Monday, June 3, 2013

When someone cares who doesn't have to...

I have talked a lot about this new part of my journey with Essante Organics and shared with you what is happening in my and my teams life as a result of being with Essante.  Today I learned how Essante, specifically Michael Wenniger the CEO of Essante has touched lives outside of this company.

Micheal Wenniger thank you for all you do to make the world
a better place for us all.  We all love you so much!
Now mind you I have just spent the past couple weeks getting to know Michael in person.  I had no idea what I was in for before I met him, his brother Daniel Wenniger, Dr. JJ Levine, Angie Levine and Linda Wenniger.  I could not have imagined how this would have gone down if I had tried, I was just excited to meet them and have the opportunity to learn from them and take everything I gained and share it with my team so we can all grow.

What I discovered are these real, down to earth amazing souls who really care and live their life with no judgement of others, they only have a desire to help those who want to help themselves.  I read this article today, while it blew my mind it did not surprise me.  Two articles actually and I will just quote part of them here...

 " $150,000 in Toxic Free Skin Care Goes To Goodwill Women's Shelters

Essanté Organics donation of $150,000.00 of Toxic Free skin care products has boosted awareness of Goodwill's mission of operating homeless shelters for women and children. Essanté Organics, based in Arizona, provides chemical free skin care, health and nutritional products worldwide. Their donation to Goodwill, has assisted over 1,000 homeless women.

"This (Essanté Organics donation) is the largest delivery donation I've taken this year.  Many women we assist haven't felt beautiful or confident or cared for in a long time. Helping them feel confident is rewarding because when they feel good about themselves it transfers to their kids and even their community. This delivery will help over 1,000 women and that is amazing."
Todd M.

Drug Addicted Teen 
Gets A New Direction 
In Life From A 
Chemical Free Company

Essanté Organics leads by example when it comes to living a life that is free from chemicals. Recently the global company, which promotes Toxic Free home care, skin care and health care products was touched by a struggling teen, addicted to heroine and crystal meth.

CEO, Mr. Michael Wenniger, personally took the teen to St. Luke's Hospital and enrolled him into the The River Source, a non-profit, holistic detox and drug abuse treatment center.

"It's important to personally live chemical free and to show others how to order chemical free products because it's what is best for our bodies and our planet. It's also important, if you have the means, to assist people with chemical  dependancies so they can find their way to living chemical free.  Some need a little more guidance to get there and that's our mission at Essanté organics.
Michael Wenniger
CEO, Essanté Organics

You can read the full articles HERE~

Today I am so proud to be a part of the growth of a company with leaders who really care about real people.  I am speechless about how I feel right now, I just know I am home in this company and very blessed to be here!  I love you all from a place of knowing what it feels like to be a part of something so good, so real!

One Love,
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