Friday, December 28, 2012

There's this little voice...

                                                      my head that wants me give up.

A little voice that speaks from time to time telling me I don't deserve it, whispering not so sweet "nothings" in my ear.

A little voice that wants me to stop, tells me I should not go a step further, says that I'll never reach the top.

But I know a little secret about that little voice, I know the truth behind the little attempts to sway my choice.

Those words of doubt speak from a place deep inside, a place of fear and doubt.  Fueled by a fear of failure, a fear of success.  Trying to convince me not to try, not to be my best.

I have learned that when this little voice speaks more and more it is because I am closer to walking through the right door, the fear of me leaving it behind grows strong and it's cries scream long.

Deep inside this warrior spirit of mine speaks another voice, not so little, not so scared.  My inner knowing, my inner worth sings another song, lyrics telling me to keep going, keep pushing on.

All these voices want to have their say, I choose which ones to listen to at the end of the day!

We all suffer from self doubt, fears are powerful enough to stop us dead in our tracks.  There is one thing that can conquer all of that... Love!

I love myself enough to try, I love myself enough to cry.  I love myself enough to get back up when I fall, I love myself enough to decide my own worth, I love myself enough to stand tall!

Little voice you have nothing to fear, you are a part of me and I will not leave you here.

You are welcome to come along, heal with love and sing a new song.

All these voice's are a part of me, the life I have lived, all that my eyes have seen.

I understand and feel your pain, it's okay.

No need to fight, no need to play these games, we are on the same team, all pieces of the same puzzle, all part of the big picture in the same frame.

I won't avoid you, run from you or toss you aside.  I welcome you in to show you with love that I understand that little voice is mine.

One Love

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  1. wow...i love this, jojo!!! you nailed it! glad to have found you here!