Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stop Geo Engineering ~ Raise Awareness

The most important thing each of us can do for our planet and all life on this planet right now is to raise awareness.  There are still so many people who refuse to believe this is actually happening.  There are too many people worried about silly labels like "conspiracy theorist" being thrown back at them for telling the truth.

I don't know all the technical stuff associated with this, I can't write some long informative article on the issue's and consequences of Geo Engineering, I can do my part and share this, so can you.  Take a couple seconds to share this video and anything you come across throughout the day with your friends and family.

Our Governments have no rights to choose for us, they have no rights to spray our skies and kill our planet.  We are beyond the point of trying to decide if this is happening, it is happening, the proof is in the skies, look up! Look at what is happening to life on earth, our fish supply, the forest, our planet is dying.

Here is a very informative video from Youtube on the subject.  Share it with everyone you know.  I know it sucks to think about stuff like this, but ignoring it won't help it go away.  We call all take indiviudual responsibility for doing our own part and sharing the truth with everyone we know.  Share, Share, Share and show WE CARE!

I am a big believer that when we recognize problems in life, specifically ones that are scary problems like these we should immediately seek solutions.  Here are some search results for us, rather than post individual videos or articles I opted to share my search results as a starting point for us all to do our own homework and try what resinates with ourselves in seeking solutions and taking charge of change in whatever way we can.  We begin with awareness and continue with actions of solution that are within our grasps to begin with.  Waiting on the Governments to do something is not the answer, they are the ones doing this to us and our planet, let's all decide to not let their attempts to distract us from what is really threatening us and our planet right now and bond together to do what we can.

Personally I believe in the power of Angels, the power of prayer and ask for assistance to protect us and our earth every time I see the skies full of chemtails, I stop what I am doing and from my heart ask for help cleaning up our skies.  Prayer is so powerful and Angels are all around us wanting to help us, we have but to ask.

I love you all from a place of believing that we can change it all, if we first believe we can, we can!

One Love

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