Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I want to be just like me when I grow up...

Having done so many things wrong in life and learned so many valuable lessons from doing so I have gained the knowing that failure is our claim to fame.  Sound crazy? I know, think about it; really think about it for a minute.

What drives us, what stops us dead in our tracks?  Fear does both.  Fear when real creates a fight or flight momentum in us.  Facing our fears we realize their powerlessness over us and use them to excel forward.  Holding onto fear creates something totally different, it halts progress and dampens our confidence in any area of our lives.

Fear of failure is powerful.  Acceptance of failure is far more powerful than the fear of it is.  In fact embracing failure is where we find the true blessings of each failure and learn, grow and excel at overcoming our fears and finding our niche.  Our niche is ourselves, our confidence to do it all, to fail and to succeed with the knowing that failure is the blessings that enable us to reach success.

When we realize this we gain something really magical and really true.  We gain the understanding and form the belief that failure is great and the journey becomes a series of lessons, a compilation of situations that build character.  If failure is not a fear we won't need to sell out, compromise ourselves to avoid it we won't need to justify going against our true selves just to avoid failing.

Be confident.  Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others
and wishing to be something we aren't.  Everybody has their own strengths
and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are
and aren't that you will truly succeed.
I used to think I wanted to be like someone else when I grew up.  I looked at others and saw how I wanted to be.  As I have faced fear after fear, owned my failures and learned the value in them I have come to realize that all those I looked up to while great models in so many ways were not me, I cannot be them, nor do I want to be them.  I just want to be me, a really great me.  Today I want to be just like me when I grow up and I want that growth to be mine, good growth.  I want to look back one day and know I did it my way, the right way, a way I can honestly feel good about and have the confidence that I could go back to square one and do it all over again.

I want to be the type of leader who has a following of leaders who want to be just like themselves when they grow up, not like me.  I want to teach people who trust me and look to me for success to learn to trust themselves and look toward themselves for success.  I am leading myself toward my future knowing that each step of the way is even more valuable than the destination I seek to reach and want to give that feeling of complete gratitude to all those who are attracted to me.  I want to share how I gained my confidence in life to do the right things to get the things I want and teach others to value more how we gain than what we gain.

I want to be the type of person who never loses site of the truth that it is in our struggles and facing our fears that we are a success, the rewards are merely a bonus that we can truly enjoy most when we have traded nothing but time and hard work to attain them.

You can go to work on yourself to make yourself into the kind of person you admire and respect.
One of my favorite people 'Jeffery Combs' posted a deep comment this morning that moved me.  One part in particular really resonated with me..

"When you let go of what you perceive to be "your security" you will have to perform without a net. This is not difficult, it is new and will require discipline, courage and a relaxed sense of urgency. Be patient, the price you pay is worth the payoff."

I realized when reading that statement that I am not living life with a safety net anymore, I have outgrown my training wheels and moved on to a greater place on my path, a place of being enough for me.  Being my own security blanket, what matters most is who I am not what I gain.  In that I have discovered a secret I didn't know about success in the past.  I didn't know that if I live valuing who I am over what I gain I am already a success and have the courage and confidence to achieve anything.  I realized that we cannot gain security by being afraid to feel insecure.

Jeffery you rock my friend.  Many days I have learned much from you and our conversations have always left me learning more about being the best me I can be.  Not once have you ever taught me to be you, you have in the short time we have become friends taught me to be me, thank you for that.  You are a great leader, your dedication to teaching others to grow their own wings and spread them and fly even if they fly away from you makes you amazing and brilliant to me.

I love you all from a place of gratitude for all that is happening right now, for pride for letting the safety net go and following my heart toward a future that I am already proud of because of how I am getting there not because of who I will be when I arrive, I am already her today; just a younger version.

One Love

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