Monday, May 20, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona... I am home!

Amy Pollaro and her awesome son DJ.  Amy is one of my Phoenix, Az
reps who joined Essante and my team with hopes to help her son who has
Aspergers Syndrome.  She has helped DJ get off of his medications with
our products and began making a living by helping her family get healthy
being able to help her do that and getting to know her has been one huge
blessing on this journey and this week.  
Oh I have sooooo much to tell ya'll.  You might want to stop right now and go pour a fresh cup of coffee or grab some water and a snack.  A lot has happened in this past week since we spent time together on my way here.

As many of you know I have spent the past year an a half traveling on a journey to learn how to love myself.  In that I have learned how to heal, forgive myself & others.  I began taking my health back by being better to me, got out of my wheelchair and started walking again.

Many of you remember Glen and Theresa who I met at the beginning of this journey.  They taught me so much about eating better, taught me how to avoid msg's, additives and preservatives in foods as they learned about all this due to Glen's MS and have been able to help him get off his medications by avoiding those harmful chemicals.  Our paths led us back together as Theresa is stationed here on assignment at a local hospital.  She is a traveling nurse and her assignment ends here next week.  They were my guests at the Event this weekend and I am so honored and blessed that we all get to work together now in Essante.  How awesome that they taught me so much and now I get to teach them about even more chemicals in the products we use very day, this is why I love this line of work, truly changing lives.

I am having the best romance of my life with loving myself.
Along the way I have developed a relationship with God that has sustained me in ways that I was never whole before now.  I have been learning new everything, practicing the law of attraction, trusting myself to be vulnerable and ask for and accept help from others and most of all believing me by facing all my fears.

All this work has brought me here to this most amazing step on my journey, so many things great things happened this week that at times I found myself so scared and on the edge of the cliff of self sabotage.  There is still this little voice inside of me that likes to remind me of my doubts in myself and tries to tell me that I don't deserve all this great stuff happening in my life.  Thankfully for all the work I have done to learn differently I can shut that voice down with love and prayer today.

Phoenix, Arizona is amazing, the heat is dry so it really helps my arthritis and to be honest I can deal with 4 months of really hot weather to be blessed with year round amazing weather.  The cost of living is low, the opportunity is abundant and the city is set in the middle of the most magical mountains.  I think I may have found home.

Dr. Jonathon James Levine is a kindred spirit, we both share a passion
of helping others that has in life caused us both pain.  I am learning much
from him already on how to truly be the best help to others I can be.  
About 45 miles outside of Phoenix, Az I started getting really excited, I felt that feeling you get when you are close to home after being away for a while.  Having never been to Arizona I wasn't sure why such an overwhelming sense of going home, however I really didn't need to question it, I just felt it. As we pulled into Phoenix I was amazed at what a beautiful city this is.  I never knew Arizona was so beautiful.  From the moment I got off the buss I have felt nothing but loved by everyone here.  All these amazing people that I am meeting in person for the first time have embraced me like an old friend they hadn't seen in a long, long time.  I have also made so many new friends outside of my work world just in connections made on the buss and since arriving while meeting people in my day to day life that I have no doubt some will pop up in future entries as this new stop on my Journey unfolds.

Jane Orlov and I got to spend the day shopping and getting pedi's and
mani's this week.  I discovered this woman has so much courage and
is such an inspiration to me to continue to face my own fears.  Thank
you Jane for sharing your friendship and life story with me.
On my first morning waking up in my new cottage studio I got excited about my visit to my corporate office at Essante Organics.  Amy picked me up and we headed over.  I cannot explain to you all what I found out about the three men running this company.  I don't know how many of you have been following along remember back when I went through the lesson of letting go of my deep seeded hatred of money.  For the new to the Journey of you let me just say that I used to really hate money.  I know hate is a strong word.  And yes I have worked my whole life to make what I hated.  Like you I had not choice, right?!

Daniel Wenniger is the most down to earth, mellow, awesome person ever.
He has so much knowledge and wisdom and has never forgotten where
he came from.   His passion to help others rocks!
 I mean we have to support our families and money makes the world go round.  So yeah I made money, I also was not very good with my money because I never valued it.  There was this part of me that came from far back to the years when I was that little girl growing up in poverty being treated badly by the rich kids and their families for not having.  I grew up in a very expensive city to live in, Santa Cruz, Ca.  Because the economic status is so divided there between those who have and those who bond together to make it there for the quality of living.  I was in an even lower class than those who bond together to make it affordable to live there.  I was in the child of a junkie class so that meant we couldn't even pretend we were middle class if we had wanted to.  I got picked on a lot for my dirty thrift store clothes and messy hair.  To my mother shopping in thrift stores was not only affordable but the thing to do as a hippy, why not reuse rather than buy new.  I get that now and actually love second had anything  but back then I didn't get it and neither did the other kids.

