Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day Daddy~

Today is my first Fathers Day without my being able to talk to my Dad.  While he is no longer here in the physical sense I know he is here in a much larger sense.  Today he is reminding me of the the power of Spirit flowing through me.  Today I can still hear the men who stood at his funeral sharing how he saved their lives, helped them to find God inside of them.

I remember the sparkle in my Fathers eyes when he would tell me that God loves me as I am.  If anyone knew what it meant to be loved by their Creator as they were it was my father.  He taught me about unconditional love in many ways.  No matter what I did wrong in my life he never judged me, never cut me off, never even told me once he was disappointed in me.  He just loved me despite my flaws or the distance between us.

I miss him.  I sat this morning crying and talking to him, I posted a dedication to him, one that lead to a series of songs coming back my way and I realized that he was listening.  He is here with me today.  Where I felt lonely I was full, where I felt discouraged I felt encouraged.  My Fathers life was not an easy road, not for himself or most who loved him.  Especially in his earlier years.  He was a gifted man who could light up a room, he had an ability to to talk anyone into just about anything.  In his later years that gift was truly put to use with the many he helped to find the love of God that lives in all of us.  He was never a prefect man, my Father.  He knew that and taught me that perfection is Gods, imperfection is what makes us so special.

Thank you Dad for singing to me today.  I hear you loud and clear and I am here, full, standing strong and like you told me, never giving up!  I love you.

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