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Returning to a Path of Passion

I have to be 100% honest here, this is part of my story and I need to share some things before I move forward sharing my new direction in this industry on my blog feeling good about it, own some choices I made and the lessons I learned about justifying choices in my own mind.  It is all a learning process, every step of life.  I have learned that is the beauty of it all when we own it, let it go and move forward...

Now this is one of my longer posts, however well worth the read if you are considering entering into network marketing and/or interested in organic living for yourself and our planet.

When I chose Essante Organics my decision was based solely on my desire to get back to an organic path.  In the beginning of my Journey back in January 2012 I started learning about the toxins and chemicals in our food and water supply and stopped buying food with additives/preservatives and gluten in them.  I stopped eating processed foods and retrained myself on how to shop, cook and eat.  I had help along the way from my awesome friends Glenn and Theresa.  It is all documented right here in the entries of this blog.

It is in the moment you admit you are wrong that you
discover how to be right.  A light goes off illuminating the
darkness eliminating the fear of failure. ~ JoJo Williams
I got away from this path for about 6 months by replacing two meals a day with a shake that had artificial ingredients in it, however I still maintained my organic toxic free diet with my one meal and my two snacks and with the ingredients that I added to my shakes.  I lost a lot of weight but I also noticed issues with my skin drying, acne and a lot of eczema break outs.  I didn't make the connection till I stopped putting those additives and chemicals that were in that shake into my body recently.

Honestly when I started on that new diet it wasn't really what I wanted to do.  My Sister who has tried for years to help me live a healthier life and lose wight was using the product and she ordered it for me, it showed up at my door and I was broke to keep it real, so I drank it and I lost about 17 pounds my first two weeks.  I got so excited about the idea that I could lose weight after living obese for years and ending up in a wheelchair, at my top weight I was 430 pounds. I had tried diets but never worked them, they could have worked if I had addressed the issues that were causing the weight.  I got so swept away with my success in my weight loss and ignored the inner voice telling me this was not the right path for my total health and my desire to be better to my body. Being honest I always had this uneasy feeling fully promoting my business on this blog, I felt commercial but dismissed those feelings with the success I had in weight loss and in network marketing telling myself it was a trade off and reminded myself of all the good things happening until I couldn't let that be enough with learning of problems others were having using the product so I quit.  A good portion of my life has been trade offs, justifications for those trade offs and having to admit my wrongs for that and make amends.  I have learned a lot about that on this journey this past year.  I have also learned that old behaviors and habits in thinking being changed are a repeat effort and that is okay.  I understand now that being wrong, making the wrong choices are not all bad and serve just as valuable a purpose as making the right choices if not more at times.  I am so thankful that my little sister got me involved, I don't regret any of it now, and she helped open a door to a new path that is proving to be a great one now.  

I wanted to continue losing weight, however, thought deep and hard on weather or not to continue in network marketing, I honestly got really turned off to the whole thing, the drama that came with me leaving my first company was hurtful and made me ask myself if it was worth it.  I also saw so much of it to be superficial in the end.  The things I was told and believed whole heartily quickly became clear to me.  I realized it was mostly hype.  I was being taught to only listen to those above me, taught that anyone trying to tell me any different about the product or the company were haters, told to rise above the noise.  I didn't realize what I was being taught was also noise, it all is until we filter it and decide for ourselves what to live by and what to rise above.  I realized how much of it is smoke and mirrors and that really turned me off to the whole industry.

I prayed a lot on this, did some serious soul searching and considered that having had only one experience with network marketing I should not be so quick to quit.  Honestly it wasn't all bad, there was so much good and so much I loved about it and the people I worked with even the ones that gave me strife for my choice to leave.  I had formed a belief in the industry and a belief in myself.  I felt so strongly that someone like me with a checkered past and bad credit could really make it in this industry and told myself maybe I should look at all of these feelings before just discounting this industry all together.  I loved the freedom of being my own boss, of knowing my future was in my hands.  I wasn't quite ready to throw that away just yet.

So when I decided I wanted to continue in network marketing I wasn't really concerned with how much money I was going to make.  My goal was to find a product that fit with my passion of getting back to a chemical free life and continuing to one by one to eliminate more of the chemicals and bad habits from my life, my body and the environment and being able to make a decent living and that would be enough, so I chose with my heart as my guide.