Michael Wenniger thank you so much for all you are doing and have done
for everyone in this amazing company you created.  I am so honored and
blessed to be here in the beginning.  Thank you for letting me come here
to learn from you directly.  I am so proud to be a part of the beginning of
this company.  
I have no doubt that I have missed many opportunities over the years due to my hate of money and distrust of people who had a lot of it.  My experiences had taught me that the millionaires, the rich among us thought they were better than me and for that I didn't like them much either.  I made peace along this journey with my feelings about money.  I had help as this was not an easy mindset for me to change.  Karen & Diane were two big inspirations in my learning to understand that money is merely a piece of paper that allows me freedom to do what I want to do.  How I get it and what I do with it are my choice.  Through much prayer, meditation and positive visualization I have mended my relationship with money today.  Good thing too as I may not have been presented with the opportunities sitting in front of me at this moment if I was still sitting in a falsely judgmental position on people who have money.

So I meet these three guys right... I can totally call them "guys" and I will tell you why.  They are just like us.  This was really cool to find out.  The three guys I am referring to are Michael Wenniger, Daniel Wenniger and Dr. Jonathon James Levine.  Michael and Daniel are the owners and founders of Essante Organics.  Dr. JJ is the President.  I have spent the past week hanging out with them, their wives and the corporate office as well as my team and many other reps who showed up at the end of the week for the Great Green Event that goes down every four months here in Phoenix, AZ.

Michael Wenniger, Angie Levine, Tracy Mathewman, Amanda Prokopowich, Me, Jeff Cerza, Dr. Jonathon James Levine and Daniel Wenniger taking over the VIP section of the meet and greet on Friday night.

Dinner at Crusts was amazing, until I fell, hahaa stay tuned for that story.
I could go on an on about all the glam and glits of this week, the amazing places they treated me to and so on but the real story is in the connections made, the conversations, the realizations and yesterday where it all came to a head for me on a boat on lake Pleasant and I had my second "Ah Ha" moment this week.  This week has been a whirlwind of fun, doing things, eating foods, going places, etc... All that I have never done or had.

Jeff Cerza and Daniel Wenniger with us at a Martini bar in Scottsdale, AZ
I can pretty much say I have been swept off my feet in more ways than one.  Most importantly I discovered that the whole reasons I choose this company was not in vain.  When I first decided to stay in this industry after my last company I had some great offers from some people I respected who have made a huge success of themselves and made a big name, I also had some offers from some great companies.  Essante offered me no money to sign, no one promised me anything if I joined, however they had what I wanted most.  They had a product line that I believe in.

Me, Jeff and Jane at the greatest little country bar in Scottsdale, AZ
We created so many memories this week, that I will cherish forever.
 After what I went through with my last company I had to really know that what I promoted was safe and more than hype, more than a promise that this "vapor" we are selling and claiming will change you life.  I had to be sure.  So I did my due diligence this time.  I studdied the history of the industry, researched the ingredient deck of every company I was considering and found Essante to be the only one worth trusting in this game.  So I found the leader I wanted to work with and got started.  Since then I have worked hard to help spread awareness about the toxins in not only the food we eat but the products we use externally.

We just have fun doing what we love and that rocks, everyone in this
company is simply amazing!
My team is growing super fast ya'll.  Even I am amazed when I see what is happening with Team One Love.  Having the owners of the company see something in me and my team and reach down to us really rocks.  It only strengthens so much for me.  Mostly because I have gotten to know these "guys" and been able to see first hand what they are all about.  I didn't know that people with so much could maintain their values in such a commendable fashion till this week.

Tracy Mathewman, Jeff Cerza, Daniel Wenniger, Michael Wenniger, me, Jane Orlov and Linda Wenniger
Another night out on the town that rocked my world.  I have had more fun in the past week than in years, thank you so much all of you!

Our first night out Michael and I had a joke-off haha I held my own for
a while but he out joked me in the end, hahaaaaa You sure can tell a great
joke Michael, thank you all for a great night.
Many times I have been close to tears in between the billows of laughter while hanging out with them everyday.  I sat in the event and while it was a very proud moment for me when I was given recognition for three awards and hitting the platinum level in the company which is our highest pay level I was even more proud of who is leading me and my team.  I sat with tears welling up in my eyes as I watched Michael Wenniger get teary eyes himself as he just kept it real about his passion in helping children, specifically those with disabilities.

