Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Integrity Intact

As I spent the last couple weeks writing more of my book, editing, and writing some more a whole new chapter of my life unfolded before my eyes as the foundation of what I have grown to love, trust and endorse came tumbling down from the most interesting avenues.

Taking a break from writing, shifting through my news feed, scrolling down I cam across a post by someone who was in "The Company" and no longer there.  She was stating that the product produced side effects and her doctor took her off the shake and making her public announcement as to why she left.  There were comments for and against her reasons for leaving and I joined in to debate her motives for what I thought was bashing of my livelihood and what was giving me my own health back.  I didn't attack her but made strong arguments questioning her motives and protecting my own interest and need to believe that she couldn't be right, I mean how could she; how could I even entertain the idea of her being correct and still stay the course in the direction that meant so much to me, was my hopes for a guaranteed future with a company I promoted avidly.

I was defensive, I pretty much accused her of self serving motives and even said with confidence that I would come on that very post and recant my statements if she could prove these accusations to me.  The letters began piling into my mailbox from various people also experiencing symptoms ranging from migraines, blurry vision, kidney issues, thyroid issues, hair thinning and loss, abdominal pains, skin conditions and more.  Some still with the company and promoting but off the products, which made me really question my own motives for denying any of this could be true.  I decided to go outside of the company for answers and enlisted the help of a good friend who knows a lot about additives, preservatives and toxins in our food supply.  I asked him if he would read over the ingredients in one of the products, the main product; the shake.  He shared with me that nothing in the shake was anything he would put in his body, shared the issues with claims on non gmo soy, pointed out that there was three listings of soy, two saying non gmo and one not.  He also told me that three of the ingredients were of a higher concern to him and suggested I do my homework; that I will find the answers I am looking for.

The three ingredients are patented protease from aminogensodium caseinate and dicalcium phosphate.   I spent hours reading article after article on all three and found out that sodium caseinate is another name for MSG's and more.  I read on to see the side effects of these ingredients matched those told to me in the many letters I received from people sharing their stories with me, I read for hours and I sat sick to my stomach and cried for more hours as I did immediately what was the right course of action for me.  I resigned from "The Company", wrote a letter to my entire downline and customer base telling them the truth of why I resigned and wrote my upline to inform them I had left the company and my team.

This decision was not made lightly, it was one of the hardest to make I cut my income completely off with that phone call to "the Company" and didn't know how I was going to pay my rent and eat.  I was leaving a team of people I love and considered family and friends who helped me to get this 96 pounds off and become a better me.  I had no idea that some of those I agonized over leaving would turn on me the way they did and the games began.  At first some in my upline came at me from a position of care and concern being me I honestly shared with them my plans to move forward in network marketing and the company I was considering going with and researching being an all organic line of products not limited to a diet line but a whole line of products to promote toxic free organic living for the entire household.  Laundry detergents that would do no damage to the water supply when washed down the drain, tooth paste with no chemicals of fluoride in it and so much more.

Some pretended to care about me as they tried to sway me to leave network marketing all together saying I would not do well leaving, offers were made to help me make this transition.  Once they realized I was not going to take their advice attacks against the new company I was going to promote began and much discouragement for me going public with my honest reasons for leaving the company.  I was told so many things and played with by some people I loved, admired and trusted and in the end realized that only my heart was worth listening to and did what was best for me and signed up with my new company.

At that point thing got a little worse, I was getting hate mail from some in "The Company" and all kinds of bs thrown my way so I did what I do, I made a video and went public and made my case and truth known.  That is just how I roll, many accused me of being ungrateful after the Vi Community being so generous to me; ironic as I served that community with a servants heart the entire time I was there and now was being told I am burning bridges by people who have gone from company to company yet had no understanding of me doing so.

This industry felt like sharks waters and I am a dolphin and choose to stay one, becoming a shark is not in me and never will be.  I decided to stick to my integrity and do what I know is right and had no idea what would happen next.  What did happen in the last 24 hours has shocked and amazed me.  For every single person that hated on me 20 emerged to support me, several to join me and so many to applaud me even if they themselves have no plans of leaving the company.  What has changed in the past 24 hours is my realization of why I was getting all this discouragement, I had no idea how many would join me, follow me and realized that they weren't caring for me, they were protecting themselves they didn't care about me they were scared of me and losing money.

Let me be clear that I am not upset, I understand.  When I first read that post I was defensive, I accused my now friend Kayla the woman who first planted the seed that grew in truth and Tracy of self serving motives.  I since apologized to them both and made some great new alliances with women of courage who stand up for what is right even if they have to stand alone.  I met my new Sponsor at Essante Organics Renee and formed a life long bond with a woman of such like beliefs and courage to do what is right.  A new path for me emerged and I am not mad at The Company, My Team, or anyone for any of this.  I am so excited I get to move on with pride and my Integrity Intact to promote a company that is part of a worldwide movement for change for us all.

I still love them all and know it is hard to admit that we should even question our current means of supporting our families, denial when fueled by necessity to pay the bills, the mortgage and put food on the table is powerful fuel.  I get that.  I myself would rather eat dog food and live out of my truck than stand up and tell one more person to drink a shake that is causing side effects.  Just today someone wrote me to call me irresponsible for saying MSG's were in our shakes so I sent them the Google links stating otherwise.

Another wrote me to warn me about talking to her organization about my reasons for leaving The Company and I explained I have gone after no one, and anyone who comes to me will get the truth if asked why I left.  I reminded her that she would do the same, this is network marketing and she blocked me and said everyone else would too.  I am not even mad at her she is protecting her interest at a cost worth doing so to her.  I am me she is her and our paths our own.

