Sunday, January 13, 2013

We All Have The Same Opportunities!!!

I have learned this past year that we all have the same opportunities. In the past I used to look at people who "HAD IT" and think they were lucky or caught a break or were better than me.

I didn't know that I had the same opportunities as they did. I thought I had it rougher, tougher than they did. 

What I realized this past year of challenging myself is that they were different than me in one way.... They didn't think anyone had it better than them, they didn't look at what others had at all. They just knew what they wanted and were determined to go get it, to never quit till they reached the goals they set.

The mind is a powerful thing, our thoughts determine our actions. If we spend our time looking at others in comparison we never challenge ourselves to be the best us we can be. There will always be greater and lesser persons than ourselves in life but we all have the same opportunities in life, some of us just have to work a little harder than others and those of us who have to work harder the most blessed in the end.

Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do.
No one ever succeeded in life by quitting and no one every succeeded at anything in life by never starting.  For me the biggest realization came in the understanding that I am the only one responsible for my emotions, responsible for my perception of the world around me.  Through gaining responsibility for how I felt about myself and life and all that has happened to me I also learned that we all have the same opportunities in life.  I realized that I was bringing more drama and hardship into my life by focusing on what drama and hardship was already there.

I couldn't see the blessings by focusing on the burdens.  I found myself a lot of times saying "why me".  It's funny how replacing little thoughts like "why me" that are so huge in what we get in life with thoughts like "why not me" can change so much.

Solutions Next Exit

Initially these changes take time, take practice.  Eventually they become instant, if I feel bad I can say to myself... "I choose how to feel" and then choose to feel better right then and there.  In any situation we can stop at any time and exit stage left, leaving the drama center stage all by itself as we skip off happily towards solution alley!

When we take responsibility for our thoughts we also take responsibility for our actions.  Bad thoughts lead to bad actions, for example in the past I have never believed in revenge; however if someone hurt me I would hurt myself more because focusing on the bad feelings instead of choosing better ones I had to hurt someone.  When we hold onto bad feelings we have to find a way to release the steam that rises from them.  Some lash out, some act passive aggressively, we all find a way to blow off that steam.  Today I blow it off by choosing a better thought and healing the bad one with love.  

Life Seriously Rocks
I really liked the book "The Four Agreements".  The  second agreement is not to take things personally.  I have a long past of taking a lot of stuff personally.  That happens when we have a low self esteem and not so much love for ourselves. Self doubt is a big hurdle in life and can stop us from taking advantage of all the opportunities around us each day.  Today I see opportunities everywhere, actually I create opportunities for myself daily, smile.

Challenges are blessings, opportunities are everywhere when you have a "I CAN" mindset. 

I love you all from a place of Loving Life, full of Gratitude for all that today has to offer.  Today is going to be a magnificent day!

One Love
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