Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Growing Team One Love

I am owning it... My Life, My Destiny and My Dreams of helping others for the sake of helping.  For the reward of seeing them own their life, find their courage to face all their fears, overcome all doubts and begin living each day making life happen for them rather than to them.  It all begins today with this new chapter of my Journey.

I am settled in here in Steven's charming home.  My room so calming, painted a light blue with darker blue drapes.  I love older homes, the character of the doorways, the windows, the old fashioned rather large bath tub which I fully enjoyed soaking in with lavender oils after taking showers in my trailers for the past year, oh how I have missed a good bath.  Outside of my bedroom window are beautiful pink and white flowers swaying about in the breeze.  I feel at peace, full of confidence and blessed in so many ways.

This past week has been a series of events and emotions in preparation for this new chapter.  Settling in here at Steven's house has been effortless, instantly made to feel at home with someone who is already family to me.  While I have had much to do the first few days here, the time Steven and I have spent together has shown me just how amazing this friend/brother of mine is.  Impressed with his level of self discipline in his diet and exercise routine daily but not surprised as I knew this about him.  I am blessed to be seeing another side of him.  I already had an idea that Steven is very deep, a person of integrity.  I am now seeing another part of Steven; underneath his strong exterior, muscles, tattoo's and self discipline lies such compassion, patience, understanding and a strong belief in helping others.

Steven thank you for making my heart smile each day, I am honored and
blessed to have this time with you my friend. 
Steven reminds me of a Gladiator.  Strength, courage, bravery and when you look in his eyes you see the heart of a warrior for peace and love.  I am blessed to have this time with him, blessed to know this side of him.  I know that he is going to help thousands find the same inner peace he has gained in life by facing his own lessons and paying back his karma.  Steven, like us all has a story, his is compelling and I feel honored that he has opened up and shared so much with me.   He is an inspiration of having the courage to face yourself in the mirror and find all that is of value in oneself, to nurture the substance in yourself, water it and watch it grow to a vast forest of stout trees, beautiful flowers, active wildlife and an abundant rive running through it all for all life to be sustained.  He is that deep.  I am blessed to have his friendship, be considered his Sister of the Heart and know more than the outer layer of this most inspiring friend.

Stan the Man, my friend you are such a blessing and inspiration.
Thank you for being to myself and so many the light that lights the way
on hard days, I think of your spirit and kind heart. 
Yesterday was an AWESOME day!!!  Team One Love has been blessed with some new family members this week, all of whom have the most compelling why's.  Among these new additions to a great movement for change is Stan Hoyle.  Stan's story will reach out, grab your heart and fill it with hope and inspiration.  I will tell you a bit about Stan here, however soon will write a whole entry dedicated to his story.  Stan has lived away from his family who are in North Carolina for years now.  He has been confined to a bed in a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio due to several health conditions.  I met Stan online when I first started working with my Sister in my previous company.  Stan and I shared in common being morbidly obese, he supported and encouraged me when I was still in my wheelchair.  He followed my journey to regaining my legs always cheering me on.  We spent time in chat, on the phone and in text.  I was also blessed to inspire Stan in many ways.  I encouraged Stan to work on his writing, he has such a beautiful heart and pours it out into his words.  I think he would be a great author of children's books, helping children to overcome disabilities, fears, and more with his unique talent of wisdom and his faith in God.

When I left my previous company Stan was one of the many people who shared with me his own story of health problems related to the product I was promoting at the time as a healthy alternative to bad eating.  Having had such a close relationship with him, hearing his story broke my heart.  Stan was very torn, he had been off the shake we were promoting.  Having hyperthyroidism the soy in the shake was a problem and he was not losing weight, his medication was becoming less effective and he was actually gaining weight.  Initially he thought he had lost more weight than he actually had, the scales a the facility he was at were inaccurate.  When they discovered the error in the weight Stan was very disappointed to learn he had only lost a small percent of what he thought he had lost.  He was also heart broken to learn that the products he was using were not only not helping him, but hindering his progress.

Being a part of that community had given Stan so much love and support from so many he wanted so badly to continue to feel like part of it all.  He had come to consider that community family and found hope in others sharing his story to inspire others.  He found purpose.  When he shared with his upline what was going on, they broke his heart with advice to keep quite about all of it.  He felt torn, scared and confused.  Stan takes full responsibility for continuing to allow others to think he was experiencing progress on that diet.  He does not point the finger at those he trusted who encouraged him to hide the truth.

