to do more in the Movement of Life, Health and Prosperity.

Flying out of San Jose I had no idea how much my life was about
to change, coming home I am a new me, I am the Challenge!

The message given at this National event was that our success lies in helping others as Our Founders laid out the direction we are headed in helping to feed the hungry, help save lives and bring a new era of caring and sharing to ViSalus and the World.

Laurie, My Sister and Murphy I love you all!
Ryan Blair moved me beyond tears with his testimony to what he wants his life to mean, his honesty in the rough life he grew up in and his choice to turn that around.  He shared his plans for what he is going to leave behind when his amazing life here comes to an end one day, shared his plans to leave it all to benefit others and the room was more than moved by his sincerity and dedication to never forgetting where he came from.  Ryan we love you baybee, you rock!!!

I love you Sis, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you <3

ViSalus Ambassadors break down Life, Health and Prosperity to the crowd.  Our own Team Take Over leader Cedrick Harris on the far right who is my friend and mentor moved us with his words, We love you Cedrick!!!!

Saturday the fun and tears just grew more and more as some amazing things happened.  First for those of you who have been following the Challenge Showdown I did not make it into the top ten finalist.  While I didn't win that opportunity I won so much more, I won "ME".  My last Showdown video of me climbing the stairs in Capitola Village in Santa Cruz, Ca was played and I went up on stage and got to hug one of my mentors Blake Mallen, twice, haha!  I didn't even know I wasn't called on stage, one of the ViSalus volunteers told me to head up stage and off I went, haha.  It was amazing and it was a vision in a cab with my Sister and dear friend Murphy just a few hours before.  On the cab ride over, the three of us closed our eyes and prayed, Murphy spoke of a vision she had of me on my up to the stage giving high fives to my fellow ViSalians and we all said Amen and got out of the cab with no idea of what was to come.

My dear friend and partner in health Jeff Cerza video'd one of the most moving moments of my life, I love you Jeff, thank you for being you and staying committed to you and your why, see you in LA!!!!

Jeff Cerza you rock my friend, we got this!!!
The rest of the day was a whirlwind of love and support from friend after friend I made on this most amazing turning point in my life.  I was given so much love, so many hugs, so many business cards and so many words of encouragement to continue on my journey and my challenge to gain my independence and health back.  I will never forget this experience or the love that I feel for myself and all of you.

The view from our hotel suite at the Hyatt was breath taking!

Following our dreams, believing in ourselves will
take us to heights we never imagined possible!

My Friend and Mentor Jenny Twadle, without you Jenny I wouldn't
have gotten to St. Louis thank you so much I love you girl!

I made so many new friends I will cherish for a life time!

Livin the Vi-Life Baybee, I love you Sis!
I love that coat you are rocking in Sis!

Laurie and Monica I love you so much!

Team Take Over
Making it happen, changing lives, living our dreams!

Livin the Vi-Life!

Saturday night we got in our costumes and headed over to Cedric Harris's Team Take Over private party, more than fun was had at this also moving event.  Cedric spoke to our hearts and souls from his own heart and soul about what matters most and our commitment to excelence in all areas of our growth.  I gaind so much in one weekend I am on fire and left the hotel yesterday amped up to go out and help others change their lives the way mine has been changed.

Team Take Over Party hosted by Cedrick Harris our leader and Mentor with the Most!

Tamar and Murphy, thank you for the greatest weekend of my life, I learned so
much and gained so much love for me and life, I love you both to the moon and back

Just from the lobby of the Hyatt to landing in LA I met 9 people who want to change their lives and will be giving them all a call today to help them do that.  This is what is all about for me, I set out on this journey hoping to change the world and realized along the way it was me I had to change.  In doing the work to gain back my love of self, overcome my fears and doubts and learning to give me the love I deserve I realized that it expands from there.  I can't help a soul till I love me, till I am true to my own soul.  I have been in One Love for over 10 months now doing the hard work to learn what it means to overcome my self doubt and fears and today I am seeing what that means, today I can actually help others because it started here.

There is one family in particular I want to help right now.  I met a woman while waiting for our cab to the airport on our way out of St. Louis.  Her name is Selene Castrovilla, she is the author of a book named "Saved by the Music".  She was looking pretty down and you all know me, I had to know why and what I could do to help.  Her worries are heavy, her and her 6 year old son have been displaced from their home in New Jersey due to Sandy.  Please lift her up in your prayers and please buy her book to help her feel the love from us all.  If you can't find her book online then email her at and find out how to get her book.  You can visit her website at  Selene I love you girl, I want you to know you are no alone, I have been homeless too, in fact just 3 years ago I was pregnant with my daughter Stella and homeless, disabled and had no hope.  Remember that all greatness in life is proceeded by chaos and keep your head held high, talk to you real soon.

Today I start my second 90 Day Challenge.  My goals are to lose 75 pounds, quit smoking and show myself what I can do now that I have more pieces to the puzzle of this wondrous journey called life!

I love you all from a place of knowing that this is the beginning of the best of my life, the beginning of my dreams realized and knowing I deserve to know what that is all about.

One Love

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  1. Your life change is just the beginning, you are a superstar and your personality and love touches people. You are already changing lives including mine just by being in it! Love you!!