Dr. JJ Levine, Jeff Cerza and Angie Levine at the meet and greet.  We
had so much fun, great putting faces with names and making so many
new connections within our company.
Daniel Wenniger and his wife Linda who is probably the most amazing woman ever have had me in a state of fighting back tears much as well as they shared so much with me about their lives and mission.  Dr. JJ and his beautiful wife Angie have treated me like family and were so excited to present me with the awards I was truly touched.  I got to hang out with Jane Orlov who herself started in this industry and this Country with many doubts and fears and has since and still is facing them and changing her life despite any small minds that say she shouldn't or couldn't.  She knows she can and that is all that matters and she does so with hard work and love in her heart.

I was awarded for hitting silver in two hours in the company, gold in four days and platinum in under six weeks.  I am so blessed to see all this work paying off but even more so to be able to know I did this by helping others do the same.

I won $100 at the even for bringing the most guests.  That was way cool.
I have had many defining moments with the two biggest ones being at the Great Green Event and on the Daniel Wennigers boat yesterday on Lake Pleasant.  At the event it really hit me how HUGE of an opportunity this is.  You know how when you look back over your life and you can see moments and decisions that changed your lives course forever but rarely to we really realize the impact that choice made during making it as we make most decisions based on immediate need or current emotions.  Well every once in a blue moon we get the chance to see where the shift occurred as it is occurring   This is one of those days.  The past four months of work, traveling and dedication to doing what I truly believe in has brought me to this place.  I can see so clearly the future based on one decision I had the insight to act upon by following this path in promoting organic toxic free living.  I can see what is happening right now and what is to come so clearly and it is so cool to realize at this moment that in a future moment I will look back as my future self and say... That was when...!

Amanda Prokopowich, Phyllis Malanfont & Tracy Mathewman
giving Platinum advice as the other three Platinum women in the company.
I am so honored to share this title with these ladies who have been such
support to me.
It is rare in life that we come across once in a life time opportunities to get involved in something in the beginning that is going to sweep the world weather we are in it or not.  Even more so it is rare that we have the belief in ourselves to be a part of a movement or believe in a movement so powerful in the beginning of it.  Think about the internet for example.  We all heard about, yet few of us took it seriously and said "wow, this could be huge, this could change the way we communicate and educate ourselves as a whole planet" in the beginning of the launching of the internet.  Any of us could have had the courage and vision to be a part of that shift yet few of us did and the few who did in the beginning are the ones who were rewarded the greatest for something that was going to happen with or without them.  The global shift to organic spending is easily comparable to the internet.  Yet few of us really see that right now.  Most see this shift as not affordable and not so important, I mean after all we have been eating this crap for all our lives anyways right, and we have been using these toxic products all our lives anyways right.  How on earth could promoting organics and taking the steps to educate ourselves really make much of a difference the world is too screwed up anyways right?  WRONG!

The damages done by eating foods and using products that are full of carcinogens and toxins is now evident, everyone knows someone who is battling cancer or dying from it.   Everyone knows someone who has a child with Autism or ADHD or many other conditions.  Everyone knows someone if not themselves who has been affected by this corruptly ran system of selling us toxins to profit a buck.  So weather you or I believe that the world will change it is changing before our very eyes and those who are a part of that change now are the same as the people who saw the internet for what it was.  No one thought a computer was needed or affordable back then and now you have to have one to get a job and survive.  In one way or another you use the technology or you live in a tent in the forest, that simple.  Just like that shift happened this one happening too.  Those of us who recognize that and are so blessed to be a part of it are going to be rewarded in more ways than one for doing so.  I know that when I make my millions and fullfill my dreams I will have done so helping millions to awaken to the toxins killing them slowly and saved millions of lives.  If that isn't a great way to earn a living I don't know what is.  Having strengthened my beliefs of what money is in my own life and developed a passion for serving others I now get to see the rewards of that in some big, big ways and help others do the same and that freaken rocks!

So blessed to have been at this event!

The second "ah ha" moment I had was yesterday out on the boat.  Michael and Daniel Wenniger took a group of us out on their boats on Lake Pleasant for the day.  I had the most amazing day touring the whole lake which is huge.  The landscape breath taking.  Some amazing things happened for me on that boat ride and throughout the entire day that I honestly must give an entry all it's own.  Stay tuned for my second ah ha moment as it is a battle I am sure many of us face and sharing it will be facing some big fears of my own.  I will write about it tonight and post it in the morning for you all.

In the mean time I love you all from a place of "WOW".  Enough said.

One Love
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