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I want to shop organic but I can't afford it! Tips on how to save money and shop organic.

Learning to live a more organic life style is one of the best ways to say I love you to yourself and your family.

So often I hear my friends and family say these words...  "I cannot afford to shop organic"  or "everything is bad for you, even the air, shopping organic won't make much of a difference".

Both statements are often based on lack of education on the truth.  I know because I used to say them both.  I remember laughing at my little sister for trying to educate me on healthy choices for me and my family.  I thought like many do that shopping organic was more of a trend than a necessity for people like me who had a budget to consider.

Let's address the affordability of shopping organic, I believe that is the final say for most people in choosing not to try to go through the process of learning how to avoid pesticides and gmo's in their shopping cart.  There is far too much knowledge on the dangers of GMO's and pesticides today to excuse them as a trend so I won't waste time addressing that issue. To learn more about processed foods and why we should avoid them at all and any cost click here.

An apple a day!
I will talk about the "BIG LIE" that I fell for most of my adult shopping life.  I believed that cheaper foods saved me money, when the truth is that most of the so called budget foods we buy are missing all the important stuff that even qualifies them as food in regards to nutrition needed for our bodies.  When you replace nutrition with processed foods to save a buck you are actually likely to eat way more of that cheaper option than you would have if you had just spent the extra buck on real food and here is why.  Our bodies need the nutrition found in real foods, when we fill up on fillers, additives, artificial flavor, colors and all the stuff found in most processed foods our body is still hungry for what it needs most... Nutrition!  Not to mention many processed foods specifically but not limited to junk and fast foods are created to keep you consuming more and more.  Processed foods have an addictive quality to them by triggering pleasurable reactions in our brain that you will encourage you to not only eat more, but also keep you coming back for more.

Food pairing is another great way to get maximum benefits from your meals
What I have learned from getting processed foods, additives and preservatives out of my grocery cart is that I now eat half of what I ate before in one sitting.  I am also fuller longer, feel better and my grocery bill has decreased rather than increased.  My body is getting the nutrition it needs now so I feel fuller faster.  Also, I am not longer putting all that "STUFF" into my body that was full of empty calories and damaging ingredients.

I have also learned some ways to save even more on my organic shopping receipt each week by shopping at stores like Trader Joes and finding local farmers markets.  I found this site Local Harvest that is a great go to for finding local options in any area. You can also save money by going to your favorite store website for coupons on their brand items.  Trader Joe's often has coupons on many items on their website.

Show your family you love them with good for them
foods rather than bad for them foods.
Another way to save is to shop in bulk, when you find a good deal on healthy food, stock up!  Honestly if protecting your health is important eating the same thing more often is a better option than a variety of cheap processed foods that are not good for you.  I know some of the mothers out there will say to themselves... "my family will never eat healthy" and let that be the reason.  Let's keep it real, if you are the one doing the shopping and cooking your family will learn by the example you set.  When your kids go roller blading or bike riding do you allow them to not wear a helmet because "they will never go for that"? Do you let them cross the street without looking both ways because "they will never go for that"?.  Why should what you feed them be any less important?  If your family is strongly resistant to these healthy changes initially, one way to help with this is start a family education night, watch documentaries together so they understand what exactly is going on with the foods they eat.  Netflix has an array of great documentaries about the effects of food and only costs $7.95 a month for unlimited access.

Educating our family on the effects of bad eating makes making positive changes a family affair, no need to trick them,
no need to say "because I said so" make them a part of the process and you just might find they are great reminders on days when you yourself might make bad choices.

What I have found with the families I have worked with on learning to eat more organic and make healthier choices is that it is usually the children who get the most involved after being educated.  I have stayed in a few homes across the Country while helping my team build their business in promoting organic living and it was their children who were the most enthusiastic about the changes.  You would be surprised how much children care about things when they know all the facts.  We are older and have grown much more conditioned to convenience than they have.  Breaking the cycle of acceptance in what is put into our food is one of the best things we can do for generations to come.

 Another way to save money is to choose wisely, know which produce is most important to buy organic and which ones are okay to buy conventional.  A great go to website for this is which is an Environmental Working Group and a valuable source of vast information on not only what we put into our body but also what goes on our body soaking into our blood stream and often more damaging that the foods we eat.  HERE you can enter the products you and your family use daily to see for yourself what carcinogens and toxins you are exposing you and them to.

Be a Sticker!

As a standard rule I have a little word association I use to remind myself of what I can buy conventionally grown and what is most important organic.  There is a code on the sticker on your fruit and vegetables that lets you know if it is organic, conventionally grown or GMO altered.  The first number is the key to the code.  3 or 4 means conventionally grown  (4 throw the peel out the door)  I will buy some conventionally grown produce if I peel it and it is not on the list of dirty dozen on the ewg site.  9 means organically grown (9 is fine) I always buy organic when I am eating the skin of my food or the skin is porous and will absorb more pesticides.  8 means Genetically Modified Organism, GMO's.  (Don't Eat Eight)  although some gmo produce is just the combination of two plants to make a new plant, like a new apple and that was what we thought for a long time was all GMO's were, today we know better.  Most genetically altered food is now full of all kinds of things that we would never put into our bodies and study after study is surfacing to show the horrific side effects of GMO foods.  I strongly suggest avoiding them as much as possible.

Essante Organics Supreme pH drops
It is important to know that about 80% of processed foods in the grocery store are full of GMO's as well as many other risky ingredients that are proven to be the culprits in many diseases and conditions including the huge increase in cancer and childhood disabilities today.  Another safe way to protect your family from diseases like cancer is to learn about the importance of Alkalizing.  Your pH is essential to a healthy body.  I use pH drops as well as Earth Greens to help balance my pH from Essante Organics.  Simply drinking lemon water all day can help, also educating yourself on which foods are acidic and alkaline is important, here is a great list, print it out and take it shopping with you on your next shopping trip.

Acid / Alkaline Food Chart

This shake is my favorite protein shake on the market for several
reasons.  It is vegan, alkalizes, metablizes and enegizes!
I have taken my desire to go organic a step further and now only use organic every day use products such as lotion, shampoo & conditioner, disinfectant spray, laundry soap and more from Essante Organics.  I also use their supplements like the Bee tabs, Earth Greens, Super Reds and Omegas as well as start every day with a their alkalized protein shake that is vegan.  All the Essante products are certified by the TOXIC FREE FOUNDATION and CERTIFIED ORGANIC  as well as GMO FREE and as a distributor I make a good living sharing them with others.  If you want to learn more about these awesome products or joining my team and building your own business you can visit my site at

To learn more about the effects of long term exposure to the toxins in the products our families use every day like tooth paste and lotion check out this 22 minute video from an independent site dedicated to healthy choices and alternatives.

Finding a way to combine passion with work has changed my life
in more ways than one.
In closing let me say that I am a true testimony that if I can make healthy changes in my life anyone can.  Just a year ago, I spent most of my days in a wheelchair or any chair, walking was too painful, my diet constituted the classic worst diet syndrome, I drank about a 6pack of Dr. Pepper a day and ate fast food regularly as well as cooked with bad cooking habits.  I can walk again, where I was on 5 different medications daily I now take none.  It is possible to change, the changes I have made in my own life have created a ripple effect in many around me, my children and their children now eat better because of the example I am now setting.  Education is key, remember progress not perfection.  This does not happen over night, but then neither does the effects of eating bad!

I love you all from a place of caring about your family and mine, I believe we still have the power of choice and exercising that power will effect generations to come.

One Love,

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