Friday, March 29, 2013

Week Won!

Week one in Olathe, Kansas with Lisa has been a week of clearing out clutter that she has carried for too long now, not clutter in her beautiful home.  Lisa is quite good at taking care of her home and others around her, like myself of old she lacks in the giving the same nurturing care to herself.

I feel blessed to be here, Lisa has opened up to me on so many levels.  I honestly didn't know what to expect when I embarked out on this new chapter of my journey.  I still battle with my own doubts as I think we do our whole life.  For all the work I have done, all the exercises, all the books, documentaries, fears faced... there was still this part of me that wondered if I was ready to fully help others do the same. 

I realize how powerful doubts can be, I also realize how much more powerful I am in facing my fears and eliminating my doubts with trusting myself, my inner voice and my Creator to guide me.  I have seen that courage of spirit transcend through me this week as Lisa opened up to me about some very painful memories of past that she has carried and in many ways punished herself for all these years.  I can relate, I too held on to past pains and regrets for years punishing myself, thinking myself less than and only when I let go and began a journey to self love did I realize that it was only me who needed to forgive.

We started out the week on the first few days here getting to know each other more.  I made the decision on the way here that I would trust things to go as they are meant to go and only develop our game plan once here.  A good decision as it was in getting to know Lisa on a more personal in person level that I saw quickly and clearly where we should begin. I asked Lisa how much she wanted me to share here and how much I could share in my behind the scenes book that goes much deeper into my own experiences along the way in this journey of self love for myself.  She was happy to share most of it and trusted me in doing so as she trusted me in opening up to me.

It is such a blessing to have the love and trust of others, a blessing I do not take lightly the responsibility that comes along with that.  I will share here only what those I visit with are willing to share and the rest will be ours.  All of it amazing and just want we both needed.

Lisa has been depressed for some time now.  Joining Team One Love and Essante is the most inspired she has felt in a long time.  Still old pains and burdens have kept her battling daily with depression and she found herself most days staying in bed till noon, awake, just no desire to get out of bed.  I myself can remember doing the same many days when depressed.  She shared with me what her day would normally consist of and I quickly saw that for her most of her day was a chore to her as she was doing nothing really for her and her depression left her with little desire to change that.

After sharing all of this with me on day one she shared that in just doing so she felt release, I also related to that as I know from my own experiences of learning how to reach out to others for support and opening up about my feelings.  I was happy to help her by being the one she opened up to and we got to work putting together a schedule to start following on day two.  I saw Lisa's eyes light up as she realized that she had a plan.  When we have a plan, we have something to look forward to.

Day two we woke up at 8:00 am.  Well, I woke up at 4:00 am like usual and got some writing done and Lisa got up at her new scheduled time of 8:00 am.  She showered and dressed for the day as planned in her new schedule.  My theory is that if we are up and ready for the day, showered, dressed and feeling good after a good nights rest we are likely to get more done and procrastinate less on life.  We started our day with a super yummy Essante Organics 7.365 pH balanced Chocolate Kiss shake made with banana, orange, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, almond milk, flax seeds and honey.

After breakfast we headed out to do some shopping for supplies for our organic meal plan.  Luckily Kansas got Trader Joes a couple of years ago, a store I am familiar with.  We took our time as we went up and down the isles and I showed Lisa how I determine what to purchase.  The day before was a quick shopping experience as we had to be back in time to get dinner prepared for Lisa's guests coming over to welcome me to Kansas.  I recognize that in this economy going 100% certified organic can be a bit much so I shared with Lisa how I determine what is most important to buy organic.  In the produce section of the second store we visited I showed her how to read the stickers on the fruits and vegetables.  Trader Joes clearly marks their produce however, we stopped at a few stores on day one so I could get familiar with where she normally shops and help her find healthier options at her routine stores.

I shared with her my own word association in remembering how to read the stickers on the produce.  Happy to see that Kansas and California have the same 5 code stickers.  The little stickers on fruits and vegetables have a code, in most states it is 5 numbers and the first number tells us a lot about how that piece of food was grown.  Here is how I remember what number means what...

4 = Conventionally Grown (sprayed with pesticides)
"Four throw the peal out the door"
When on a budget, I buy conventionally grown items if they have a thick skin I can peel off and toss out.

8 = GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
"Eight aight Great, Don't Eat Eight"
I avoid all GMO produce as the chemicals have been injected right into the seeds and cannot be peeled or washed away.

9 = Organically Grown
"Nine is Fine"
Anything that I eat with thin skin or skin I prefer to keep I make sure to purchase organic. 

After getting home and getting all the groceries put away Lisa began watching one of the many documentaries on the list of suggested books and documentaries for her to educated herself on the toxins and chemicals in our food and product supply.  I began cooking our second healthy dinner as I she peeked up from time to time to see what I was up to. 

We all enjoyed a good second dinner, even Lisa's son Josh went back for seconds at Lisa's surprise.  One thing she shared concern over was her son's willingness to make so many changes in the foods they buy and eat.  She was surprised (I wasn't to be honest, as I have been here already) that Josh was all in with this from day one.  It is interesting how so many people think eating healthy means giving up taste. 

I was one of those people for years.  I used to laugh at my little sister when she tried to share options with me, I called her bread cardboard and her meals bird feed.  I never gave it a chance as I had my mind made up that good tasting food had to be loaded with fat's, creams, carbs and lots of seasonings.  I cooked a lot of meat and potatoes for my family, everything had gravy and bread to accompany it.  Many pasta dishes and all my sauces were rich or full of many meats.  Every meal had veggies and we ate lots of salads but I never looked at Salad as a meal or thought of double veggies or quinoa in place of all the potatoes, pasta and rice we ate covered in gravy.  Even many of the veggies I cooked my kids growing up were full of fat either topped in cheese or cooked with bacon, ham hawks or some type of meat, everything had meat in it, the main course and the side dishes.

