Monday, February 25, 2013

On the road again...

Ya'll know plans with me change like the wind, I am flexible and adaptable to change, that is the key to life I have learned.

A new adventure is unfolding on my Journey.  I am going to get all the way outside of my comfort zone and really get in touch with others, explore new places and develop relationships with the ever growing Team One Love by getting up close and personal with our team.

I have been making plans behind the scenes with members of Team One Love.  I am so excited to get this show on the road and take my Journey and Team Work to a whole new level.

I am putting my trailer in storage for an extended period of time and going to be traveling around the Country to work directly with my team.  I will be staying at their homes for 28 days at a time to really get to know the people I work with, get to know their friends and family, develop a bond, become family and help them promote what they love.  We will be working together to develop our strengths and overcome our blocks and weaknesses together.  It takes 28 days to break old habits in thinking and actions and create new habits.

I will be blogging all of my travels and experiences as I travel, all this is so exciting.  When I am done traveling I plan on making Arizona my home base for a while.  I am also getting a passport as I have friends in the UK and other Countries abroad who are getting involved in this movement for organic living in our new company and want to know everyone, explore everywhere.  This is all so exciting and for me what this is all about.  Developing relationships and becoming family with those we work with is what matters most to me.  I want more than bonus I want to see those who trust me, join me to succeed and to understand that we are a team, I am not above or below them we are equals and family.

Many from Team One love have signed up to have me as their house guest.  I am mapping my travels, I have some snow ahead of me, haha!  I love small towns and get to see some really small towns at the beginning of this new chapter.  This is going to rock!

One of my favorite quotes is... You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Gandhi
I want to see us all living with love for all of us, working together to build a new world without judgement,  separation and conditioned thinking.  I have learned on this Journey of self realization and love that if I change the world around me changes with me.  This new chapter of change will be a great one I am sure.

I love you all from a place of positive energy and excitement for what lies ahead, filled with gratitude for this opportunity to travel, see new places and build new connections helping others to reach their dreams.  Helping others to believe in themselves and realize their abilities to do anything they set their hearts to is such a rewarding path.

One Love
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