Monday, November 12, 2012

Taking care of me...

Taking care of me has not always been a priority in life for me, in fact it has not even been on the list of things to do most of my life before this journey.  Today I have to remind myself to be good to me for different reasons than not loving me.  Today I have to remind myself to slow down because I am so excited about life and want to go, go, goooooooooooo.  Haha.

The surgery went just fine, the doctors and staff at the Surgery Center in Santa Cruz were awesome.  I shared with my anesthesiologist my fears of being put under.  He was very sympathetic to my feelings and assured me that he would treat me with the utmost care and concern.   He and the nurses appreciated my honesty about my fears of being treated differently due to my weight.  I felt grateful that I now have the courage to speak on my fears, no matter how silly I think they are saying them out loud is such freedom from them running a much in my mind.

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I spent the weekend at my little Sisters house; she insisted I do so for the first few days.  My Son stayed there too and the whole family took care of me.  I am terribly bloated from the oxygen they pumped into my abdomen to move around in there and will be glad when it absorbs and goes away, haha.

Working with my Son and Nephews and their friends rocks!
I gained 6 pounds in surgery, I guess that is from the oxygen and fluids from the IV.  Between the pain meds and just being exhausted I am still pretty under the weather.  I did a little to much this weekend, it is hard not to be active at my sisters house.  My younger niece and nephew love their auntie JoJo and want my attention all day long, and I can't help but give it to them.  Kaili did my hair each day, rubbed my tummy lightly and pretended she was my nurse.  Nicky played football, baseball and video games for my enjoyment.  My Son and older nephews helped me make up two big pots of chicken stew for the coming week to counteract the chill of this freezing weather we are having.  I am certain we brought St. Louis weather home, haha.

Thank you for taking care of your Momma!
By the end of yesterday I was feeling worse instead of better having done too much.  After an awesome challenge party that the boys threw my son Brandon brought me home last night and got me settled in to rest.  I am taking it super easy today, working on my book, doing some reading and working on my business all from bed.  I had to remind myself last night that taking care of me is first in my health and well being.

It is easy to get caught up in life and forget to take care of ourselves, goals for my health and life are a driving force for me these days.  Loving myself and believing in myself gives me a lot of new energy I didn't have before this Journey.  Remembering that I am no good to myself or anyone if I don't rest when I need to is important.

Being at a place in life where I am surrounded by support and love really rocks, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't loving me, taking care of me.  I talk about it a lot because I want to express to anyone out there who like me suffers from self doubt, is held back by fears or a lack of self love, that it all begins inside of us, learning to love ourselves, overcome our own fears and live believing in ourselves, treating ourselves the best gives us all new surroundings in life.

I love you all from a place of patience for the healing process I am patiently allowing to happen, wink. I appreciate all the love and kind words sent my way, thank you all so much for reaching out and letting me know I am loved, I love you all too.

One Love

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