Someone close to me in my own upline called me a hypocrit for being a smoker and trying to go organic, I said "Really" that is funny just last week you and I spoke about me trying so hard to quit this 30 year habit and you understood now you are taking low blows at me and being mean like this?"  We aren't in high school anymore people, seriously.  Respect my path as mine, respect my choice to switch companies like you have done so in the past.  The Company is not the mafia we can get out if we want to last time I checked.

I was hurt by the stuff being thrown at me and confused as I know these very people have switched companies before.  I was contacted by several who have left and told about their own hurtful stories of friends turning on them and even saying bad things on their pages in public about them, it made me sadder to have been a part of a community that could turn like that but so proud I left and stood my ground.  Especially when so many who are still there reached out to extend understanding, love and friendship.

Then today this letter arrived in my inbox from my dear friend Kevin who joined me in this new exciting venture with our new company.  Kevin gave me permission to post this.  Thank you Kevin, tears run down my face as I read this again and thank God for bringing you Liz and LG into my life.  They are three blessed souls who took Marley for me while I travel and pursue my dreams, now our dreams.

JoJo Williams,

Hello JoJo, I just wanted to write and thank you so much for being such an amazing person. You have not only touched the lives of thousands already. When I found out the direction you are going in and your reasons why as you know LIZ and I went all in because of how you handle yourself with morals and ethics that you don't find in many. We are hear to help you be successful as well in our new business adventure that WILL CHANGE LIVES for as many people as we can possible reach. I feel honored to finally have an opportunity to work with you personally on the same team. I loved my previous company as you know I have them tattooed on my forearm. Point of this is you touch lives with your heart soul and spirit like know one I've ever been in business with. Not for the money that can be made but for the people you help find there inner strength and develop into that butterfly that's been waiting however long to come out of it's cocoon. I don't think I've ever felt so sure of anything in my whole life that my family is now in the right place in our lives and our power of association with each other is going to do some great things with some great people that we know already and will come to know in the future. Your connection to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit Earth, Peace and Love is what is so attractive to be partnered up with you. I think you are the leader both Liz and I need to be following and learning from Hand in Hand, Shoulder to Shoulder, Knee Cap to Knee Cap. I didn't really do much research on the company because I knew if you were in that you HAD ALREADY DOTTED YOUR I's and Crossed your T's that you would never present me with anything that wasn't of ethics and moral value that is best for those of us who think and believe in the same ideas and principals. Liz watched one video and I've never seen her glow with excitement like this ever about being involved in this industry and with healthy living as the foundation. God has brought us together in so many ways that I can't say enough how wonderful inside I have been feeling since making the choice to follow you. I'm sure in my heart and soul that this was all supposed to play out like this. We were chosen to be together to create an amazing life of sharing and care for those with love without compromising our integrity, dignity, or ethics in which we work with others. As a friend and side to side partner in our past I looked up to you, Liz looked up to you we admired your passion your love to get in with your team and work directly with them to help them see there potential and reach for the stars and accomplish there goals before yours. That is the kind of leadership I want to be apart of. That's the type of people we want to associate with and resonate with. I think you are the leader to help and teach my beautiful bride to be how to become a success in this industry for the right reasons and with the right coaching from her leader. For me my why seeing you become the most amazing leader in the world when it comes to helping other to see Liz be able to have the piece of mind that if something were ever to happen to me that she would be in your loving caring hands to help her never have to worry about putting food on the table for her daughter a roof over her head heat and water. For her to gain the freedom to be able to walk away from her Job at some point so that she can be a stay at home mom that isn't on welfare or out of work with no means to support herself. I know that if I'm not here to protector her that as long as she has you she will be ok. As for my own goals simple I just want to see others succeed money will never by my object if it comes so be it. I've never been about money I'm about developing relationships with people with good intent positive influences, spiritual bliss that god gives for being a servant to his purpose which is doing for God not myself. I gave my life to God and now look what's happened I'm now working with you not beside even though I know you were there for me on the side. I definitely know now that working with you under you will help me become the best leader of others it will polish my skills and help me grow. I want to thank you for taking the chances you have with Liz and I being that we haven't been as successful as you are. The love you have shown us when we have struggled or been down is second to none period. I have had more personal conversations of value and authenticity then with any of my previous leaders in the industry. I have worked with some amazing leaders and some people that have just crushed businesses out there but none have ever gotten to know me like you have and for that I thank you. I want to work hard for you I want to be a star for you I want to take on the world with you. So in closing I leave you with some lyrics to a song that grounds me moves me and make me think of you us our team and all the people we are going to help.

I'm not search the sky's for a reason to live 
cause I've found beauty right here and a passion to give.
so let me give you my heart, so let me give you my tears 
so let me give you my why, and let me give you my fears

This is what one love is all about you JoJo Williams you are ONE LOVE that everyone on earth needs a little piece of. Thanks again for everything and we will RISE ABOVE THE NOISE no matter what or who thinks about our choice. 

Kevin Foster

I have never felt so proud to have someone in my life as I do this moment, Kevin you are a talented writer the emotion in your words just makes my heart smile and my soul sing, I love you my brother.

Today is a new day, my Journey continues.  I have a goal of becoming a motivational speaker.  In my dreams I will earn the money in this industry and with the proceeds from my book to offer free seminars across the world to teach people how to love themselves, overcome their fears with love and create the future of their dreams.  This is my dream and you get to watch me make it come true, some of you get to be a huge part of that and I am so blessed to have you along for this great ride.

I love you all from a place of knowing this has all been great times on this journey and more are to come in healing us all as a whole.

One Love
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