Monday, December 3, 2012

"Those things don't work"

Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do.
Admittedly I was one of the people who said words like those.  The many times I have been given an opportunity to start my own network marketing business I repeated those words or words similar to them.  Funny thing is that I had never tried network marketing or any form for direct sales so how did I know they didn't work?  I will tell you how.  I thought I knew that because I heard others say it.  I don't even remember who others are now, haha.  I just know I was mindlessly repeating someone else's opinion, someone who likely was doing the same and had no self knowledge of weather these things really do or don't work.

Yeah Baybeee!
Last night I advanced to a Regional Director, earned a FREE BMW and upped my income to between $1,500 and $3,000 a month.  I did this in less than 4 months.  I have also as many of you know lost over 75 pounds and counting and gained my independence back, getting out of my wheelchair and off of the couch.  My youngest Son Brandon also did some advancing yesterday, he rose to a Rising Star Director and gave himself a nice pay raise.

The news just gets better, my two daughter in laws joined the Challenge as promoters along with three of my good friends and I have had the pleasure of spending this time up here in Sacramento training them and will be here till Thursday morning getting paid to party with them all.

TOLD U SO Verb: The act of telling your non believing friends, you just earned a free BMW for promoting a 90 day health challenge in your spare time.

We get paid to party, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yesterday was crazy exciting as the hours went by and me and my team hustled happily to help me cross the line to RD.  The support and help of my team got me there.  The love and leadership of my mentors Jenny Muir Twaddle and Cedrick Harris got me there.  My sheer determination to give up the the brainwashed belief that "these things don't work" got me there.  My decision to want a healthier and wealthier life got me there.  My desire to help others got me there.

Me and my girl Natasha, love you girl we are gonna rock this!
See all these things that got me there were all YES's in life.  I stopped saying NO to myself and begun saying yes.  On this journey so many of you have been here since the beginning when less than a year ago I had no clue I deserved this type of success in life, when I had no love for me, no belief in me.  I made a choice last January to make 2012 the beginning of my life because the life I was living before that was not a positive life that was going anywhere significant   It was a life that kept me down, always looking for that next dollar to pay that next bill, a life that had not to much good going on in it because I wasn't being so good to me.  I made the choice to change all that and start with my surroundings, my habits, my choices, my loving me and my fear of facing my fears.

You're getting so big baby, Momma loves you every second of every day!
One by one I have challenged my fears, doubts and negative thoughts.  I have discovered that I was the only thing stopping me from living a healthier life.  All the excuses and blame I used to get in my way were only my excuses and lack of taking accountability for where I had gotten myself in life.  Today I don't walk around looking for all the many reasons WHY things won't work I just need one reason WHY it will work and when I can't find one I have one reason WHY it has to work.

MY WHY!  Stella, my 22 month old daughter who I love enough to run through a brick wall for.

The Brandon's 
See, I just don't want my daughter to grow up ever saying "I Can't" and I have learned from the mistakes I made with my grown Sons that our children do as we do not as we say!  A hard lesson to learn, but one well earned once understood.  Today my Sons are seeing a new me, I am able to make amends to them for the areas I should have shown them differently.  More so I am able to show them that we can wake up any morning and deiced we want to be a better person.  See, I always loved my kids, they always have known that too.  I was overall a good mother to them, but I wasn't so good to me.  So while I tried to teach them to believe in themselves I showed them that I didn't believe in me.

Woooo Hooooo I earned my FREE BMW
Today that is changed, I am changed and those changes are trickling down to my children and together we are breaking a chain of low self esteem and self destructive behaviors that have been handed down generation to generation in my family tree.  We are also changing our thinking.  I raised my Sons to think they had to work and work hard to succeed in this world.  Like many parents out there I pushed them to get A's in school, to never question the system, to be a part of the system, a system that does not have much love for us little people working our bones into the ground to make 1% of us rich.  I didn't know any better, I thought what I saw on TV and all around me was the truth.  The truth was it was the truth I accepted and never questioned.

Today I see the truth much more clearly and get to share that with them.  They get to pass it down to my grand babies and we all get to build a new future for ourselves that has unlimited potential.

I won't push my grand children to go to college and accumulate 30 years worth of debt so they can graduate and not find a job in an economy that keeps getting worse for most.  I say most because in every recession there are the few that will get rich, history proves this little fact.  And those people are the ones who see the opportunities in the tough times and step outside of the box and try something different because they are tired of doing what "DOES NOT WORK"!  See, I told myself this network marketing thing didn't work, haha while I ran around my whole life doing what didn't work so a few people at the top could get paid.  Want to call something a pyramid take a look at your current job, haha real talk!

Last night we popped a bottle of bubbly and celebrated me and my son advancing further in bettering our lives in a few months more than we had in years.  How friggen cool is that.  And I earned a FREE BMW.  I am so excited about picking out my new wheels, I earned it and all I had to do was change my thinking, my beliefs. That simple.

Loving my two daughters, good women, mothers and amazing hearts!
Today is a new day and more than ever I know this to be true, the only thing stopping you from succeeding in life is you, just like the only thing ever stopping me was me.  I am up for the challenges in life today that life throws my way, in fact I am super duper excited to meet each challenge because with each challenge I rise above I become stronger in character than I was before.  Everything is a blessing, all of it, especially the rough times in life, those are the biggest gifts if we see them as opportunities.  We can say, maybe tomorrow i'll try, maybe later, maybe when things get better, etc... all day and we will keep staying where we are today, stuck or we can decide to be so fed up with being fed up and do it moving.

I love you all from a place of knowing I got this, knowing I always had it and just needed to walk this path to get here and today the skies the limit.  I have big plans for what I am going to do to help those when I reach my goals.  I want to be a big help to other women like me who feel right now like they have no choice but to be stuck struggling to raise theirs.  I know I can do that now and that rocks.

Yesterday after the storm cleared the sun burst through the clouds bringing warmth and light back to our day.  Life is like that, we see storms, we see sunny days.  Choosing to only be happy on the sunny days is simply our choice to suffer through the storms.  

Have a great week, I friggen love Mondays, it's payday woot woot.
One Love
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