Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Before you go on a diet...

Understand what is happening with those fat cells!

What I have learned about "FAT CELLS" since learning about "ALKALIZING" my body.

I have learned some pretty awesome things about fat cells, specifically why and how they are created.  I always just thought fat was the excess of what we ate, or stored for back up kinda like a camel stores water for a dry day.

Education is the first step in beginning a healthy weight loss plan,
know what is going on inside your body!
There is much more going on than the storing of fat cells for energy.  In fact those fat cells we despise so much are really saving our lives while also damaging our health and our lives too.  It really is a double edged sword if you ask me.  Over all what I am about to share with you taught me that what we put into our bodies has a much larger impact than a large waste line.

When our bodies are in an acidic state a lot of bad stuff can happen, to us.  For example An acid state also hinders the thyroid and adrenal glands from producing metabolizing hormones that pumps up your metabolism to burn fat. Both of these conditions, fat storage and inactive or impaired thyroid, can wreak havoc on the body and put the pounds on. Not only is fat stored in the fat cells but the acid is also stored there to prevent it from doing damage to tissues and organs.

So all that acid and the damage it can do is stored in our fat cells to protect out organs.  Other toxins are stored in fat cells for this same reason.  Fat cells are our bodies way of protecting our organs.

This also means that when we lose weight those toxins are released and do have to pass through our organs to leave our system.  It is super important to drink a lot of distilled water during weight loss to flush our systems and juicing with detox juices is not a bad idea, there are several great recipes that detox the liver specifically that help these toxins pass quickly.

When you are losing weight quick say with a meal replacement shake it is really important to make sure you are alkalizing your body to help prevent some of the damages that can happen when these toxins are released into your system for exiting.  Super important to make sure you drinking enough distilled water and putting less chemicals and toxins in your system, you are already releasing stored toxins; adding more toxins to you system on top of that can do much damage.

Obese people are living in a very toxic state.  I know we want to look good and fit into those skinny jeans.  We must educate ourselves on what is going on inside of us and make our reasons for getting the pounds off about our total health first and appearance secondary.

5 reasons to drink lemon water...
1. Clear skin, 2. Aid digestion, 3. Promote healing,
4. Alkalize the body, 5. support the immune function.
There are several ways to get alkalized.  You can change your shopping habits, start buying alkalized foods, drink more water, lemon water is a great way to alkalize and I suggest using a straw to lesson the damages to your teeth.  On contact lemon is acidic during digestion it alkalizes.  Also rinsing whit distilled water after drinking any juice or sugar beverage helps to protect the enamel on your teeth.

Essante Organics Supreme pH Drops

You can also go the more convenient route and get you some pH drops, these are super easy to use and can be put in any beverage you drink so that you can still enjoy things like coffee that create acid in your body.

Essante Organics Greens Powder
Essante Organics
Earth Greens Powder
I prefer to do it all.  I shop and eat with alkalizing as a goal now.  I use the Essante Organics supreme pH. drops in my beverages.  I start my day off right with a Essante Organics 7.365 pH balanced shake.  Use the Essante Organics Reds and Greens powders throughout the day along with the Bee tabs and eat a healthy balance of foods that keep me alkalized.  I drink tons of water now and I juice once or twice a week now to cleanse my liver and kidneys to assure I am helping flush all those toxins in my system out quickly.  I stay away from artificial toxins, sweeteners and additives and eat as much whole, real, organic foods as possible.

I am noticing that aside from weight loss I am full of natural energy.  My mind is clearer, sharper and my short term memory is on point.  I am overall just feeling pretty happy these days and that rocks!  No more mood swings, I had no idea how much all those artificial sweeteners, msg's and other chemicals in my food impacted my moods.  For years I was on prescription drugs for depression and anxiety and what my doctor should have told me was to change my diet.  They always told me to lose weight as if it were that simple but never broke down all this stuff to me and the dangers that are associated with weight loss, losing weight can be as dangerous as gaining it if we are not flushing those toxins out as the release from our fat cells.

It is all part of the the Journey to health.  I advise educating yourself, read everything you can get your hands on.  Learn what is going on inside your body so you can work with your body not against it.

I love you all from a place of joy for all this new stuff I am learning and gratitude for the opportunity to share it with you as I go.  How exciting we get to learn all this together and get our bodies healthy as one.

For more information on the products I use in combination with eating whole, real organic foods visit my website at HERE.

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