Saturday, January 19, 2013

To Be Continued...

Since my last post I have gotten so much encouragement and support from so many of you in facing my fears and finishing my book.  I want to say a very heart felt thank you to those of you who have reached out to tell me that you do not care about my past and reminded me we all have one. Some of you sent the most tear flowing support and stories of your own journeys of self love, I really had no idea that I have had that huge of an impact on some of you by being so honest about my own fears and facing them.  You sharing that with me has helped in more ways than I can now express to you with what I am facing right now.

I heard you when you told me to not be scared to share it, I had been telling "Self" that all along but this little part of me is gluten for punishment and doesn't want the rest of me to know my worth and continue forward. You helped me deal with that little part of me with your encouragement to share my whole story now.

I was asked today to also take place in a in a book project by a dear friend and like minded woman who has been a source of support to me over this journey since we connected on Facebook.  She sits on the Board of Directors of the Heal My Voice Foundation and was asked to think of women who might be inspired to join in one of their upcoming book projects.  There are two book circles beginning now and they will continue through 2013.The books will be published late fall or in December.  I was so honored that they asked me to be included in the creating of these books with my own voice and even more so reminded of how valuable my voice is, even when I am scared to share it or speak my truth.  Thank you Jamie for thinking of me and reaching out, I am very excited about being a part of this project and so grateful for our talk today and your presence in my life.  I like you agree that our connection on Facebook was for a great reason, you have been a source of support and encouragement to me for months now with your posts, our connections and your shinning spirit.  I love you.

I have learned this past year that I am strong enough, worthy enough to face anything put in my path, past, present and future.  I have learned this past week that sometimes we have to leave our past right there, in the past.  Some things and people are never meant to be a part of our present or our future.  Some things happened this week that reminded me how important it is to listen to my instincts, to trust my souls voice.  I also realized that by still holding onto parts of the past I carry them into my present and relive the pain and welcome more of the same back into my life.  Because of that I am ready and owe someone who knows who they are a very big debt of gratitude for helping me to see that NOTHING is worth holding onto and NOTHING is to scary to face.  I have no shame, none worth keeping anyways.  It is time to speak my truth.

Of the many roads we travel on, none are to rough a road for our soul to bear.  Life is a series of experiences meant to teach us who we truly are and bring us to our inner truth.  Travel lightly even when the burdens seem to heavy to bear, they are but a feather in the hands of our true self.  ~Lelania

I will be taking a break from daily blogging until my book is finished.  I will update my Challenge tab as my fitness goals are a daily passion of mine now and not something I need to take a break on.  My feelings and emotions, facing my fears and who I have been and what I have allowed to happen in my life with my choices is something I need to save my energy and writing for to finish my first book, it is almost done and now is the time to finish it and face the parts I avoided so I can move onto a current chapter in my life, my second book.

I have added all of the emails addresses of those of you who sent me out such love and support to my announcement list, I will send you all an autographed fist copy as my way of saying thank you for helping me to remember that I GOT THIS! Anyone else who would like to be on that list please email me at and I will make sure you also are the first to know of my upcoming release date.

I will never know how little ole me managed to get over 80 Countries to visit this blog other than to think that my feelings about us learning to be honest and share our feelings, fears, struggles and triumphs were good feelings.  I cannot thank you all enough for joining me on this Journey that continues as I am still learning and still growing, I realized recently I still have far to go.  In fact I think that is the point, life is a journey not a destination.  If I had it all figured out I wouldn't need to be here anymore, wink.

I love you all from a place of courage to face this next place on my Journey of self love and healing, a place of readiness to share the past so that I can move on and embrace my future.  I need to do this to face this fear of what others think and know I am okay afterwards and I hope in doing so I can continue to help others to also let go of the things we hold onto, the things we think we have to hide that eat away at us.  I love you all from a place of believing that if we all let go of our fears with love we can see how connected and One we truly are.  Thank you for your love and support.

One Love, Lelania Pin It

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