Saturday, January 12, 2013


Get'n my treadmill on, Yeeeeeeeeeeeee
Today was amazing, this is day 6 in the gym for this week and I was gonna take the weekend off for recovery but just couldn't.  I had to get back in the gym, I woke up energized and ready to crush a workout with my girls. We did an hour on the machines with 25 minutes of that on the treadmill today; that is the longest I have made it on the treadmill to date.

Working those legs, woot woot!

I actually did 25 minutes on the treadmill today, so proud of me for that!

25 Minutes Today, Wooooo Hoooooooo

I really liked the machines, worked my abs, inner thighs, hips, legs, arms and shoulders.  Than we did the Saturday morning Aqua Aerobics class with a different instructor this time, she totally rocked it.  Great "Go Hard" hour in the pool than some chill time in the Spa.

I love this new me, I love that I can do all these things I thought I would never do again.  I love that I am fitting into smaller clothes, I can put my own socks and shoes on again and walk, walk and walk some more, haha!!!

Strengthening My Thighs and Hips

I am learning that being good to my body is another part of loving me fully.  I have worked so much on my inner me, loving myself from the inside out and now I am loving myself from the outside in too.  It really is one big package, all of me, loving all of me.

TC and Lovie I am so blessed to have you both in my life, being your Mother in Law is the greatest gift, I love you both!

Riding my way back to health!
Working My Abs, Yeeeeeee

Get it Lovie you RockStar!

Get'n My Sexy Back!
What is really amazing is what is happening in every area of my life.  I am learning that when we love ourselves, when we face our fears with love and courage, when we challenge ourselves our surroundings also change.  I have influenced those I love to better also and that really rocks.  Being able to get healthy with my girls is the biggest gift of all.  Yesterday we rode through the new park I will be moving into on the 1st and picked out a spot.  We all laughed and just had fun.  There was this moment when I looked at them and told them how blessed I feel to be here with them, they got teary eyed and said "I love you Mom" and that felt so good.  Having my girls proud of me is the best feeling.

My Reward Good Health

My oldest son Semaj and I have been getting so close, I am truly so proud of the Man he has become.  Seeing him and his father with my grandkids really warms my heart.  Semaj's father is living with him while he goes through chemo.  After almost 30 years of being apart it is good to be friends with my sons father again and be support during a tough time for him.  I am glad we can be friends again.

I love you all so much, thank you for your support!

I just had my morning shake and feel so full of energy I don't know what to do with myself today, haha.  The day has just begun and I have already crushed out 2 hours working out, showered and got ready for my day, today is going to be a great day.

I love you all from a place of pride for this new place I have worked to get to and gratitude for all those out there who have helped me to believe in my ability to make these life changes.

One Love
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