Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where we are is right where we are meant to be....

As I sit here in San Antonio on lay over for four hours I am reminded of why I choose to travel via ground travel.  The experiences and connections I make along the way are priceless.  I was disappointed that the train does not go to Phoenix and opted for the buss.  I have to be honest I was not jumping up and down about the buss, however, for some reason felt like it was the way to go.  I trust my instincts these days and thankful I do as I would have missed meeting some amazing folks had I taken a plane.

Everything happens for a reason are the words that cross my mind and mouth so often these days as life presents me with evidence again and again proving that I am always exactly where I am meant to be.

Thank you for the best three weeks, I love you all and miss you already. 

My day started with my little brother making his traditional Sunday breakfast for the family, this one being special as it is Mothers day and Angela's Mother and step Father were visiting for the weekend to enjoy some mother daughter time.  David went all out and we all enjoyed breakfast in the formal dining room with the Country music playing.  I miss him already, my little brother that is.  I am so glad I went, I needed this visit, he needed this visit.  We connected and bonded so strongly and it was hard leaving, I wish we could live next door to each other and fish every weekend, one day maybe my wishes will come true.

Auntie JoJo loves you the biggest!
David drove me to the station, our last time together was just he and I and that was so perfect, we laughed, talked and we didn't even cry.  He warned me yesterday that there would be none of that going down, we laughed then too.  He made me laugh quite a bit on this visit, we both share our Fathers awesome sense of humor, cooking skills and ability to handle ours and take care of our families.

If we can find one thing right all the things wrong just don't matter so much
anymore I am realizing, when we aren't focused on all the wrong things
more right just keeps coming our way every day all day!
From the moment I got on the bus I noticed the size of the seats left much to be desired compared to the train.  I decided that I would not be disappointed rather I would be grateful as I sat down and found something about the seats to like, the pattern was cool and reminded me of a tropical island vacation.  Yeah, I thought to myself, I am in the tropics, haha.

San Antonio, Texas ~ Downtown
I cannot express in words much of what happens while I am out here traveling, you really would have to be here to feel the magic for yourself.  I will do my best to share with you this trips miracles.  I was so blessed to meet some amazing people, it started in line.  I met a young man who just got out of prison and was headed home.  We talked in line for the bus and he offered to help me with my bags.  Once situated in my seat with his help he headed to the back of the bus.

The morning breakfast tiring me as I am used to my protein shake for breakfast I took about a half hour nap.  Once I woke up the conversations began, three women around me began to chat with me and before we knew it there were laughs, tears and all of sharing some very touching and intimate stories.  I met Marie, she is traveling to Austin, Texas to be with her mother who is battling Cancer.  Marie overheard me talking to a woman whose daughters name is also Stella about alkalizing and cancer and before I knew it we were exchanging contact info and sharing so much with each other, she and I share a love for bikes, she has been riding for years, a dream of mine and on my bucket list.  I shared with her how I dealt with the loss of my father and the lack of relationship with my mother.  We both found so much comfort in sharing.  We all did in fact, some deep moments and very personal battles were shared on that bus with all four of us and in the end we all exchanged contact info and I am sure will talk again.  Either way we all came into each others lives right when we needed to and served the purpose we were meant to serve in that moment.

As we reached San Antonio the young man who helped me on the buss came up to me to thank me and we shared a couple moments of conversation about his new start that gave me and him the biggest smiles on our faces as we said goodbye.

Catherine and Marie it was such a pleasure meeting you both <3
After reaching San Antonio three hours later the connections did not end.  Marie and I kinda hung out together in the station restaurant and ran into another woman who was on our bus from Corpus Christi.  Catherine introduced herself and shared with us that she overheard our conversations on the buss and thanked us.  She said she has not rode the buss in years and is traveling to Dallas because her brother passed away.  She was so moved by our conversations, her story moved me as well.  By the time her, Marie and I parted ways we were all hugging like old friends.

I found my way toward the front of the station and had a seat.  A man sat next to me,  covered in Tattoo's, a cross sat under his left eye and tear drop under his right.  He looked frustrated so I said hello and introduced myself.  I asked if everything were okay, he shared with me that he was headed home from Dallas and that the buss did not go as far as his small town so he was hoping he had not missed the van service to take him home.  We spent the better part of an hour engaged in a very deep conversation where he got real honest with me about his desire to provide for his wife and family and trying to turn his life around after spending most of it in prison.  He was so frustrated with all the no's and lack of second chances he was finding while trying to get work locally that he was taking a job far from home against his wives wishes.  He got as Far as Dallas and listened to his heart and turned around to go home and keep trying.  I shared with him my own mistakes in the past and my own struggle in coming back from those mistakes.  We talked about God, meditation and came to the conclusion he would love to return to school and in some way help others.  It was a great connection and I was happy to say goodbye knowing he is returning home and has a happy family waiting his arrival.

Shortly after another lady sat beside me, she also just lost her brother and was picking here niece up who is coming in from Mexico.  We share over a half hour together getting to know each other, exchanging contact info and finding comfort in sharing our losses and gains in life.

Sunset Corpus Christi, Texas Saturday Night 

Happy Mothers Day, this has been a great mothers day for me, sharing
it with new friends along my way to Phoenix turned out to be a great
gift for us all.
Today I know I am exactly where I am meant to be as I travel to Phoenix.  If I had taken a flight for the convenience of it I would have missed all this.  This is what it is all about.  getting out here in the world and being open to making new friends along the way.  I know this year will be one I remember for the rest of my life as the best of my life.  This past 18 months has been one adventure after the other with so many miracles in between.

I love you all from a place of being grateful for each mile I travel, every hand I shake and all the tears and laughter I am blessed to share with so many along the way.

One Love
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