Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't take it personal

One of my best friends and myself sat yesterday talking about how easy it is to soak up others negative energy, how draining it can be to be around too much negativity and how we can cleanse ourselves of that energy once it attaches to us.

She was having a rough day and kind of took it out on me earlier in the day on the phone.  She felt horrible about that and came over to talk to me.  No once did I take it personally and I was really proud of myself.  Twice this week I have brushed off someone else's doubts or issues directed at me and not taken them personally because I recognize that they're thoughts or suspicions were based on nothing about me or nothing I would think or do.  I didn't feel the need to defend myself, I simply spoke my truth.

I was reminded of a time when I would have gotten really emotionally upset and taken all this on me, felt attacked, like a victim.  With my best friend I totally heard where she was coming from, she was feeling lonely and wanted to be included.  I want her included so there was no need to take offence to her expressing her feelings in an upset accusing way, she was just processing.  With my other friend the accusations were so far out of bounds with who I am that I just felt sad about not having that persons trust this far down the line.

I reminded myself that we all have our own reasons to trust or not to trust and also reminded myself that I want additions in my life who can process and work things out with me not subtractions that bring me undue stress.  I have major goals and am not going to reach them wasting time getting caught up in taking things personally and losing precious time in working on me.

This morning I am up, later than planned, for the first time in a while I slept in, crazy but cool.  I slept in such peace.  I have to skip the morning bike class with my girls as I have a doctors appointment this morning then I will hit the aqua aerobics class in Natomas if I make it in time, either way I will move on with my day finding time to workout in between the meetings I have scheduled.

I cried great tears last night with the realization that I can do so many things I had forgotten I loved doing.  I can swing on a swing ya'll, that sounds silly but it is so huge for me.  I met my daughter at the park yesterday while she was walking and I saw the swing set and a little light went off inside of me and I remembered that I used to love swinging and went over to see if I would fit, and I did, and I got my swing on, haha.

Funny the little things we take for granted, I won't take those things for granted again, ever!

I love you all from a place of pride for how I dealt with this weekends ups and downs without taking it all personal and just moved on to better thoughts and feelings.  Have a great Monday I feel greatness in the air for this week.

One Love
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