Saturday, May 11, 2013

God is Good All the Time~

I think too often we sing praises to God when things in our lives are good.  I know for myself there was a time when I would have said the words... "God is Good All the Time".  When things were good, when I saw something good in life that reminded me of the good in this world.  However, I was missing something in those words, I was missing the "All The Time" part.

The greatest gift is the gift of a relationship with my Creator.  It is through awakening to the Love my Creator has for me always that I was able to realize my being worthy of love.  It is through opening my heart to the infinite, abundant love of God I was able to release all the doubt and pain that kept me believing in was unworthy of love and begin to heal and love myself as God loves me.

Over the past year and a half of this Journey, sharing it here with all of you I have learned so many valuable lessons and tools to use in life to remind me of how valuable all of life has been for my growth.  What was once painful is now valuable.  I can honestly look back and see that it was my struggles that shaped me the most and for that be grateful for them and in that realize that God was Good then too.

I no longer need to wait for something good to come in life to sing praises to the Heaven's of God's Goodness.  In fact it is in the most challenging moments today that I can look upon each challenge and see the gift from God in the challenge.  I can clearly see that I have been given yet another opportunity to build more character, more of a chance to see how brilliant, resourceful and resilient I can be.  I can recognize that I have been given another opportunity in life to earn a reward for facing my fears and the challenges ahead of me.  The reward is not that of passing a test, because I have also learned that God does not test us, we do test ourselves.  It is in viewing everything as a test that we believe we can fail the test or pass the test.  This thinking leads us to cave into fears, and many of us, myself included suffer from fears of failure and success.

Rather than see lives challenges as test I see them as opportunities to learn.  When I view them as such there is no fail or pass, as I recognize that whatever the outcome it all serves me, there is no good or bad outcome, no expectations of meeting the grade therefor no disappointment and I remember that God is Good All the Time, it is All Good All the Time!

I have shifted my expected outcome in any situation to believing that every outcome serves my dreams and goals in some way.  I do not waste time on disappointment, rather see each set back as a step forward as now I can check that idea off my list and I do not give up on an idea until I am fully sure it will not work.  I make strong choices, stick to them, see them for what they are and make more choices all with the knowing that it all serves me and that God is good all the time!

Life with the knowing that it is all Good all the time.
If we can get to a place in life of Gratitude for it all, I have learned we can be successful now, and it is in our mind, our thoughts and our beliefs of success in life that we gain the success we desire, it is in being successful now that we become what we are.  There is no way to gain that which we view as so far away, we are constantly creating a vibration of distance from our goals.  Viewing the steps to getting there as a part of the whole of success in any area of our life, seeing each challenge as God being good all the time is such a powerful mindset to attain, one that allows us to experience the feelings of succeeding now.  After all isn't it the feeling of succeeding we seek?  Feeling it now gives us that which we seek and creates the vibration that allows our goals to be here now.

Today I am reminded of the power of God is Good All the Time and not because there is so much good going on around me, there certainly is and for that I am truly blessed.  However, I am reminded of this because I felt it yesterday and the day before so while things are improving in great strides in my life and many lives around me, they were improved even before now with our faith and belief that they were.

I love you all from a place of Delicious Gratitude for God being so Good All the Time.

One Love

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