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Exercise your brain baby!

Success is a combination of hard work and believing/having faith in your self to overcome fears and doubts that stop us before we reach our goals.  A common reason I believe so many are stuck in the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) mindset is we are conditioned from a young age to be left brained, it starts strongly in our school system which has eliminated almost all right brained education like arts, music, sport for reasons stated of lack of budget.

I think that we are missing the importance of the right brain function and purpose.  The more I study on this the more I see that left brain thinking makes us easier to control, keeps us working for others and staying inline with what everyone says is the right thing to do.

Me, at I think 10 or 11 years old
I missed a lot of school growing up and thought my hippy Mom's choice of lifestyle sucked till recently.  Now I thanking my lucky stars she was such a free thinker all those years we were so young and impressionable.  Yes, there were down sides to growing up in a drug addicted environment, however there were many upsides too and it took till recently for me to realize how what seemed to be misfortune was actually a foundation for fortune in my independent thinking.

While my Mother may have been addicted to drugs most of my childhood she still had some awesome beliefs, she was into organic gardening except it wasn't really called that then because most gardening was organic.  I remember her making compost for fertilizer, we saved all our egg shells, banana peels and so on for the this big mound of dirt in the back yard.  I remember avocado seeds with tooth pics in them in a glass of water sitting in the window seals of the many places we lived. Snacks for us were mostly fruits and vegetables growing up and she cooked many healthy meals when she did cook.  She was very conscience about healthy foods most days.

In my younger years we went to school mostly at alternative learning school.  One was really cool, it was more like a big house, than a school.  We played most of the day and our learning was voluntary, there I learned to make pottery, embarked on my early love for creating art and learned math as I really liked math, I also developed my creative writing there and there were no grades, just feedback and praise.  I choose when and what I wanted to learn and played when I wanted to play.  In my later years we frequented more public schools with structured learning, however back then we had music, art and sports that were a big part of learning.  I was able to play instruments and loved art classes which followed into my high school years as well which were back to alternative learning.

Maui, Hawaii 1982

During my middle school years I missed most of the school year as I was in the foster care system with a woman who was not very nice and a full fledged alcoholic.  She was very physically and mentally abusive and would beat me with horse whips and hangers when I tried to sneak out to go to school.   Fortunately I only lived with her for a year before spending the next year with an amazing woman who taught me how to ride horses and even helped me ride in the rodeo, I even rode a bull once.  She was very loving and nurturing and made the best meatloaf, almost as good as my great grandmothers recipe.  That year with Tracy was one of the best years of our lives looking back.  I think of her often and hope to see her again one day.

Riding was something I loved and strongly desire to do again one day.  I was a natural from day one, as if I had rode my whole life.  I won belt buckles and have some of my best memories of that year with Tracy who loved us so much.

It's really cool to be at this place today where I can look back at it all, the good and the bad of my childhood and see how it all played a part in shaping the woman I am today.  Many of you who have followed this journey and those in my life know the work I have done to heal the scars I carried that led me to be self destructive behaviors from my inability to love myself or believe I deserved love without sacrificing myself in some way to earn it.  Today, loving me and seeing how much I gained from that unorthodox childhood I am truly grateful for it all, honestly I am.

What in my youth was a rebellious nature now serves me in many ways while forging my path to success now believing I deserve it and also understanding that I should get it the right way with no quick fixes or shortcuts.  Today what I hated about my life then I can see clearly shaped the warrior spirit I am that allows me to speak my truth and believe in myself in strong ways now that I am able to love me first.

I will always be grateful for the role my little sister played in keeping me
from hating life, she truly gave me much of my foundation all those years.
All that to say this... I use my right brain daily, always have really, I would say I am pretty balanced with a stronger right brain outlook at life after reading much today on the subject.  I have always had this amazing ability to create a good outcome from the worst circumstances. While at the same time had an ability to solve problems in a more left brain fashion as well. The problem in the past was that I was caught in a habitual cycle of creating the worst circumstances to have somewhere to start building from.  It was all I knew most my life, we moved constantly, cops banding doors down, overdoses and people catching on fire, and more.  I, at a very young age learned how to pick up the pieces each time and mostly for my little sister who needed someone to make it all okay.  I was the adult most of our years growing up, or at least I thought I was.

I have since learned that the drastic events are no longer needed and began.  I can be be content with daily life and still find the drive to push myself because I am doing it for the right reasons now and loving myself enough to retrain  my thinking so that I can truly experience a better life.

I have to say that if I didn't go through all that I don't know if I would be the creative powerful spirit I am today.  I do know that it is my creative side that allows me to find solutions quickly, that allows me to come up with great ideas and approaches to new thinking out of the box ideas, it is my right brain strength that gives me much of this.

Maja, thank your for a great day yesterday morning, you are so awesome
to know and work with!
In working with someone on my team who is very left brained and fully capable of total success in this business I am in, we discovered that left brain thinking is getting in the way of him fully feeling it, believing in it.  He is already seeing much success with some blocks holding him back in one area really. I take a different approach than most in working with my team.  I don't just hand them a play book and say go.  We all work differently and this mission is so much more to me than sign up bonuses.  Truly believing in this movement for organic/toxic free living leads me to seek out others who also are as passionate as myself and help them develop their strengths and address their weaknesses.  At the same time I find so many who like myself are just learning more about this organic green movement and we get to grow together as they grow more and more passionate with education and more so seeing the differences in their own health by making these steps to learn and change.

We got to working on what his blocks were, in moving forward we discovered that there might be some major left brain thinking going on.  So we decided to test our findings and started researching right brain training ideas.  I am almost as excited as my friend is to see how this turns out for him.  My friend and business partner amazes me in many ways, especially in his ability to try new ideas, even when they don't make sense to him.  He will flat out tell me... Okay, this doesn't click for me but I think you could be right about a few points, others not, either way I am willing to be open to finding out, lets do it!  And we both learn what works and what doesn't with no real care for who is right or wrong.  I love that!

Working with the team in Essante Organics is the highlight of my day
most days, being able to help myself and others get more and more
toxins and chemicals out of our every day life feels great.  Helping
the planet by doing so makes me feel even better about this path I am on
I found some sites that have information on right brain exercises, and in doing so also learned that exercising my left brain is something I have been doing more of myself, without even realizing it.  I have been teaching myself for the past year and a half to look at things also from a left brain perspective without trying.  I can see now after reading much of today on the two sides of the brain how using them both equally serves us most.

Today my ability to combine my major right brain self with my more stable (by the day) left brain self is serving me well.  I am excited to help my friend do the same by beginning more right brain activity to balance the two sides.  I suggest doing some research of your own to find what clicks with you, here is one of the sites I found that seemed cool, but I have learned to check many sources and find the ones that feel right and advise you do the same.  Click HERE for some right brain exercise information.

I love you all from a place of feeling good about feeling good about it all.  I think you understand what i mean by that.  It all served me and today I can look back and really understand that as I continue to grow.

One Love

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