Saturday, March 30, 2013

Change of Plans

One of the things I have learned along the way on this Journey is that change is okay.  Going with the flow makes life so much more exciting and a lot less frustrating.

While I was scheduled to be in Olathe, Kansas with Lisa for a few more weeks, we both said goodbye this morning with tears in our eyes as I boarded the train to head to Mckenzies in Keokuk, Iowa.  An unexpected and unavoidable situation in Lisa's life changed plans for us and here I sit less than 24 hours later on the train.

Now this is a scene I don't see everyday,  haahaa
The sky is cloudy, so the view is not the best.  However, I am still enjoying seeing new lands I have never seen before.  It will be interesting to see how different things begin to look on my travels by train between stops as the seasons change this year.  I can tell you that everything I am seeing resembles nothing of the West Coast so yeah, it is all new, haha.

Mckenzie and her family are excited to have me come early, I get to spend time with them as well as Launa and her family on this next stop in Iowa.  I am excited to meet all of their family and friends and get to work with each of them.

So it looks like I will be spending my 44th birthday in Iowa, haha.  That should be fun.  I am excited about my birthday this year.  This will be the first year of my life that I celebrate a birthday as this new strong me I am.  The first year I will celebrate loving myself fully and having the courage to believe in myself and follow my dreams.

I have some exciting news for you all.  Monday is the day, haha.  Monday evening is the first airing of the Renee and JoJo Radio Show.  We have been working behind the scenes to put together a live internet radio show.  Renee and I have the best time together and will be having the best time with all of ya'll as we talk about everything to do with mind, body & spirit.  Don't be fooled however, we are coming to you live with laughter, great information and a chance for you to join in on the show any time as we will be opening up to guest callers during the shows.  We will be airing Monday through Friday evenings live, recordings will be available on our website and podcast radio means you can also listen in your car if you have podcast internet radio.

My involvement with the Heal Your Voice Foundation book project begins in just a couple days too, this is going to be a busy year, I am happy about that and ready to rise to all these occasions.  I have worked hard to get here and know I am ready for this.  Many exciting challenges ahead and I am ready to face them all, let's do this!

Aside from that there is also so much going on with our team.  We just about doubled in size in the past couple weeks with so many people who have decided not to repeat the same path in choosing their next venture in this industry.  I am finding that more and more awesome people who want to forge a path of true passion with other positive people and a company who is more than the norm in this industry are coming to us.  Our little family is quickly getting to be a huge family of really cool people who are doing what is right for them.

I am feeling really blessed to be able to help so many people follow their dreams.  Seeing my team already making money for doing what they believe in and promoting an product that they never have to make an excuse for has given me such fulfillment already.

There is a lot going on in the world of network marketing right now.  The previous company I was with has a number of new stories emerging of more people having negative health effects and many are moving on in growing numbers.  I am watching and learning much in seeing how different we all are even though most of us are in search of the same things in life.  Those who are most concerned with financial security are following others whom they believe will give them that security and in many cases ending up right back where they were.  For a lot of us at times in our lives it is easier to trust that someone else knows what the best choice is than to trust ourselves to find the right answer for ourselves.

Most of those coming to us are really seeking to promote something they can truly believe in, looking for a product that is more than hype and are surprised to find they are hitting the jackpot in regards to financial opportunity.  Our comp plan is simple and designed to pay from the beginning.  Last time I checked we had 17,000 reps and in this industry that is huge if you find a good comp plan, a good company with a great product.  I have learned that the companies that last in this industry have products that we would buy weather or not we promote for that company. 

Some are coming to us because they recognize the opportunity to get in ground floor with a quality product and good comp plan and then I am seeing them develop a new passion for organic and toxic free living and that is so cool to watch.  It just feels good to see people waking up and realizing that we have choices.  We don't have to accept that our food is crap and think we can't do anything about it.  We can choose a lotion or toothpaste for ourselves and our family that isn't going to hurt us.  It is so easy to share that with our friends and family.  We aren't asking them to buy into some miracle product that they can't afford, we are sharing an opportunity to buy the same products they buy every day but giving them the option of toxin and chemical free products.

I have learned a lot about advertising and false advertising to be specific in not only this industry but in all markets that sell food and more to us.  The words "all natural, sugar free, fat free, healthy" are words that should make us look deeper rather than trust more.  Products will lead you to believe that their products are GMO or Chemical free by talking only about one ingredient on the front of the package and when you turn it around you can see that they only added that one ingredient that is actually GMO free.  I have learned that while research is scary it is our friend.  I am really thanking my lucky stars I did my own homework this time.  All of the other companies I looked at looked good on the outside or the front of the package, some made claims of being soy free only to have soy lecithin on the list of ingredients, some say all natural and have a load of chemicals I can't pronounce in them.  I just didn't want to repeat the same path I just walked in believing in something or trusting others who said it was safe to only find out it was garbage all along.  Not this time and I know what it means to be certified organic and toxin free, that matters to me.

It is all really cool to watch and be a part of all of this.  I just know that our paths are our paths and those meant to be on mine will and are.  It feels good to be able to help those on my path to realize their own power to create their own destiny.  I am blessed to be a place in life where I can be for others what I am from myself now. 

I have seen a lot more people standing up and sharing their story lately of why they are leaving that company.  More and more people coming forward with health problems related to that product.  It really saddens my heart to see them go through what I went through and have friends turn on them.  I know how they feel as I went through that too, even recently with someone I really thought wasn't one of those people.  Money does crazy things to people, so does the ego.  I remind myself daily that I will not let others following me or trusting me ever go to my head like that, we don't own people and I want to respect the responsibility of others trusting me. 

While I feel sad that they are going through that it is so awesome to see them standing up for what they feel is right even if they have to stand alone for a moment.  And it really is only a moment, quickly they will see that while they are being treated badly by some, many respect them caring enough and telling the truth with sharing their story. 

Bottom line is people have a right to make an informed decision.  Some of those who have not had health problems from that product "yet" feel that those who have should go away quietly.  We should all just respect that others have a right to know both sides of the coin before joining any company and if we are truly confident in what we promote there is no need to try to stop anyone from saying anything or attack them for doing so.

I remind myself that we are all learning our own lessons in life and some lessons have to be learned the hard way.

I love you all from a place of knowing that change is good even if at first it feels scary.  It is the most uncomfortable situations that bring about the most profound changes in our lives.  We can't always see it at first but when the dust settles and the skies clear a new day is born and we understand that it all happens for a reason.

One Love
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