Super Stan, you go baybee, you got this!!! 
I respect Stan for taking this position on it all, we talked much over the past month about self forgiveness because he was really beating himself up.  He got up the courage to tell everyone he was no longer using the products for health  reasons and left it at that.  Some supported him and stayed in contact, his upline and others did not.  I know that feeling of abandonment when you are no longer of use to someone.  My heart went out to Stan while he realized over the past few weeks he and his story had been used for the gain of some rather than the inspiration he thought he was.  I was blessed to be able to help Stan realize that his story was always an inspiration to others, it being used by some for their own gain did not take away from that.  Even more so being honest about it all and telling the whole story now has given Stan his passion and purpose back.  He did it with such class, didn't point the finger, took responsibility and now he is free of carrying any guilt.  He has found a new family, a new community that will never encourage him to be untrue to himself or others.  He now has support in a mission for health rather than weight loss.  Like myself Stan wants to get back to focusing on his overall health, rather than numbers on a scale being so important that we lose sight of what matters most.  We can stop winning us when we limit ourselves and our value to our weekly weigh ins.

Stan joined Team One Love yesterday.  He has already brought smiles to all our hearts and had those heart smiles returned to him with massive love and support sent to him through so many in Essante all the way up to the Owners of Esssante.  The Founders CEO Michael Wenniger and President JJ Levine both called Stan, learned all they could about his health conditions so they can do all they can to help him gain his health and independence back.  I was touched and  moved by their reaching out to Stan, however, I was not surprised.  I have seen the owners of Essante reach out again and again to new people who join the company to help them in any way they can.  It is amazing to be a part of a company who has done something no other company in Network Marketing has ever done.  Michael Wenniger and JJ Levine have created a REAL PRODUCT.  They have made their product their number one priority, taken the time to find only completely toxic free, organic ingredients for all of the products they create.  They put quality and health in front of overhead costs.

Most companies in this industry sell vapor to be honest.  What I mean by that is they create a product with cheap toxic ingredients, call it a miracle and spend thousands even millions on promoting  it.  Those companies are Network Marketing companies and no more if you ask me.  Essante Organics is a movement for change, is setting standards in this industry in regards to products and promoters.  The founders of Essante are real people, who do more than stand on stage and talk about caring, who do more than tell  stories of how they help others.  They help us, every  day they get directly involved in our personal lives, they don't talk about it, they are about it!

McKenzie your love and dedication to your family and community is a
true blessing.  Getting to know you this past month has been enlightening.
I am so impressed with your courage to stand up for what you believe in
with confidence and forge a new path.  I know that right now you are facing
much in making these changes in your life, rest assure my friend that in time
all this will pass and you will know you followed your heart and created
the destiny of your dreams by not following the crowd and trusting yourself
and God to lead the way.  I love you girl! I know you got this and I will see
you very soon my friend, let the good times roll as we change lives.
Two other amazing women joined our Essante family this week.  Amy and McKenzie whom both have a most compelling why.  Both Amy and McKenzie have children who have special needs.  They are both seeking alternative ways to help their children develop without a lifetime of taking drugs.  Going organic for them is so important as they are learning more about the effect of toxins and chemicals in our food supply in relation to learning disabilities, conditions such as ADHD and Asperger  syndrome.  Launa who joined a few weeks back and is raising her grandchildren has the same goals as Amy and McKenzie as one of her grandchildren has ADHD.  Seeing all these women coming together to find alternative ways to help their children, making changes together to eliminate the toxins and chemicals out of their and their children's lives and being able to help with that/be a part of that is such a blessing.

Launa and her family.  Launa you are an inspiration to us all, between being a nurse by profession and a care giver in your personal life you are a God Send to us all.  I love you already and am honored to be working with you and your family.  This is just the beginning my friend.  Can't wait to get out there to Iowa and hang out with you and McKenzie.

I feel such purpose in watching my team grow with the most amazing people who are being drawn to join us.  Everyone coming on board has as much to offer the  whole as they seek to gain.  I am amazed daily at how effortless promoting for this company is.  I attribute that to the passion to knowing that what we are promoting is more than the average hyped up product, what we are offering is change, change and awakening for us all in what we have accepted and ignored for too long now.  We are helping others wake up to the toxins and chemicals in our food and water supply, we are educating ourselves and others and offering solutions, education and solutions not limited to the products we have to offer either. We are all offering many alternative solutions for those who want to join us and those who don't.  Our mission is change, not gain!  In that we are seeing relief in our own back yards, an ability to breath for a minute so we can focus on helping others.

Congrats Jeff you earned every bit of this with your hard work in all
areas of learning about and promoting organic living.  I am very proud of you!

It was my honor to be able to congratulate Jeff for reaching Gold Level yesterday.  Jeff joined in the beginning of me starting this Journey, I placed him at the very top of my organization.  I listened to my heart in doing so.  I see so much in him that he is slowly beginning to also see in him self.   I have had the pleasure of watching Jeff gain a passion for promoting organic/toxic free living and feel so honored to have been able to help him find this path that is surely to change the course of his life and inspire thousands.

Lisa, I am so excited to get there, we have
great things ahead my friend. 

I have twelve more days here at Steven's then I am off to Kansas City, MO to spend the next 28 days with Lisa.  We are both excited about my arrival and Lisa has already scheduled a party with close friends for the day I arrive.  I very much look forward to meeting them all.  I love you all from a place of gratitude for being able to be of service to others for the right reasons.

Have a Blessed Monday,
One Love,

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