Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Say No to Big Agriculture and Corrupt Governments...

There is an answer to the problems we face worldwide with our food supply and big corporations attempt to take it over.  There is a simple solution and it begins with us, the people.  Just say NO!

It begins with us all realizing that we have the power, we the people do not have to live in fear or our governments, they are not our leaders they are our servants, elected to serve and protect your fundamental rights.  They have stopped doing that a long, long time ago.  We have all been asleep, distracted and mislead for a long, long time now and it is time to wake up and decide that we are not afraid and we in love can take back our planet.

I read yet another article this morning about another criminal law passed on this earth by another corrupt government who is obviously run by big business as most our governments are today.  Every day more and more of our fundamental basic human rights are being taken from us.  Every day more and more of our planet is being destroyed as we go through our days unaware, ignoring it, blindly trusting someone else to do something about it pretending it isn't really happening.  This is happening world wide, it effects us all!

I think mostly many of us feel fear when we really open our eyes and see what is happening, we are scared that we cannot do anything about it so we bury our heads in the sand and tell ourselves that everyone trying to enlist us all to care is a conspiracy theorist or just crazy.  We are way beyond being able to do that anymore.  Our governments are not even trying to hide it today, and I think I know why...

The global consciousness has shifted, we are waking up in the masses.  We are overcoming our fears and embracing love and that my loved ones is changing the final outcome.  There are many attempts from our Governments to regain control over us through fear.  The answer to this all really lies in our ability to face our fears, to embrace love and act in peace and say we no longer will participate in the game our governments have played with us for far too long now.

Weather you and I share the same core beliefs is not the issue here, separatism has been a tool of our governments for decades now.  They will use anything that keeps us separate to keep us from realizing our power as one to take our planet back, to take our souls back.

I get caught up in that trap myself, I have to remind myself when I do that you and I are one, that you and I are not defined by our differences, they make us unique not enemies.  I remind myself and you all today that we are powerful beyond our imagination and it is our imagination that can change the course we are on right now.

Can you imagine a world of all our dreams?  We all want the same things really.  To love life, to live a life with happiness and prosperity, abundance and good health.  We all want the right to explore, to express, to believe, we all want the same things.  So that which separates us is nothing compared to that which bonds us.

The answer is in learning that we do not have to fear governments that are set in place to serve us, they are no longer serving us and in that truth we should no longer adhere to the devastation they have in store for us.  Peacefully decide to not take part in a system that does not benefit us anymore.  Turn off the TV for starters, that is the biggest distraction and tool they use.  Stop watching the news, we cannot trust one single reporter on the major networks to tell us the truth about anything.

Do not buy from companies owned by Monsanto and companies like Monsanto.  Email me and I will send you lists of good and bad  companies if you like.  Support local organic farmers, grow your own food not now but right now.  Collect seeds.  Tell your doctors you would prefer alternative choices when presented with more medications to take for things we can get through on our own, like anxiety, depression, and more.

It will take some work but come on now my world family, it is worth it.  It is time to wake up to our individual responsibility in changing the world before it is too late.  Just say no to the conditioned thinking and routines we have accepted as normal and begin to search deep within your own hearts and you will see the truth there, find your courage there and realize that even if there are consequences to face for not adhering to the criminal laws the consequences we face by accepting all this are far greater.

This is a long video, you don't have to agree with every part of it to take the parts that work for you and help you to realize your power in creating change for yourself, your family, our world!

The internet is a vast pool of information and a good place to start waking up to the truth and our power to change everything.  I believe that when opening our eyes to the truth it is so important to find solutions to aid us in facing the fears and anger that are born in us.  Remind ourselves that it is in facing our fears with a love for all life and a desire to protect life that we can change the outcomes we face today.

Another very powerful tool in helping bring change it to share this truth with everyone you know, write your own articles on it, share this blog, share these videos tell your friends and family.  Help wake up the world, our world!

I love you all from a place of love for you no matter who you are, no matter what we may thing separates us, we are one, we all matter and we all can change this all.

One Love,

Here are some places to go to learn more about what is going on with our food supply, changing what we eat helps us to wake up, it also helps to support our local farmers, organic suppliers and put big business in it's place, out of business.

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  1. Jo, you and I are from different parts of the US, but are on the same page regarding what is happening to our Nation and our World. People have been complacent for far too long, Sheeple NO MORE!!! The 99% movement was just the beginning, I believe that thanks to the internet grassroots change is happening now! As Bob Dylan put it so eloquently "The times, they are a changing"...
    Kim Libby