Saturday, March 23, 2013

Toto, I'm not in California anymore, haha

Seeing Kansas City for the fist time felt like being a
kid all over again and exploring new lands, haha
Wednesday morning the train pulled into Union Station in Kansas City.  I stepped off the train with excitement dressed in my California attire, sat my bags down and wrapped my travel blanket around me as I breathed in the crisp early morning air, I was not in California anymore, haha.  The view over the two days on the train went from the trees of California to the desert of Arizona and New Mexico to the Mountains of a corner of Colorado, to the still in winter lands of Kansas.

How exciting that I get to explore the Country while doing what I truly love... Helping others.  I am so blessed to be in a place today where my help to others is with true honest intent to help for the sake of helping and to help those who are helping themselves. I no longer help to be needed, loved or wanted.

These are good days, good days indeed.

The view along the way was breath taking, I am so grateful for deciding to travel by train, the experience is well worth the time of travel.  Life is about living it not rushing through it to get from A to B as quickly as possible.   I no longer rush through life, I spent to many years in a hurry to get to places I do not even remember today.  

The two days spent on the train were the beginning of this new chapter of my Journey.  Feeling blessed with each step I took toward the station I looked around me in Awe of as the sun light began to illuminate the city around me.  Kansas City is gorgeous, Union Station breath taking with it's high ceilings.  It was easy to tell that this station used to be "the place to be" it spoke history all through it.

I stood looking up till my neck began to hurt, the ceilings of Union Station
in Kansas City were simply breath taking.
Waiting for my baggage I took in the restored station until Lisa arrived.  So excited to see her and her I we laughed and took turns talking with excitement about the days ahead of us.  After hearing Lisa's voice on the phone for the past month standing in front of her, seeing the excitement in her eyes and hearing the voice I have come to know as one of honesty I felt confident that this was just the beginning of a new path for her as well.  We made our way over the bridge leaving Missouri and entering Kansas.

Tamar's Turkey Con Chili
Recipe is on my Cook'n Up Healthy tab
Today is Saturday morning, it is still dark outside.  My schedule has not changed much as far as sleeping I am still awake before dawn, writing while the world around me sleeps.  The past three days have begun a routine for Lisa and I.  Day one we spent getting to know each other, learning about what her daily routine normally includes, what her hopes were to gain from this next 28 days and putting together a plan for her to reach her goals.  Our first shopping trip was to purchase the ingredients for a planned dinner party to introduce me to her neighbors and friends.

A salad everyone can love that loves us back.

I cooked a healthy dinner full of organic ingredients that tasted great to show everyone that eating organic didn't mean giving up taste.  Taste and nutrition are friends, dinner was a success, everyone had seconds including Lisa's son who Lisa has expressed concern to me over this new eating plan for her household.  Lisa was shocked to see her son go back for a second helping of my Turkey Chili and salad too.

The next day I woke up with a fever and chills.  Lisa took care of me while I rested most of the day.  Toward the end of the day I was blessed with the most beautiful view of snow falling on the ground outside the windows of Lisa's beautiful home. In awe I stepped outside to take in the view, looked up in amazement as snow feel all around me.  It has been years since I have stood in the first falling drops of snow and watched the earth around me become covered in a blanket of white everywhere I could see.  I was excited and surprised as just the day before the sun was shinning bright.

On our first shopping trip to Trader Joe's Lisa picked out
a bouquet at my suggestion that she begin buying herself
flowers every week to treat herself with love.
Yesterday I woke up feeling much better with a most positive attitude and got my day started early.  Lisa and I are on a schedule of getting dressed to greet the day early.  Our daily schedule includes time for education via reading books, watching documentaries, eating on a schedule a health mostly organic meal plan and lots of time talking, laughing and planning.  Lisa and I had a great day of being good to ourselves, started our day off with a health protein shake and ezekial toast with almond butter on it.  We enjoyed healthy snacks and had an awesome dinner salad with all the fixings.  Lisa was amazed at how she did not miss soda on her second day of not having one and how she didn't feel deprived one bit.  I explained to her the misconception that eating healthy and organic taste bad and costs more.

Dinner for two, complete with Essante Reds mixed with chilled distilled water
and lemon juice and blended orange.  Lisa loved this meal full of protein that
was high in alkalizing ingredients.  
See, what I have learned is that when we eat real foods we need less to feel full. We are not filling out tummies with fillers and chemicals designed to keep us in a repetitive cycle of craving more addicting chemicals and fillers.  Lisa watched two documentaries yesterday that I recommended for her... "Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed pt 1 & 2 and Hungry For Change"  The first documentary is on YouTube and linked below.  Hungry for Change is on Netflix and I strongly advise anyone who has, is or want's to get health with diet changes watch this informative documentary on dieting.

I very much look forward to working with Cliff, it is easy to tell from moment
one that Cliff is a great guy with strong views on helping change our world.
Lisa's son Josh who is 17 is a wise old soul.  He is supportive of this new journey for his mother and has helped to make me feel right at home here in their home.  Josh has even joined in on the healthy eating to Lisa's surprise.  Our welcome "JoJo" dinner included in attendance one of Lisa's closest friends Cliff.  Cliff and Lisa goal the way back to high school.  Cliff has joined us on this journey to promoting organic living yesterday.  Cliff is into health and very into physical fitness.  He and Lisa do boxing together.  I can see already that Cliff is going to develop a strong passion for this business and promoting organic living.

This first stop has gotten off to a great start.  Last night was Team One Love's first of many weekly calls.  Renee and I spent the batter part of an hour making exciting announcements and inspiring our team as we all realized how blessed we are to be here at this moment.  It is really cool to be able to see so clearly that these days are ones I will look back on with such pride and gratitude for having the vision and courage to step outside of my own comfort zone and go out and make greatness happen.

Lisa and Josh
Already I can see that when this 28 days comes to a close I will miss these two.  I am truly blessed to be able to get to know this family and grateful for the opportunity to help them on this new path toward learning a new way to live that benefits their health and allows them to do what they love, promote change with organic living.

Today I woke with tears in my eyes and gratitude in my heart.  I love you all from a place of knowing, knowing that I am now creating the reality of my dreams, allowing all I have wished for to come to me effortlessly.

Have a blessed Saturday, One Love
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