I trusted my intuition and found a family within Essante with the most
spiritually driven positive people, I  found a place to call home, do what
I love while building my future.
I had several options of companies to join and some nice offers on the table after putting the word out I was a free agent.  I didn't realize till then that I had gained a high profie image just by being me, keeping it real and helping any who came to me for support weather they made me money or not.  But I wanted to do this one right this time and not regret it later by finding out I was again moving away from my goal to be a better human being all the way around.  So I decided this time I was going to do my own homework and decide for myself: listening to my inner guide and did a lot of praying on it all.  I asked for guidance and I trusted my intuition.  I chose Essante Organics for the product line and because I found a person I really wanted to work with, my new friend Renee whose video I saw just resonated with me, I could feel her genuineness in the video and knew that she and these products were a fit for me.

What I didn't know was what a HUGE opportunity to further my financial freedom this decision would turn out to be.  I didn't know what ground floor meant in network marketing, I do now, haha and I have to say I am just as excited about this as I was about being able to get back to my path of learning to be better to my body and the environment.  Even more so I am excited that I get actually help those who find me to be the right fit for them make money too.  In my previous company this was a big challenge and I felt much frustration and disappointment over not being able to give them the same success I was achieving.

In this realization of how well I can do financially with Essante Organics I was jumping for joy because my ultimate goal is not even to be a leader in network marketing, becoming a leader in this industry can be the vessel to achieving my biggest dreams.  My ultimate goal is to become a motivational speaker in the next five years.  I want to travel around the world and help others learn to heal with love, learn to face their fears, overcome lives challenges and create a life of their dreams.  There was a time in my life that I believed I had done to much wrong to ever be right again.  A time when I thought so little of myself and never believed I deserved love or to love myself.  A time when I believed even God couldn't love someone like me.  Yeah, I thought I was that special, haha.  I am changing all that, today I am making my dreams come true by making the choice to change, to face my fears and heal with love.  Today I know that I was always loved by God, that God is love and in me, I am of God.

I want to do this all for FREE.  I never want to have to charge a person to come to one of my seminars.  I don't want to make a profit off of helping others like me who live in fear, shame, doubt and self hate.  I want to travel and help as many as I can by sharing my story, the power I harness in me more each day in loving myself and changing my life is going to be my gift to the world that I still believe is the most beautiful place and still worth saving.  I believe it is not to late for anyone of us.  We shouldn't give up hope, hope is what will save us.

In order to do that I know I have to make a lot of money in network marketing and my book sales.  So when I realized how much money I can and am making with Essante I was like.. "WOW".  I sat crying the moment it really hit me, I said a huge thank you to my Creator for hearing my prayers for guidance and to myself for making a decision based on what matters most to me, doing good to myself, to others and to our planet.  And at that moment I realized this was my reward for choosing from my heart. 

I have learned that when I don't listen to myself, when I go against my souls intent, reaching my goals is like swimming upstream; a constant battle to try and find a current to carry me.  When I follow my heart, trust my intuition, listen to my inner voice I AM the current.  ~ JoJo Williams

I realized that we don't have to work all our lives doing something we hate, it hit me that we do not have to sell out to get paid the big money.  We don't have to compromise ourselves, our values and our integrity.   I also realized that to stay true to my desire to live with all these things that matter most to me intact didn't have to mean a life of suffering for the sake of suffering either.

Me and Renee ~ Kindred Spirits
These videos me and Renee made together on my last night in Texas give you lots of information on why I chose Essante, the products and breaks down the 6 ways to get paid with Essante Organics as a promoter and the options for joining as a promoter or a customer.  If you know anything about how the big money is made in network marketing than you probably know what I didn't know about getting in ground floor with a company that has a product line that is a movement at the beginning of that movement.

If you are motivated by money you will like the options here, however I ask you to consider this:

I understand that a lot of people in network marketing join to try to find that golden ticket to live the life of their dreams financially.  We believe most of our lives that money equates happiness and are willing to sacrifice happiness to get to that place where we can finally be happy.  Imagine being happy now, not having to give that up for later.   Can you imagine doing that with a product line that actually is going to heal you, your family, the people you promote to and our world as a whole.  When we are doing what we love and see that as happiness we don't have to wait till we have money to be happy.  We understand that true joy is in how we live in the here and now.

