Thursday, March 7, 2013


I woke up excited, the moment my eyes opened I began smiling, laughing even.  I felt energized, alive and full of gratitude.  I knew it was going to be a great day.  I made some coffee, dropped my pH drops in and began sipping. While making my coffee I felt as if someone was thinking of me, a happy, joyous thought that quickly was confirmed as my phone beeped and I saw I had a message on Facebook from a friend on the East Coast, she said to call her when I was up, she was ready to do this!

I sat down, dialed her number as the clock barley passed 5am and spent then next hour in uplifting conversation with a most amazing woman who I have come to know recently who reached out to me.  We have been talking mostly while we are driving as we both enjoy talking in traffic.  I have had the blessing of being able to listen to her as she shares her life with me, her struggles, her joys, her pains, doubts, fears, courage, hopes, wishes, passion.  I have had the honor of her trust in me, and the joy of being able to do the same in sharing with her.

Karen Salmansohn is an amazing woman who inspires others daily.
Check out here website, she is a source of inspiration to me.
I am really in the space of allowing today, all days recently.  After a year of practicing the art of being in gratitude for it all, the good, the bad and the guilt we carry and refer to as "the ugly" I have learned that is all serves me, serves all of us.  I have learned that by viewing it all from the eyes of a child, looking upon my past with wonder and excitement for what it has taught me, I no longer view it as "My Mistakes" or "My Achievements" it has all built my character, crafted the woman I am here and now.

I have learned the power of having a heart of attitude for life, all of life, especially the struggles I have endured.  Now I have begun to practice the art of allowing.  Allowing all that I have wished for, all that I have dreamed of, all that I have asked for.  Allowing it all to come to me, with gratitude in my heart for it already being here.  I feel as if I have all I need at all times, in that true belief that I am abundant now I am allowing abundance to come.  I am allowing it in a whole different way than I could have anticipated it to come.

I am a HOLISTIC entrepreneur
I am no longer asking for anything for myself other than the joy of seeing others realize their dreams and ambitions come to them.  I have spent the past week meditating for others, asking for others.  I have turned my positive visualizations outward and begun imagining for others, imagining peace, love, abundance, confidence, gratitude, strength, courage being theirs.  I am learning what it really means to be a servant driven leader.  Learning the blessings of doing for others before myself.  This is a true release, one of the biggest gifts I could ever give myself I am realizing.  I am full, abundant and joy in all moments that I wish for it all for others.

Over the past 24 hours I have seen my visions come true before my eyes.  With the wonder and amazement of a child's heart I have felt the lesson given to me in seeing this all happen.  I am on cloud nine right now, full of love and light, full of gratitude for the ability to allow this all to happen.  It is effortless, that is the key.  Effortless Allowing!

After talking to my friend on the East Coast for over an hour, next I was blessed with my little sister ringing my phone.  The next hour was spent in love with my one person who has always been  with me on this journey.  She and I share a bond unbreakable, a knowing of our connection that transcends this human experience.  Next my dear friend Donny called and the flow of blessings carried on for the next two hours as we talked and shared an exchange of energy and joy for life that helped us both on so many levels.  I was given the answer to my question about a post I have wanted to share about a recent experience that I feel should be shared, my logical mind has held me back out of fear of what others will think.  My heart encouraging me to share it, share my truth as I know in my soul someone out there needs to hear it.  I was given the answer my heart was telling me all along.  I will share this experience very soon.

The day has flowed effortlessly with laughs, tears, heart felt connections, additions to Team One Love that have taken to instant bonding on levels that none of us even feel the need to question.  There is a knowing happening as we all see the world around us changing and know we are in some way, a big way part of that change.  Jeff filled my morning with laughter, hope and gratitude.  He made a video I have to share so that you can get a piece of him and see what awesomeness I am blessed to be teamed up with in business and in life. Jeff's Awesome Video  it takes a day to update on Youtube so that I can embed it here.  Just follow the link.

Renee posted a video the other day of her and I having fun, thought you might enjoy this too, we are having so much fun, all of us.  I am seeing that this is how it supposed to be, this is what life is supposed to be, fun & joy for life.  I cannot express here how I feel about the connections I am making.  I can only say that I feel the most amazing sense of constant pure light flowing through me, pure source energy healing all that was broken in me.  I AM Healed.  I keep repeating those words throughout my day, my mind, body and spirit are healing and I am walking my path with intent, with gratitude.  I am allowing all that I have dreamed of to come true.

Today's message I want to share with the world is this... Allow It!  All of it!  Breath in, breath out and allow it all to flow with the knowing that all you wish for, dream of and hope for is here, express gratitude for your life, all of it, with the knowing it all serves you and all you need is love.  You are healing. Allow yourself to heal.  We are writing a new story, the old one served us then, it serves us no more.  Time to allow it to heal and move on writing our new story.  The pages are blank and you are the author of your future, embrace now and allow.

I love you all from a place of allowing.  And gratitude for being able to share that with you here.

One Love
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