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Excuse my yelling in the title, I just can't help it.  I have always said in life that everything is an opportunity but saying things and living things are two opposite sides of the spectrum.  I have started saying it more and more since beginning my new career as an entrepreneur in network marketing as a reminder of sorts to keep my eyes open for the opportunities all around me.  To live something you have to believe it, while I knew it I didn't really believe it fully yet and only because I was still in that place of focusing on lives burdens.  An easy cycle to get stuck in when you have a lot of those pesky things called burdens in your life.

I really want this network marketing thing to work for me.  I have big plans for all the good I can do when I reach my goals and that excites me to know that I can be a huge help to people like myself who have been beat down in life and don't know they can at anytime just choose another path in life.  I also have my personal goals for experiencing success in all areas of my life as a choice.  After years of choosing to suffer for the sake of suffering, downward spirals, drama and just overall not knowing I deserved success in all areas of life I am ready to see all the new and exciting experiences life has to offer with this new I love me attitude I have gained.

Natasha, Rena, Me & Katrina and our best attempt at making
fun of pyramids, haha
I was yelling at the beginning of this because I really was shown something yesterday about the whole "EVERYTHING IS AN OPPORTUNITY" mindset.  Wednesday I wrapped my visit in Sacramento up with a great challenge party at my son Semaj's house.   His wife Lovey is one of my new promoters and did a great job collaboration with my daughter in law Shawntice to throw an awesome party that ran rather late.

You guys rock, awesome week, so much accomplished and so much fun get'n it done, woo hoo :)

Working and playing with my family so rocks, I love
you guys so much and am so proud of you!
By the time I got back to my daughters Jess's apartment I spent a couple hours just winding down from the trip, I had so much fun with everyone.  I can't believe how easy owning my own business can be, how much fun I am having, this is way different than I thought it would be.

I got to sleep rather late and had to be up really early to hit the road and get down to the San Francisco Bay to pick up my friend and get her to the airport for her flight, then get back to dog and house sit for her till tomorrow.  Happy I got on the road in time despite challenges doing so, traffic was smooth all the way to Emeryville when it slowed way down then cleared up quickly in Oakland, on a schedule I picked up speed, switched lanes and BAM.  I hit a pothole and had a blowout.

There I was on the side of 880 in Oakland lucky to be okay, no real damage and happy that my spare was in great shape but couldn't find a jack.  Worried I was going to be late getting my friend to the airport and feeling the stress rising in me I sat on the back of my Suburban took a deep breath and said to myself... "Self remember everything is an opportunity."  I looked up in the sky held my hands up and said out loud... "I know you are not gonna let me go out like this, can I please get some help down here."

I love you so much TC you are the best daughter in law a Mom could
hope for.  I am so excited we get to change our futures together baby.
Just then someone pulled over and I couldn't help but laugh and loud.  A nice man pulled over to help me, he had a jack and together we got the tire changed in no time.  I was so excited that I can actually help change my own tire now and shared my story with him about losing all this weight, getting out of my wheelchair and how I did it.  He was so impressed by my story and shared with me he has some health goals of his own for his new years resolutions for 2013 and asked me more about the product and the challenge.  Together we picked out a kit for him that meets his goals and he should be getting it in the mail in a couple days.

Thank you so much Diane, home made gifts from the heart just make my
heart smile.  They are so beautiful and so are you.  I love you the biggest!
I realized how big everything is an opportunity in more ways than one yesterday, I got my friend to the airport on time and even had time to open the Christmas presents she made for me and catch up before we left.  Staying here with her awesome dog, beautiful orchids, two cats and scents of fresh grown lavender is just what I needed after the exciting two weeks I spent in Sacramento.  I spent last night catching up on some needed meditation time, reading a new book Rena loaned me and mapping out a goal plan to help my new team.  I woke up super early feeling so rested and got to work.  While sipping my coffee I thought again about opportunities and realized how blessed I truly am.  I could have been really stuck on that highway, if I didn't have a good spare I woulda been kinda screwed as I only had gas money.  I spent more money than planned in Sacramento staying a week longer but it was so worth it, seeing my friends and family start their own path to a healthier life with more financial freedom to live a fuller life and being able to be a part of that really rocks.  I could have gotten all stressed out yesterday, however I didn't.  I talked myself out of that and it only took saying it once than wa la help arrived and I got to help the nice man back with the tools he needs to be successful in reaching his health goals for 2013.

