Friday, January 11, 2013

Laughing @ Myself!

So I am sitting here at my desk this morning laughing at myself in "My Self" mirror.  You know, that same mirror I have had this whole journey, the one I talk to myself in all the time.  When I doubt myself or want to go back to feeling sorry for me, being a victim of my own doubts and fears again I look in "My Self" mirror and work it out.

Love Your "Self"
This morning I am on top of the world.  I woke up to pictures of stairs across the world from my awesome friends on Facebook.  I have been in chat making stair climbing plans for Hawaii, haha.  I have the best friends in the world now and love it.  I looked across my desk and my mirror was looking at me and I noticed these cute cheek bones and jaw line I haven't seen in some years and started laughing out loud.  I had one of those really rockin moments with myself looking in that mirror.  The realization that I am coming back, the real me is emerging from behind the layers of fat I sheltered myself with to protect me, to punish me.

Even more exciting is that I am gaining more and more independence.  I moved my trailer yesterday all by myself.  Literally hooked her up, pulled her to a new park, unhooked her, leveled and stabilized her, hooked up all my water, electric and plumbing and even pulled my heavy stairs out of the back of my truck all by myself.

I was blessed to have love and help from some awesome people when I couldn't
do it all myself, today I am blessed that those people believed in me and helped
me to believe in myself.  I love you all for helping me get here today!
Over the course of this Journey I have had much help along the way with each move I made, help being pulled when I didn't even have my own vehicle to tow me, help hooking up, unhooking, packing, unpacking.  I love and appreciate all that help.  Even more I love and appreciate that today I can do it for myself.  It is the best feeling to know that I can take care of me again.  I don't need to ask others to do stuff like pack for me, shoot to keep it real I don't have to ask others to help me put my shoes and socks on or wear flip flops all the time because I don't want to have to ask.  That is how bad it got.

I don't miss that wheelchair!!!
I have been working out every day in the gym, I know I should probably take a day off but I can't I love it there, it has become an addiction, the best addiction I have ever had, haha.  And I especially love that I get to work out with the TTO RYDAS, My Team!  Having my daughters and friend by my side is amazingly inspiring.  The other night me and my girls went shopping at Trader Joes after a great Challenge Party in Roseville.  I love that my daughters stand in the isles reading ingredients, asking questions about what is healthiest to buy.  I love that their children (My Grandbabies) are also eating healthier.  I remember when they thought that they couldn't buy healthier foods because their families wouldn't want no part in it, haha.

We as women are the ones who feed our families, we have a very important role in shaping the future of our families health by setting an example of choices, healthy choices.  We tell ourselves that our families won't want to eat healthy, that story is one we create and an example that we set as we are mostly the ones who do the shopping, cooking and serving in our homes.  Changing the story we tell ourselves and the example we set for our loved ones is the beginning in changing the future of our families health.
Mrs. Independent

Seeing that happen first hand and knowing I helped it is the best feeling in the whole world.  We are all getting our lives back, giving our families better health for a longer life.  A life they can live with better choices because we made better choices and stopped telling ourselves we were stuck in the choices we made in the past.

Today is going to be a great day, I feel it in my bones, my aching bones, haha.  Let me just say that as sore as I am from pushing myself it felt way worse to be dependent on others, to ride that handicap cart and to have no real hope for a better future for myself.

I love you all from a place of celebration for cheekbones and healthy choices for my family and yours!

One Love
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