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A guy named Danny...

Daniel Wenniger, CCO Essante Organics
When I first met Daniel Wenniger I was at my first Essante Organics corporate presentation where he spoke.  It was my second day in Phoenix, Arizona and I remember thinking "wow, what an awesome speaker".  As he stood taller than most in his impressive suit with a perfect tan and long hair in a pony tail speaking I got the sense that this guy was the real deal, he seemed so down to earth and honest.

Daniel the Drummer

While he shared his story of being "born in Wisconsin, Mr. Daniel Wenniger grew up with his brother, Michael Wenniger, on their family's farm. At age 5 he began playing the drums and within 6 months surpassed his drumming coach's talent.  Having found a natural, God given gift, by age 7 he was performing live with his family's band.  In the 80's the Wenniger Brother's band, Foxx, opened for Cheap Trick.

Michael the Rock Star

Daniel attended WCTC College of Technology in Wisconsin, where he earned his degree in Business and Marketing.  These degrees would serve him well.

Danny's first business venture was with network marketing, while in his teens.  Danny and Michael both said yes to a fledgling of a company that, unbeknownst to them, would soon become billion dollar global leader in the direct sales industry. During that company's momentum phase, both Danny and Michael, spoke to 200 people and 35 said yes to joining their team.  The Wenniger brother's team grew from 35 to 75,000 distributors in a few short years, making the Wenniger brother's the first multi-million dollar earners in their working class family.

Daniel Wenniger parlayed his multi-millions into several diverse businesses including residential and commercial properties, land acquisitions, car delearships and limousine businesses.

Danny getting to know you has changed me in many ways, thank you
for who you are and how much you care.  You are the real deal and I
am honored to be in business with you and even more so to call you friend.
Danny's drumming career took it's toll and resulted in damage to his eardrums. Yet he turned his unfortunate hearing condition, tinnitus, into an entrepreneurial win. Daniel became the impassioned owner and developer of The Tackler, the world's first earbud noise masking device.  His patented device helps individuals with severe and constant ringing in the ears to sleep, concentrate at work and function normally, by emitting static white noise.

In 2009, Daniel Wenniger began his career as Essanté Organics' CCO, Chief Communications Officer.  He assists the field with superior presentations and training. Danny spearheaded the Fundraising division of Essanté Organics, and to date is responsible for assisting 1000s of Wellness Warriors (Essanté Executives) to enjoy easier, more profitable fundraisers.

Today, Mr. Daniel Wenniger has a proven track record of success.  He has 3 decades of experience under his belt in the network marketing, real estate and wellness industries. He enjoys the direct sales industry because of the connections people make.  He has a strong belief in Essanté Organics product line because they are daily-use product that people need and the 100% certified Toxic Free ™, organic and wild crafted ingredients deliver true health benefits.

Essanté Organics, the first USA based direct sales company to offer 100% chemical free commodities (daily use products) on a global scale. Danny is passionate about helping everyone to “Live free, chemical free, financially free”.
When Danny is off the clock he can be found on the lake where he's known to all as an avid and award winning fisherman."

Steven I miss you bro, funny how no matter distance you still have a
profound impact on me in may ways, I love you my brother!
As I was given the privilege of getting to know Danny and Mike and their circle of peeps, I heard others calling Daniel Wenniger "Danny" yet I still called him Daniel or Mr. Wenniger as I just didn't feel right calling him Danny yet, I was still looking at him and Mike as the owners of Essante.  That had begun to change but really changed yesterday for me.  My friend who has become like a brother to me, Steven who I first stayed with in Sacramento when beginning my 28 day plan of traveling across the Country to work with my promoters in person contacted me.  He told me that his friend Steve was in a hospital here in Phoenix after a really bad car accident last week.  He asked me if I would go visit him. I said I would find a ride and make it happen, no problem.

Steve, meeting you was such an honor, you are an
amazing soul and I look forward to getting to know
you better.
I contacted Daniel Wenniger who was giving me a ride into corporate for the presentation that I now do for corporate and asked if he would be willing to leave a bit early and shared with him why.  He didn't even hesitate to say yes and even went further to offer to put together some alkalizing products to help Steve heal.  I cooked Steve some home cooked goodness full of ingredients that promote healing, got ready and got picked up and off to the hospital to meet Daniel we went.

Meeting Steve was one of the brighter highlights of my day, seeing Daniel talking to Steve, Daniel became Danny to me.  Steve is one of the sharper crayons in the box, highly intelligent and inventive in areas that really matter like solar energy and quite the humanitarian he recently helped create a halfway house in Reno, Nevada for abused women along with some other great souls and did so without it costing a penny to anyone.

Steve and Danny, two guys who made my day yesterday!
 I was instantly impressed by Steve as he lay in that hospital bed with several stitches and metal implants, and dispite all that was ready to go home after a serious car accident just four days earlier.  I listened as he shared so much with Danny and I and watched as Danny shared back with his honest and down to earth nature and saw the man behind the expensive suit.

While Danny has a lot of money, he is even richer in what matters most.  Here he was sitting with me in the hospital room of a man who is not in the company, does not benefit him in any way financially and was in no rush to leave, I actually had to say we better go as not to be late for the presentation.  I recently read an wrote an article about how Michael Wenniger donated $150,000 in products to Goodwill for homeless women and helped a young teenage boy addicted to heroin and meth into a rehab center and has plans to surround him with youth from his church to help the young man have a new peer group of influence and those stories both touched my heart and helped me to see what type of people I am associated with.  However being there first hand with Daniel Wenniger to see how honest and compassionate he is up close and personal like that it really hit me that Danny and Mike are just two guys who care and through hard work have created a whole new life without ever forgetting where they came from and how important it is to help others when presented with the opportunity to do so.

People matter!  People caring about people is what life is all about.  More and more as this journey to loving myself progresses I am finding myself surrounded with the best people, who just love life, everything and everyone in it too.

Thank you Danny for all you are teaching me and my team, for helping
create a company we can believe in with a mission that I can see so clearly
is as real as you and Mike are! You guys Rock! Literally, haha
Daniel became Danny to me and I am so honored to have such a good friend in my life.  Him and his wife Linda have had a huge impact on me already.  In fact the entire team at corporate has shown me some things about myself, helped to erase some doubts and are teaching me every day that everyday people like us can do anything we set our minds to.  Our President Dr. JJ Levine and his wife Angie have taken me under their wing as well to help mentor me and my team.  I have been able to just be me with them all and they just love me even more for it.  I didn't realize what I had in this company fully until I got here to see first hand who the amazing people behind the name are.

I look forward to getting to know Steve more, he and I share some similar opinions on important issues to us both that affect us all as a whole and I have a feeling I have just made a new friend who will be a great impact on my life in many ways with his humanitarian self, haha.

I love you all from a place of complete gratitude for having taken the steps in my own life to get to this most amazing place where so many good things are happening in my life and the lives of so many around me.

One Love,

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