Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stan The Man

Today I want to talk about my friend Stan.  He brought another big smile to my heart with a video he posted.  All of his videos make my heart smile.  You can see why if you like by clicking here.  Stan has a story that just tugs at my heart.  Having suffered from obesity myself most my life I know how hard it is when we get to a place of feeling we can't get back.  Having that hope restored is priceless and so is being on this journey of hope with Stan.

Stan you heart is so full of Love for us all, today it is filling with Love
for yourself and being a part of that, watching that happen is a true
blessing for us all.  We love you Stan Hoyle
Stan is fighting to save his life and get out of a hospital bed so that he can go home to North Carolina. Having been confined to a bed and a full care facility some years ago and almost a year ago transferred to a facility a few states away from his home state Stan had lost hope for a long time.  What Stand didn't lose is his faith in the Lord and his love for everyone else and our world.  He just stopped believing in himself for a while and I know how that feels.

I met Stan online almost a year ago, we instantly became friends, more like a brother to me to be honest.  We spent many days in chat encouraging each other and talking about our dreams for our healthier futures.  I learned so much from him, so much about myself as I learned more about him.  There is not a day that goes by now that Stan doesn't effect my life in some way.  His passion for serving God inspires me, his courage in sharing his journey to health reminds me to continue to share my own.  I bet Stan doesn't really realize how much he helps others, inspires others.  I say that because I often don't realize that I too inspire others until they share that with me and when they do it feels so good to know that while I struggle to overcome so much that others find courage through my sharing it.  That is why I wanted to talk about Stan today.  I really want him to know just how much he keeps me going day after day.

You keep me going Stan, your courage gives me courage, your passion fuels my own passion, your big heart reminds me to keep my heart whole and open never closing it off to the world out of fear.  You friendship and love reminds me that I am loved.  Thank you Stan, thank you for being such a big part of my life.

I really look forward to the day you get to walk out of that hospital and go home to your family and friends and hope to be blessed enough to be there with you on that day my friend.  You and our team are my family in so many ways.  Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us all.

I want to do something for Stan today... Stan is on my team in Essante, along with learning to eat healthier he is using the Essante products to regain his own health.  Stan is working so hard to afford the products and to do all he can from building his Esssante business from his hospital bed.  I want to help Stan succeed in that.  Everyone reading my blog can help me help Stan and really don't have to do a whole lot to show him support.  I have an idea that I think will really work.

We all brush our teeth every day, wash our hair, wash our laundry.  We all buy products in the store that are full of Toxins and Chemicals and make some big company money.  Stan has all those day to day products for sale right on his website and they are totally toxic free, chemical free, certified organic.  If you bought just one thing from Stan, you would be helping him in a really big way.  And you would be buying stuff you already buy.

Don't you ever give up, we love you and we are all here watching, cheering
you on every single day.  The Lord brought you here to do great things
that begins with you my friend, in learning to love ourselves we honor
the Lord.  I love you my brother in Christ. 
There are options you can choose from on how to buy from Stan, you could buy from him as a retail customer or you could sign up to be a wholesale customer, save 30% on all your orders by simply paying a one time $29 membership cost, like you pay at Costco or Sams Club.  The cool thing about the wholesale option is you can write your purchases off as tax deductions.  You can't do that with most items you purchase now that make some big company money.

I would love to share with you all the ways you can help Stan and any of you are welcome to call me any time at 408-508-4226 to answer any questions you many have.  You can visit Stan's website by clicking here.

In closing let me say that I love you all from a place of gratitude in advance for all of you that reach out to support Stan on his Journey.   He loves to make new friends and is great to talk to.

Have a most blessed day
One Love,
Lelania Pin It

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