Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 28 Day Plan

With less than a week to go till I head out to travel across the Country for what has became known as "The 28 Day Plan" among Team One Love I am finding myself getting more and more excited about this new chapter of my Journey.

Lisa I am so blessed to be headed your way, less than
a week away we will be hanging out together changing
lives, beginning with ours.  I can't wait.
The 28 Day Plan as we have begun to call it is so much more than a plan, haha.  I am so blessed to be able to travel to and live with my promoters each 28 days at a time for one on one mentoring and so much more.  Several on Team One Love have excitedly signed up to have me as their guest for 28 days.  My first stop is Kansas City, MO to spend the next month with Lisa, her family, friends and community.  Lisa and I have been on the phone making plans for our time together, getting to know each other on a much more personal level as I map out a plan for Lisa to build her confidence in herself in all areas of life.  Lisa has a heart of gold, is such an amazing lady with good intent and lots of dreams for helping others.  I am so excited to get to work with Lisa and meet her friends and family.

I am also blessed to get involved in a fund raiser 5K walk for an amazing little boy.  Our teammate and cherished friend Jeff is making an eight hour drive from Illinois to spend the weekend of the walk with us.  Jeff is the great guy who video'ed me in St. Louis on stage.  We became friends way back during my ViSalus days and he has grown to be nothing less than a brother to me.  Jeff has also taken a role of leadership on our team that has helped our team in so many ways.  I will be renting a wheelchair for the walk as I am not sure if I can walk the whole 3 miles.  If I have to use the chair part of the way that is okay, I am in a place of focusing on progress not perfection in all areas of my life and most of all want to be able to make the whole 5K walk with my friends to show support to this amazing little boy who so many love and support.

I am excited to meet this awesome community of people and share with all of you my experiences.  At first the idea of putting my RV in storage and getting outside of my comfort zone was a little scary, however, as I have done all this to prepare I have realized I have such a feeling of freedom in letting go of the things I feel keep me secure.  I am growing excited about the adventure ahead of me and feel so blessed to be able to travel so freely now and be up close and personal support to my team.

Mckenzie you have become a sister to me, your family my own, can't wait
to visit you and your community, great things ahead of us girl.
Next stop on is Keokuk, Iowa to spend 28 days with Mckenzie and her crew.  Mckenzie is so excited to have me come visit.  I have already met her kids on Skype and am so honored that they too are looking forward to my visit.  I am really looking forward to getting to know the community of Keokuk and helping Mckenzie share options for organic/toxic free living and educating ourselves and her community on the options available to us all.

I think we have all gotten so used to the idea that we can't change it all.  Learning that we don't have to change it all, one thing at a time gives us the power of knowing we can change and we do have the power to affect change in the world around us.  We all have a voice and more and more we are waking up to the toxins in our food, water and air.  At first it is overwhelming, honestly at first I was pissed off.  I felt a lot of anger of learning that the organizations we trust to protect us like the FDA do not protect us at all.  It is all about profit and control.  That anger was replaced with a feeling of fear and helplessness.  I was able to push past those fears and the anger by looking for solutions.  I had to see the problems to seek solutions and in seeking solutions found hope: found my power to affect change in my world and the world around me.

Congratulations Angela, you are amazing and I am so blessed to know you.
Team One Love has grown almost double in size int he past week.  So many new, awesome and amazing people have joined our family.  I have had the honor of helping several of them to already reach Gold Level which means they all got a pay raise for helping themselves and others to get on a path to organic awareness and living.  I was in tears and full of pride for helping them the day my dear friend and sponsor in Essante Organics Renee Chase announced I hit Platinum.  What that means is I reached the top pay level in Essante by helping my teammates.

Renee, thank you so much for being such a servant
driven leader.  Team One Love thank you for allowing
me to be so blessed to work with you all.  I love you
all so much, I have a feeling of true purpose.
So while the past week has been an emotional one for me so many awesome things have happened also.  Getting to help Angela this past week reach Gold was such a blessing.  Angela has been with me since just about day one of this new organic path.  She has struggled a little bit as making a change in companies is a challenge when it comes to sharing it with your friends and family.  Yet she has stayed positive, been a great student in learning how to focus her energy in a positive direction and learning to believe in herself and what she is doing.  Seeing her help enough people to reach Gold level in our company is such a blessing and I am so proud of her.  Angela is stop three on my travels and I get to work with her, Brian and Kerry and many more in North Dakota.

There is so much ahead to be grateful for, I am excited to take you all along on this new chapter of the Journey with me and share it all with you as Team One Love grows in all areas.  I love you all from a place of super duper joy for this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and truly connect with my friends.

Have a great day my friends, change is in the air <3
One Love,
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