Friday, March 22, 2013

Making Friends

Tuesday March 19th, 5:30am

I have been up since 3am, I slept surprisingly well in the seat which is rather large has a leg support lift and reclines quite far back.  I have a new neighbor named Anne.  They took Jason away but gave me Anne, haha.  There was some confusion over seating and Jason was in the right number seat but the wrong number car.  I think it is really cool that there was confusion as I made a cool new friend and we are gonna meet up in the observation deck today to get to know each other more and talk about good things.

Anne meeting you was the highlight of my train ride, I feel like I have made
a friend for life <3
Anne is awesome.  She was on vacation with her family, they flew there and her family flew back.  She had to take the train due to sinus problems and I am the one blessed for her misfortune.  We hit it off right away, share stories of our lives and she was fascinated with my Journey and wanted to know more about alkalizing.  Anne also lives not too far from where I will be visiting Lisa, too cool.  She is interested in knowing more about the 5K walk fundraiser in two weeks and may join us.   I have been on the train less than 24 hours and made two new friends who I will likely see during my stay in Kansas.

I am sitting in the observation car.  There are windows all around me.  I woke up early went down stairs and freshened up.  Let Anne know she could stretch out and headed a few cars down to do my morning writing and watch the sun rise from up here.  It is still very dark outside and I cannot see the sights yet, I can feel that we are moving and know we are not in a town as there are no lights out there yet.  The train is starting to stir of life, people are waking up and making there way to this car to also watch the sun come up. I heard mention of the snack car opening at 7am and look forward to a hot cup of coffee.

This is a special morning for me.  I haven't smoked one singe cigarette since yesterday morning.  I am determined to quit this time.  I have never wanted this more than I do now.  Educating myself and learning to be better to my body one step at a time has brought me to this step three times now.  They say third time is a charm and I intend on making sure of that.  I just don't want to be a smoker anymore, I don't want to be that bad to myself anymore.  I love me more now than ever and am ready to give this old ugly habit up now.  I am using the patch and the e-cig for starters.  I also ordered some Essante Organics Power Pops.  They are all natural 100% toxin/chemical free and help with appetite control.  I would rather use them than gum as I read recently that most gums contain aspartame and I don't want to give up one cancer causing habit for another one.

Last time I tried to quit I started gaining weight back and that scared me so I gave up on quitting.  The time before that I was just starting out on this journey and was taking on so many changes it was not a good time to add to all that, I still needed my security blanket then.  Truth be told I love smoking, the act of it anyways, It is relaxing, it feels good and it calms me.  I have come to understand that cigarettes are designed to do all that, they are chemically formulated to release chemicals from our brain that make us feel good.  I want to learn how to feel good all on my own.  I learned how to cope with anxiety and depression without medications by using meditation, prayer and natural remedies I can learn this too.

Friends are Family
I am feeling really blessed to here.  My path is unwritten, this is the first year of  my life that I entered it loving me fully, no longer carrying past pains and regrets as scars of shame.  Today I am strong, I have learned what it means to live life with love.  The future is unwritten and I am now an active part in creating not only my future but am blessed to travel the Country and help others do the same for themselves while we all help the world be a better place.

I want to say a special thank you to Steven for all that he did to make me feel at home.  I will miss you my friend and can't wait to see you in May for the Great Green Event and Essante Camping Trip.

I love you all from a place of excitement, joy and gratitude.

One Love

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