Monday, December 17, 2012

Guardian Angels

I have been feeling bad for Mr. Marley lately.  He has gotten so big and with his size has only grown more active, more independent and more rambunctious.  While he has grown up a lot this past year one things has not changed... He doesn't like to be left alone.  He is a companion doggy who needs a lot of room to run and play.  Loves other doggies and kids and like to be on the go, go, go.

Mr.Marley you mean so much to me, you have been my best friend this whole journey
RV living leaves little room for him to play in and out doors.  There just isn't much room inside my new RV for him to run and play, and I have no fenced in yard for him.  I have been feeling guilty about him not getting to play and frustrated at him for tearing up things if I leave him alone so I can go swimming.  The guilty again because I know he is still a puppy really and just needs more room.

I posted on Facebook seeking a really good home for him so he can have more than I have to offer at this time.  It was really hard to come to this decision but one that is best for him.  Several responded and shared the post in efforts to help me find the best home for him.  Everyone loves Mr. Marley and justly so, he is the best dog.

Some awesome friends I have made along this new journey contacted me with an offer that touched my heart in the most amazing way.  They have a house, 2 dogs, lots of love and offered to keep Marley this next year so that I can travel and he can play.  The offered to give him back to me when the time comes that I settle down in a house again.
You get to play, have doggy friends and the most awesome companion till I come
back and get you so we can go live in our new home on the beach :)

So touched by Kevin, Lawrence and Liz's offer I of course accepted.  I cannot say enough how moved I am knowing that he is going to be in a great home, with some really awesome friends and I still get to see him, have him visit me and me visit him and when I buy a house one day he can come home to me.

Today I am blessed and want to say a special thank you to Kevin, Lawrence and Liz for their generous souls.  These three amazing friends are the kind of people who do things like they did the other night.  They all went out  to the movies, while waiting for the movie to start they bought their popcorn and sodas.  Before the movie got started they saw a homeless man outside.  Their hearts touched they changed their plans and spent the night out in the streets feeding the homeless on a chilly cold December night.

I just love these three amazing people and knowing that Marley gets to be with them while I build my future, travel and chase my dreams makes my heart smile.

Thank you all so much.  I will see you soon.

I love you all from a place of blessings, it is amazing to be at this place where when I have a dilemma I can reach out for help and accept it with gratitude.

One Love
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