Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cooking up a plan in Iowa

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Yesterday I turned 44, like my birthdays the the past few years I had no big plans, no party or cake.  I spent the day working on research, getting fueled up over the GMO issues plaguing our Country. Upset over the news about Wholefoods selling out, feeling frustrated over the poisons in our food supply and eager to educate and help bring change and still stewing over President Obama signing what is now known as the Monsanto Protection Act.

 Luckily I was distracted from my downward spiral of frustration at the lack of support from our Government in adequately protecting our land and us from the harm of companies like Monsanto by a couple hundred heart felt birthday wishes on Facebook that reminded me of all the connections I have made this past year and how far I have come since beginning this Journey as that scared, confused and close to giving up on life girl I was when I got rid of most all I owned and bought a travel trailer to leave, not knowing where I would end up but knowing I had to go 'somewhere' and begin healing all of me, mind, body and spirit.

Those birthday wishes reminded me how this year is special like no other.  This is the first year of my life that I have entered a new year of my life loving me.  Previous years of my life may have been filled with parties, cake and balloons with presents to unwrap, however there was one present missing.  The one I now give to myself, self love.  The past few years my birthday has been spent pretty much uneventful.  Last year was a great year as I spent the day with Jesus.  I woke up in the morning and asked Jesus to spend my birthday with me and went on a shopping trip with Glen and Theresa to town for supplies and Jesus let me know that he indeed was with me to celebrate that day.

As the day went on plans emerged to do something in celebration of my birthday while on the phone working with Launa who lives about 20 minutes away in Fr. Madison, Ia.  She invited me to go out to dinner with her insisting that I need to do something to celebrate and reminding me that everything can be about work while we spent a couple hours on the phone working and coming up with ideas to help her in building her business in her little town.  Spreading the word of us having choices in buying and eating a more organic less chemical diet can be a huge challenge here in Iowa I have learned in the past couple weeks here.  The organic section in the local grocery stores is so limited.

Every highway is lined with corn or soy farms for miles and miles here.
Mckenzie and Launa live smack dab in the middle of corn and soy Country.  This is a meat and potatoes part of the Country and I have learned what "corn fed" means. I have traveled to the heart of Monsanto land to promote organic living with a few women who really want to make changes in their own homes and help their loved ones realize their power to change too.  While they are both up against a big challenge in promoting organic living and growing their business here they are also faced with a huge opportunity.  It will take more work here to build an organic product business but it will reap much larger rewards than trying to build a business that is the norm here.  These two visionary women are both up for that challenge and recognize the huge pay off in health and wealth with bringing new options and opportunities to these small towns they live in.  Like them I can see the future growth of opportunity they both have here in starting a movement for more clean and organic living.  They are going to look back at the beginning of this and thank themselves for having the courage to do something they really believe in and see the rewards in abundance I am sure about it.

Launa and her Grand Babies, Ft. Madison, Iowa

Launa, Mckenzie and I have been brainstorming ideas, researching local organic farmers (we have only found four farms that are organic and hardly local).  We have mapped out the distance to find more variety in shopping with stores like Trader Joes and the closest one being a three hour drive we all felt a little frustrated until I came up with an idea that they have both gotten excited about.  Besides having a solution of their own with the Essante Organic products they can offer their friends and family to replace items they use every day like tooth paste, laundry soap, shampoo and more we wanted to find a solution to shopping for daily meals.

An Idea Is Born~
Mckenzie and Launa both drive mini vans and both want to shop at stores like Trader Joes where they have more of an organic selection to feed their families with.  I suggested they start a shopping carpool once a month and make a day of it.  Get together with other locals who also want options that are affordable and plan a day a month to carpool the three hour drive to St. Louis, MO and get their shop on.  They both loved the idea and decided to get to work networking with friends and family, posting about it on Facebook inviting other locals to get involved and possibly taking out an ad in the local papers to offer even people they don't know an option for shopping at stores with a better selection of affordable organic foods to feed their families.

This weekend Mckenzie is setting up shop at a vendor show and I will be her lucky guest and get a chance to network with some of the locals and help her in educating her friends locally.  This week I have met a few of her friends and am scheduled to meet more before moving to Launa's home next week for my last week here.  I am excited that we are hatching plans of action for them both and have made good use of these past two weeks with educating ourselves on problems and solutions for making changes in their lives and helping spread the word to friends and family.

Problem: GMOs are now present in 75 to 80 percent of
conventional processed foods in the U.S.
Solutio: Buy local! Grown your own! Cook from scratch!
I believe we all want change, the problem is that the problems are so big and and we can feel so helpless in changing it all and give up on changing any of it.  The key is recognizing our own power in making small progressive changes in our own lives.  Both Mckenzie and Launa have children in their lives that live with ADHD and want to get them off of their medications with a diet change.  They have been learning about the effects of additives, preservatives and processed foods on ADHD and are excited to implement changes in not only the diets of these kids they love but for the whole family.  It is awesome to see them light up when they realize that they do have options even in these small farm towns that have so little to offer in the ways of chemical free foods and products.  Being promoters on Team One Love with Essante Organics they have already changed so much of the products they use daily and eliminated many of the toxins in their lives.  Taking this next step in figuring out a way to get to stores that offer affordable options for organic foods is so exciting for them both and I have no doubt will help their friends and family to also realize that they too have choices and the power to make changes in their own lives.

I will make sure and share with you all the exciting things coming up in the next week and a half before I move on.  I have decided to make Corpus Christi, Texas my next stop.  I will be taking my journey to my little brothers house to spend a few weeks with him and his lovely wife and two kids for some family time, me time and closure on my Fathers death as we are going to spread my Dad's ashes where  little David and I have fished with out Dad on the Golf many times.  I have been feeling very homesick for my own family and need some time to refresh so that I can continue to help others.  I have realized that I am still working on me and getting too emerged in service of others is easy for me to forget the importance of taking care of me, this has been a challenge this past week so I made a choice to take some me time with my family before moving on to my next spot.

I love you all from a place of feeling good about what is happening here in Iowa.  Looking forward to our shopping day and sharing it all with you.

One Love,
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