I got to surprise my friend Natasha with a laptop.  She worked so hard to sign up and is taking off running, I wanted her to have the tools she needs to be a success in this business and am blessed to be at a place to be able to help her with that, I love ya girl, we have great things ahead of us.  Can't wait to see you in that new BMW, woot woot!

Jenny thank you for your guidance & support, you rock!
I started thinking more about my many blessings and all the opportunities I have and came to a decision I have been toying with since being in Sacramento.  I decided I am ready to travel again.  As much as I love Santa Cruz I am going to get back on the road and can come back to Santa Cruz when ever I want, in fact I can go where ever I want when ever I want to go pretty much.  I have a brand new travel trailer that doesn't weigh as much and is in perfect travel shape, I have no children living with me and no spouse to consider in the decision.  I am truly lucky, for the first time in my life I am so happy I am single, haha.  It's just me and my dog.    So I got on the phone with one of my favorite people and mentors Jenny and shared my ideas with her, got her feedback and made the decision.  I decided I am going to go spend a couple month in Sacramento and really work with my team up there while getting in touch with other friends in the area so I can offer them this awesome opportunity also.  Then I think I will head on down south to Los Angeles before March.  How cool would it be to be in a park down there by Nationals in March.  That's the plan anyways, and who knows plans could change and the cool thing is I am so free to adapt to any plans any changes and anything now.  This so rocks.

Feeling life these days, doing it moving & loving it!
I have some friends in Santa Cruz to sign up who are so ready to do this and get to work getting them started before I go, then they have unlimited support from my team there.  This really rocks.  It feels so good to be here right now, this realization that I am free to go and even more so this ability to help others while building my new life.  I remember when I started this I still had major issues with money getting in my way of really pushing forward.  I will never forget Nick Sarnicola's story about the Monkey and the Peanut helping me to change my belief that money is evil, haha.  I can see pivotal moments in this new journey where my beliefs changed, grew and opened up helping me to be even more open today to the ever growing ever changing me that is just bubbling over with energy to learn everything I can learn about life.  I used to be so sure I knew it all, haha.  I like this state of knowing I have so much to learn, I feel like a kid again and the world is this big open space of limitless possibilities.

Life is one big roller coaster, have fun with it and enjoy the ride, haha
Something else has started happening, I am realizing just how much my changes can help others too.  I have had an overwhelming amount of people hitting me up in chat and calling me to share their fears with me and asking for advice or just needing someone to listen who won't judge them.  I guess my being so open about who I am, who I have been and all the changes that have happened for me since deciding to start a new life, make better choices and learn to love me has touched a lot of people and it really feels good to know they feel safe sharing things with me.  I don't want to share their stories without their permission but I have had the true blessing of helping a few people not give up on themselves in this past week and can't thank my Creator enough for blessing me with that.  I feel good helping others, it is the best feeling.

Have you ever been to a point in life where you have no idea what is going to happen next in life and feel so at peace and super excited about that all at the same time?  That is so where I am right now and I just love it!

I love you all from a place of understanding that this is what it's all about, life is all about the journey.  All of it is so valuable, the good parts, the bad parts.  In fact the bad parts are some of the best parts if you think about it.  I know I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't gone through all I have been through and I certainly wouldn't have this much appreciation for all these blessings I am experiencing today if it had all been good before now.  I love that we can change our lives, no matter who we are, who we have been, any day any one of us can wake up and say... "I want to be a better person."

One Love

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