Day two ended well and set a pace for the rest of the week.  Day three I was pleasantly surprised to see Lisa excitingly walking down the stairs shortly after 8:00 am fully dressed and ready to begin a new day.  She woke up on her own, early than she needed to and was ready to get started on some more of the documentaries on the list. Even though I was sick the first few days here it effected me little due to the excitement of new surroundings and seeing Lisa full of energy for each new day.

Throughout this past week I have giggled much to myself as I have watched Lisa get pretty pissed off while learning all about things like aspartame in diet sodas.  She gave up sodas on day two by the way and hasn't looked back since.  She would hit pause on the shows and exclaim with excitement and anger... "omg, I cannot believe that I never knew all this, how is this legal, why doesn't the FDA ban this stuff"  In between each documentary she has watched we have spent time searching for solutions and positive stories online of others finding solutions to these problems.

I have learned that it is good for us to get pissed off initially when learning the truth about the connections between the FDA, the Medical Association, Big Pharma, our Government and our food and water supply.  That initial anger is good fuel in finding solutions and finding solutions is important in realizing we do have the power to change all this, in each one of us is the power to make choices and once educated we can make educated choices.  I have watched Lisa's passion grow in our own product line as we offer everything from baby wash to home sanitizer spray safe enough to also spray in your eyes.  Her realization that she now offers a product that can replace toxic products in the homes of her friends and that she is not asking them to order something more than they spend their hard earned money on already was enlightening for her and sparked her desire to fully share this with her friends.

I listened as she talked on the phone to friends and saw such a difference in her.  I remembered when I myself first started learning about all this at the beginning of my own Journey.  It is all right here in the entries of this blog, there is one week I have to laugh at where I went full out conspiracy theorist, haha.  Me and my family get a big laugh off of that week, I remember telling my Baby Daddies and my Brother that they should have a helicopter prepaid on stand by in the event of a disaster.  Hey, it was 2012 and I was just learning about all kinds of things that scared the crap outa me.  It wasn't until I realized I had choices, there were options available and I had the power of choices that I calmed down and even more so when I found a strong relationship of love with myself and my Creator that I really got a hold of myself and realized that everything is going to be okay no matter what.

Being here today and being able to help Lisa embark on her own journey of learning to love herself and her body more is such a blessing.  We have sat at the table over nice meals each day, something she had also fallen out of the habit of doing and she is realizing the importance of developing a relationship with herself.  She shared with me her hopes to find love one day, I shared with her my hopes to as well.  I also shared with her the power of loving ourselves first.

 I understand her feeling lonely, I at times still do, however I do not feel incomplete any more.  Now that I love myself and treat myself the way I would want any man to treat me I am only lonely for a short time and in that time never incomplete.  I share with her that the type of man she wants in her life is looking for the type of woman she is becoming now that she has started the path to loving herself. 

It is when we are whole with ourselves that we attract others who are whole.  To often in life we think we need someone else to be there to complete us and in that desire to not be alone we will settle for unhealthy relationships.  Myself, as much as I do hope to meet that right one for me one day, I am happy with me now and that is enough.  In that I know that he will be the right one for me or he won't be at all.  That is an awesome place to be.  I needed this time to do me and now that I am here and able to help others do the same anyone entering into my life would have to be an addition not a subtraction.  Lisa liked those words and has decided that for now she is going to work on falling in love with her and building her future by educating herself and overcoming her fears.

The 28 day plan is 1/4 on the way for Lisa and I and we have worked through much this past week.  I adore this most gentle and amazing woman and her wise old soul son already.  We have had some fun times this week and made sure to take a break from working to enjoy ourselves.  Wednesday night she and Courtney who I love by the way took me to my first ever Drag Queen show, it was awesome.  I was so cool seeing such amazing expression and I was blow away with how much better they do their makeup than I can, haha.  I got to meet several of Lisa's friends and got to know one of her closest friends Courtney.  Courtney is a great person in Lisa's life, that is easy to see right off, she is an outspoken positive woman of strength who is very confident and supports Lisa in every way.  I look forward to getting to know her more as well as Lisa's other friends.  I have also gotten to know her neighbors a little bit, they are a big part of Lisa and Josh's life and it is easy to see why.

Yesterday Lisa and I took an escape from life and went to where she works to enjoy a movie.  Her theatre is different than any I have been to, there are huge comfortable recliners, it is a dinner and a movie and we have servers who come and take our order while we enjoy the movie.  Lisa loves this job as it gives her tons of exercise and is a fun way to get out of the house a couple days a week and gives her enough extra cash to fully focus on her desire to be her own boss and forge her own path as an entrepreneur.

I love you all from a place of gratitude and excitement, while I have felt a little homesick for my kids and grandkids I have also been filled with the joy of knowing I am doing what I love the most, helping others and exploring life as the pioneering spirit I have been since birth.  I got to see a snow storm this week, for the locals this was no fun as it is supposed to be spring, for me it was so exciting as I haven't seen the snow in years.  I was over it by day three and so excited when I could see the sun rise again.  Watching the 7 inches of snow melt has been fun, yesterday I actually got to wear my flip flops on our outing, that felt great and the sun was warming for us all.

Have a great weekend my friends,
One Love

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