I am bringing this up because, we all know that to promote a product in this industry we have to be moved to promote it, money is a motivator yes, but the lack of money can leave those who are in it only for the money frustrated many days.  What if you develop the thought process that money is the side effect of promoting what you love.

Most network marketing companies come up with a product they think is in demand for the sake of profiting off of it, and that is why they use cheap ingredients and fad concepts, it is the whole get rich of profit quick scheme, tons of money is put into advertisements designed to make us think it is so much more because they know to get us motivated to go out and promote their product we must believe in it.  More focus is put into the image than the actual product.  

Essante Organics has taken a different approach in creating a growing product line using only the best organic and certified toxic free ingredients that cost more.  Then taking it a step further they have made the product without damaging the integrity of the product by not processing it with heat and other ways that cost less but compromise the quality of the product..  They spent more money to do it right, to offer something that can change the world because while they want to be a success financially and see all of us do the same their mission includes furthering the movement for green living.  They don't spend a ton of money on hype advertising, they don't have to.  They don't spend a ton of money on paid endorsers, they don't have to.  The product line speaks for itself there is no need for the smoke and mirrors, it is a true product that can truly help on every level.

And they are not owned by some big money corporation who has the final say on what is what with a motive of profit being a first concern.  Essante Organics is owned by the guys who created it.  The guys who worked in this industry for years, paid their dues, made their millions and decided to invest that in a whole new concept in network marketing; offering a real product and compensation plan designed to get a return on their investment, make a profit of course all while allowing those of us who join to make good money too.  The company and us all get the biggest reward in promoting change, going green, helping improve life for us all and the money being a big happy bonus of that.

Congratulations Kevin, working with you has
been such a blessing, you remind me daily
that this is my path and my reward for staying
true to my souls intent.
Imagine being a part of something so huge, so honorable and making a good living doing so.  We all have to make a living and so few of us get to do so doing what we truly love in our lifetime but it doesn't have to be that way. Here we have both and that is in itself inspiration and motivation on so many levels.

I have to say that everyone of the many amazing people who have joined Team One Love so far are already seeing the benefits of doing this for the right reasons.  Liz and Kevin hit Gold level in under three weeks and several are steps away from doing the same.  This amazing couple has been in several companies and had limited success, mostly endured struggle and frustration but didn't give up.  We are all lucky they didn't they are simply amazing and now that they have found their own passion they are moving mountains in a very short time.

I have gotten so much feedback from them all on what is different about being a part of Essante and they all say that they feel pure passion for this cause, even those who didn't join because they wanted to go Organic like my friend Jeff have adapted a whole new thought system on the benefits of going organic after using the products and are amazed at how easy it is to share something you genuinely believe in with all your heart and soul.

Congratulations Liz, I love you so much
watching you find your passion and
blossom has given me such inspiration.
The moral of this story is that if we live life doing what we believe in, what truly makes us feel good about who we are and not what we have and let that be our focus we CAN HAVE IT ALL.  If we live our life sacrificing the things that matter most to us we may get the money, sure lots of dishonest greed driven people are rich but at what cost? I mean really in the end we can't take it with us.  I think if those people really understood that they didn't have to compromise personal success for financial success they would do what they love too and have it all.  At the end of the day all we have are collective memories and hopefully a sense of decency.  It is never to late to change course and set sail in a direction that feeds your spirit as well as your bank account.  I'm just saying.  I love ya'll and am here to tell you that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

We can have it all and live a life full on all levels, have time to spend with our families rest comfortable at night knowing we are learning to be responsible for our part in healing our world, ourselves and setting an example that is spreading and becoming the new way of life for us all.  This is a  movement.

Forging My Path
Learning to love me means walking a path trusting myself to let go of the need for the external things that conditioned thinking taught me mattered more than who I am and letting who I am be all that matters.  Today I understand that I don't have to sacrifice any of it.  ~JoJo Williams

Renee and I have an instant connection, we finally got to meet in person while I was in Texas for my Fathers funeral.  Meeting in person strengthened our bond ten fold, this new friend of mine is like an old lost friend from ages ago who I missed for very long, it is great to meet someone and feel like you already know them.

We had lots of fun making videos together and have a lot of plans to do more videos and some other great ideas.  Our missions and dreams are so similar and we share a common passion for living authentically.

The Renee and JoJo Show Intro

Alkalize that Body 

Does Essante test their products on Animals?

Essante Organics Compensation Plan   
6 ways to get Paid

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